The ‘Bush Radicalism Years’ Made Us Nostalgic For ‘Con-Opposition’ Instead of ‘Con-Artíste’


Rand Paul’s Campaign Accused Of Wrongly Claiming Endorsements Of KY Sheriffs — Sep 18, 2010 — “H3LP TH3M FIND 4N0TH3R W4Y 2 K33P HIM 0FF TH3 STR33T!”

MT-GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal — Sep 18, 2010 — “’Lefties’ don’t hate conservatives. What we really find difficult to abide is intolerance. Which is traditionally anything but conservative. Look it up.
Hate-speak and denial of same is only one of many reasons extreme Right-wingers are loathsome. Number two on that aforementioned list SHOULD BE their attempt to adopt words like “conservative” to apply to themselves; I’m planning on doing everything I can to make people understand there IS a huge difference.
The Bush Radicalism Years made us nostalgic for conservatism
as political opposition; not the scorched-earth policies of the neo-con ‘artistes’.”

Pence Wins ‘Value Voters’ Straw Poll 2010: House Rep Tops GOP Field For 2012 Ticket — Sep 18, 2010 — “’Pinheads’ with a distinct difference. Very few resemble anybody ‘Zippy’ any longer.”

MT-GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal — Sep 18, 2010 — “That pretty well covers the full gamut from ‘Party of No’ to ‘Party of Rhymes With Dope’.”

Missing ‘Cult’ Members Found Alive After Mass Suicide Fears — Sep 19, 2010 — “Ironic, isn’t it; that this occurred back in the days when foreign “incursion” in the name of God was still welcome in this country?
Proof positive that fundies are willing to absorb any amount of abuse and call it a blessing.”

Christine O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Talk Show Appearances — Sep 19, 2010 — “She’s already made clear her apprehensions concerning “live rounds”;)”

Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Unconstitutional, Struggles To Say How He Would Deal With Poverty — Sep 19, 2010 — “Actually, they DO know and they don’t care. Alaskans stand with their hand out for the willingly given largesse of the American taxpayer, they get back $5.76 for every dollar going out and they want a Senator who can get MORE.
No matter what he’s saying now; he knows a sitting Senator from Alaska is expected to pay off and keep the coffers filled to overflowing.”

Christine O’Donnell Jokes About Her Witchcraft Past — Sep 19, 2010 — “The ‘mystery’ of O’Donnell, Good Ol’ Newter speaking out of school, everything since the emergence of Ma Griz has been leading to only one obvious conclusion: the GOP no longer wishes to be held to any previous standards now deemed too restrictive to their beloved ‘freedoms’.
Which leads to a thinly veiled demand for reclassification: time for a new ‘yardstick’. They’re not happy campers when we force comparisons to any other political Party. Which could suggest an alternate reality rather than merely your basic ‘game changer’. Let’s not rule that one out quite yet.
Until they decide where exactly it is they’re coming from; an existing Federal standard presents itself. Let’s take a cue from the Americans With Disabilities Act, which has been ‘differently acronym’s’ as ‘ADA’.
O’Donnell, Boehner, Palin, DeMint, Gomert, Paul, Bachmann, Pawlenty and many more are ‘differently abled’ paragons of the ‘Differently Abled’ Party Of Nope for The Twenty-First Century And Beyond.”

Obama To TParty: ‘Specifically, What Would You Do?’ — Sep 20, 2010 — “Why would they bother? I’m pretty sure it’s all a smokescreen meant to deflect criticism of their favorite neo-cons. Who no doubt wonder quietly among themselves why Iran doesn’t make life easier for the neo-cons themselves by firing the ‘Minister of Silly Warheads’.”

Heaven Help Us: Should You Pray for Christopher Hitchens Today? — Sep 20, 2010 — “Thank you, Sally Strange; for introducing a voice of reason into this Roman Wilderness of Pain the ‘faithful’ wishes upon the ‘unbelievers’.
Soul, indeed. Untouchable by American proselytizers that refuse to separate their religious beliefs from their misanthropic political dogma.”

Obama To TParty: ‘Specifically, What Would You Do?’ Sep 20, 2010 — “Good luck. They’ve all firewalled themselves against the facts.”

Two Contrasting Sets of Econ Values at Stake in Mid-Terms — Sep 20, 2010 — “Fantastic! Another bogus/Right-wing talking point that can’t be sold. Apparently; the robber barons are entitled to all the wealth they can get their hands on by any means possible because after all, IT WAS THEIRS TO BEGIN WITH.
It’s really quite special. You should lead off all of your posts with it from now until election day.” ***VikingQuest*** sailed Right past at 00:02: “’Another bogus/Right-wing talking point that can’t be sold’
It doesn’t have to be sold, it’s reality.
Ask Cuba.” (Doesn’t that old pigsticker polish up better if you first scrape off a layer of rust?)


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