“Have they drawn straws to decide which Willard should be awakened at 3A.M.?”


Paul Ryan’s Future Unclear If He Loses — Nov 1, 2012 — “Assuming Paul Ryan chooses sheepherder; that’ll likely result in less feedback than from the sheep he’s flocking now …”

Why Nothing Matters in This Election — Nov 1, 2012 — “Y’know; it’s weird — I was just reading a posting on another thread that fits just as well on THIS one — so I guess I’d better make sure it gets a new home. Please give it a warm welcome! ***yukonsam*** Commented on Oct 31, 2012 at 16:18 — “The Romney campaign would like to take this opportunity to officially disavow everything the candidate has ever said, unless it happens to be what you wanted to hear. Thank you.” ***Siddha*** replies on Nov 1, 2012 at 13:53:45 — “LOL”

If You Could Ask Romney One Question and He Had to Tell the Truth — Oct 30, 2012 — “Here’s the problem: 1) Willard believes everything Mittie says. (You’re not seeing things — I stand by that statement; it IS meant to be factual) 2) Romney will believe the opposite answer within a few hours or a few days — and Willard will believe the new version just as resolutely as the previous answer provided. 3) Team Willard will not be [a]reached for comment [b]refuse to respond for comment [c]could you please repeat the question? 4) Team Willard has moved well beyond artfully dodging any questions about their reliance on projection and deflection. That being said — the campaign is in its final days; even the pastry-fueled interns know the only response they are allowed to give contains the word “Benghazi” …”

John McCain Accepts Richard Mourdock’s Explanation On Anti-Abortion Comments — Oct 25, 2012 — “John Mitt-Same didn’t forget how to be so Mitt-tastic? I wonder why Meghan McCain has been so quiet lately. Did she miss her cue? Which one of those many houses is she holed up in?”

Obama’s Anger Translator Reacts To The Third Presidential Debate (NSFW VIDEO) — Oct 25, 2012 “Uh … I’m not actually ON Twitter — is that guy really gonna follow me?”

Who Created The Voter-Fraud Myth? : The New Yorker — Oct 22, 2012 — “Oh, my — ignore all that and simultaneously give in to the distraction provided by the ever-louder RWing denials “Citizens United” proves we have an activist SCOTUS — can anybody tell me — is there an election near at hand? (Don’t fall for the trick question — my ballot is in the mail)”

Election 2012: Romney, Obama Head To Their Debate Prep Corners — Oct 20, 2012 — “Have they drawn straws to decide which Willard should be awakened at 3A.M.?”

“Have you been listening to the Obama camp lately? They have no agenda for the future, no agenda for America, no agenda for the second term,” Romney told a crowd just off Daytona Beach.” >>> Team Willard seems to be at loose ends; testing ‘new’ projection — if Mittie wasn’t so busy preparing for the third (and FINAL) debate — R&R might be more hesitant showing the electorate how poorly Willard deals with those who feel compelled to remind RomDatDump “We’ve Tried All That During the Bush Years — It Didn’t Work.”

Obama: ‘Mitt Romney Is Trying To Convince You That He Was Severely Kidding’ — Oct 11, 2012 — “Please — fill us in on the Hannitized version — never can get enough laughs these days …”

Putin On The Mitts: Romney Using The Same Campaign Tactics That “Number One Foe” Uses — Oct 19, 2012 — “The funny thing is; trawlers will shamelessly post “RT” links — hoping folks don’t recognize RWing Russian propaganda when they see it. Seriously, folks — get outside the bubble and get yourselves a little perspective. How will you re-brand it as ‘winning’ when America’s children become as ignorant as Teapartiers?”

Presidential Debate Fight For ‘Binders Of Women’ Voters: Countdown Day 20 — Oct 17, 2012 — “Could it be that Willard’s taxes might reveal that Mittie has ALWAYS been ‘math-challenged’? It may be so severe — that might explain why he didn’t spot that Ryan has never made an effort to overcome such challenges either. I did hear ONE number today that seems to prove Willard never met two numbers he could add up. The number? 844 — the number of times his veto was overridden in Mass. So much for working across the aisle. So much for the ever-fleeting hope RWingers will ever have meaningful contact with a learning curve ….”

Romney’s Sick Joke — Oct 10, 2012 — “That was a well-considered reply to a challenging discussion topic? It very well may be a catastrophe as you say … apparently there’s little chance for tête-à-tête when your personal echo chamber has been held up the dark smelly place by a slight vacuum. ‘Life’ as a RW bot must REALLY suck …”


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