The Number One Lesson POTUS Learned From Turdblossom’s Trepidation Tienda Is ‘Make The Enemy Of Your Enemy Your Newest, Bestest Friend’


Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “I think he secretly wants to deliver ‘messages’ like Ewan McGregor in “The Pillow Book”.
But that would take too long making the rounds of all his eagerly awaiting GOTP brethren.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “If I had money to tap into the righteous indignation meme you swear to uphold I truly would be dangerous. Get all your friends together; scrape together what’s left of all those re-up bonuses and overthrow whomever or whatever annoys you the most.
Get some pointers from a grassroots movement near you.”

Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “Pretty sad when you realize he’s trying to provide proof to those who have no defense for using the term “Latter Day Saints”.
Why haven’t they documented Mormon ‘stigmata’ before now? Did they forget they were an ‘end times’ religion for a hundred and seventy years or so?”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “You seem to be confusing me with Ross Perot; the source of that quote. If anybody believed it at the time; why did Clinton get 8 years?
Not surprising to me that a Party that campaigns AGAINST the evils of stimulus while all the time bringing stimulus money in the back door while pleasuring their base about it the whole time unabashedly. This is the shameless Right all over.
The Party of No/Maybe wants it both ways and could very easily redefine losing as “winning” what with a base as ideologically challenged as we’ve been enjoying the sight and sound of.
Keep the faith and keep up the good work.
No really. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Glenn Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 9, 2010 — “It’s not their fault they’ve “gone ’round the bend”. This phenomenon can be traced directly to a liberal conspiracy to drive up the price of foil hatliners.” ***Wombaticus*** ‘projecteth’ at 10:59: “LOL”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “It always comes back to some twisted fantasy about “unprepared liberals” with you cowboys.
Anyone who forces their way into MY house leaves feet first, exsanguinated and cooling quickly. Why do you imagine guns are the only answer?
I blame it on Hollywood.”

Calderon Declares Tijuana ‘Success’ Amid Drug War — Oct 10, 2010 — “If Calderon was resolute about joining the rest of the world in the Twenty-First century; he would swallow his pride and ask for the loan of some drones to use against the biggest threat to public safety; all the the drug cartel activity.
All the ‘gundamentalists’ in the U.S. would hate that because they are all about keeping the gun manufacturers happy. Drone attacks make conventional weapons seem all but obsolete and make potential gun buyers think twice about outdated weaponry.
Why waste good money on outmoded hardware that will soon be an anachronism at best and collector’s items by the ‘nostalgically challenged’ at most.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 10, 2010 — “You’re right! Weekly World News, revolvers & ’roundy rounders’. What could be a more natural fit for those waiting for a car crash by resembling a car crash.”

Rove Accuses Obama Of Having An ‘Enemies List’ — Oct 10, 2010 — “More like a “how do we make them our friends list”.
If there’s one absolute truth about the Right–especially the part Rove represents–they attack their own and leave them for dead.
The number one idea BHO learned from the Rove School of Thawt is to make the enemy of your enemy your newest, bestest friend.”

Giuliani Campaigns For Fiorina in So Cal — Oct 11, 2010 — “Just what we all need–an epidemic of “viral spending-itis”. This economy has already been brought low by those who “boost” whatever takes their fancy.”

O’Donnell, Paul Spar On ‘The Last Word’ (VIDEO) — Oct 12, 2010 — “Behold the amazing kindness the Right shows the ‘left’. How to help a sad old liberal get a ratings boost. Or does the greater significance lie with a thread going viral on HuffPo the next day?
An audience the GOTP can’t tap into is an audience they can never influence. Coffee, naptime or death spiral?”


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