WalMart Greeters That Resemble Carl Paladino Is One Thing; As U.N. Ambassador He’d Become A Global Poster Boy: ‘Turn Back Or End Up Like Me!’


Mike Lee: Gov’t Shutdown ‘May Be Absolutely Necessary’ — Oct 29, 2010 — “I would suggest wooden shoes instead of a wrench; but since the GOTP has no respect for history that is based in actual facts–that kind of ‘subtlety’ would be completely lost on them.”

O’Reilly: PBS Funding Should Be Cut — Oct 29, 2010 — “What, he’s surprised at the ‘availability’ of marginally articulate Rightwingers? Fox and Clear got all the ones they could find–then had to settle for some ‘ideologically correct’ leftover dregs to fill in the gaps.
Creating a false demand for this kind of ‘talent’ created a vacuum matched only by their viewers and listeners.
Why NPR pretended Juan Williams was a liberal; we may never know.”

Vitter Refuses To Call His Prostitution Involvement Illegal — Oct 29, 2010 — “I seem to have missed an important step in his process of denial: at what point did he to attempt to explain his role as “Special Liaison” between the Family and the “Fallen Flowers” of D.C.?”

Paladino Chides Gillibrand As ‘Schumer’s Little Girl’ — Oct 29, 2010 — “If WalMart hired greeters like Carl Paladino; Target would be retailer number one. Hiring him as U.N. Ambassador could put his face in every capital of the world–along with the caption: ‘Turn Back! Or You Could End Up Looking Like Me!’”

Polls Keep Senate Hopes Alive — Oct 29, 2010 — “The GOTP reputation of long memory clearly depends on selective memory much like its baseless attacks depend on cherry-picking the facts and making up new ones to fit the meme.
But why spend money on lawsuits when you can massage the message in the corporate-owned Court of Public Opinion?”

Tea Party Candidates Have Drained GOP Resources — Oct 29, 2010 — “It all makes sense now! When teapots throw canned goods at each other; it’s ‘foreplay’!”

Suspicious Packages Found On Flights Heading To US — Oct 29, 2010 — “You might wanna find out if there is a ‘mile deep’ club.”

Why Aren’t Business Leaders Standing Up to the Tea Party? — Oct 29, 2010 — “In her case “Idaho” isn’t just a state; it’s a confession.” ***mccabe49*** unslung at 01:47: “LOL Ranchero.. Idaho..very funny fanned and faved” ***ariveria*** lands one at 22:15: “thats what she claims. yet the state of idaho has no record of her birth.”

Suspicious Packages Found On Flights Heading To US — Oct 29, 2010 — “I’ve heard it’s an exceptionally brushy part of Texas. Apparently it’s known for an especially nasty variety that’ll snatch the brain right out ya head…”

Retired Chaplains Come Out Against DADT Repeal, Citing ‘Religious Freedom’ — Oct 29, 2010 — “Okay, let’s review. Retired chaplains claim to be worried about what amounts to a First Amendment issue in an organization that won’t allow the First Amendment past the gate for just any old grunt. Fair enough.
Problem is; we already know a lot of inconvenient truths about preachers who heap OT-style fire and brimstone threats upon their ‘captive’ audiences.
Most folks with a brain and their own free will are gonna believe that these chaplains are actually worried that ending DADT is tantamount to ENTRAPMENT.
I calls ’em as I sees ’em.”

Why Aren’t Business Leaders Standing Up to the Tea Party? — Oct 29, 2010 — “Interesting point. Every courtroom defendant has the right to face their accuser; we have no right to face those who spend huge sums to kill the middle class. Need a little justice over here. Cleanup on ‘Aisle H8U’.”

David Gregory Gets Into Argument With Heckler — Oct 29, 2010 — “Gregory is the dean of the dilettante press. He’s worried about getting ‘uninvited’ to all the hot soirées.” (I’ve often wondered who he bleu to get that job)

Why Aren’t Business Leaders Standing Up to the Tea Party? — Oct 30, 2010 — “Interesting that a “Rightie” doesn’t recognize how corporatists looking for a sizeable taxpayer-funded handout engage in a little arm-twisting. It must have been because of the economy-sized packaging used to save them a few lobbyist billing hours; a method relatively unknown in gated communities. If I were a betting man I’d guess the graft you’re familiar with comes in different forms as well as plain brown attachés.
It would seem disingenuous on your part that you also haven’t noticed the Tealiban is gunning for all of the above as well as your friends’ wicked, wicked ways.”


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