Enough rumor-mongering already! This site is not just about cautionary tales; it’s about alleviating the pain resulting from real-life ones actually happening: The ‘Fred Noonan Special’ is long overdue – pour a double shot of Irish whiskey and a double shot of espresso into any shaker shaped roughly like a Lockheed Electra fuselage. Add turbulence while staring off into the wild blue yonder. Give it a hell-in-a-bucket flourish topped with unsweetened whipped cream. Three of these and every woman in the bar will start to look like Amelia Earhart – if you circle repeatedly prior to the inevitable crash the natives may be heard to say “how land? How land?”


What is the connection to Amelia Earhart and a Seattle-Denver matchup? Not as many degrees removed as you might think: “During an NROTC cruise from 11 June to 22 July 1937, (USS Colorado) assisted in the search for the missing Amelia Earhart. A 5 in (130 mm)/51 cal deck gun from the USS Colorado was donated to the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society in 1959, and is displayed at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. Boards from her deck were re-purposed to form a wall in the main lounge of Haggett Hall at the University of Washington. A plaque commemorates the source.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Colorado_%28BB-45%29

Most photos on the *Princess* page have been retrieved from the Apple *Motivational Posters* site. The rest were archived subsequent to having been captured by me, relatives, or friends.


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