Swing Vote? Like How My 76-Year-Old Father Swings His Vote The Other Way; But Only When An Exit-Poller Asks About It?


How Educating A NYC Kid Can Cost You — Oct 25, 2010 — “My game is the game of life. YOUR game seems to be the inexplicable enabling of the ‘death panel’ woman. You know; the one who quit the governorship of Alaska in order to save room service from the godless Marxists. Brand-‘new’ roadshow to an adoring crowd? Folks that prefer to believe their hearing-aids-are-broken-she-couldn’t-possibly-have-said-THAT kinda adoration.
Or were you thinking of the majority that has been known to ‘inexplicably’ swing their vote in the direction opposite the one they tell pollsters? Kinda like the way my 76 year-old father does?”

Keep Fear Alive: 14 Doing Their Part — Oct 27, 2010 — “Redford is a good Republican. Bloomberg is tolerable. Colin Powell is okay in my book. Megan McCain is really nice.
If Levi Johnston declares for the GOTP I’ll wonder why; but that’s the way it goes. Lindsey Graham just needs a hug from the right fella and he’ll recover. Betcha he’s got pictures of Levi.”

GOP Con Ken Buck: ‘I Disagree With Separation Of Church And State’ — Oct 27, 2010 — “Thank you. Even though I’ve been bad lately and doggone happy about it; getting scrubbed without warning does nothing towards rebuilding my contrition ‘software’.”

Juan Williams: Fox News Lets ‘Black Guy With A Hispanic Name’ Host O’Reilly’s Show — Oct 27, 2010 — “They’re actually from the whine country.”

Tony Perkins: Gay Teens ‘Depression Or Suicide’ Because They’re ‘Abnormal’ — Oct 27, 2010 — “In what way is it an attack by suggesting Jesus has no return ticket? Evangelicals hope to earn points with Israel by focusing on Revelations; as non-Jesus-like as you can get; but God-of-retribution laid out so colorfully in the O.T.
Tony Perkins makes it clear his own words are unimportant and bear no gravitas–because he talks and talks but pays no attention to the conflicts his core beliefs have with his supposedly revered Christ. Says a lot about the intellectual capacity of his rapt audience rather than the Rapture.”

What Does Early Voting Tell Us About The Election? — Oct 28, 2010 — “Gotta love South Carolina. They showed their leadership by being first to declare the War Between the States. Not a whole lot since except sheer hubris.
Number One in hiking the Appalachian Trail, though.” ***gevan*** blocked volley at 01:41: “Not really a declaration of war, they just started shooting.” ***marilyn 63*** scratched that itch at 01:30: “oh the south?? never mind. aren’t we carrying them anyway.”

Tea Party Is Corroding Public Discourse — Oct 28, 2010 — “Beck has ‘entertained’ those GOTP who have organized into the ugliest manifestation possible of the axiom: “Be Careful What You Wish For”.
Here’s another axiom Glenn would have heard and pondered long ago if he had been born into the LDS Church: ‘A Fool Returns To His Folly As A Dog Returns To His Vomit’.”

Rove Jabs Palin’s Reality Show: It Doesn’t Help (Put) ‘You In The Oval Office’ — Oct 28, 2010 — “Don’t worry. Huge bouquets of ‘turdblossoms’ are only gathered up on some virtual reality meadow.
Dovetails nicely with the fantasy themes of the Tealiban.”

Olbermann: If The Tea Party Wins, America Loses (VIDEO) — Oct 28, 2010 — “Whether it was ‘fearmongering’ or ‘raising voter’s awareness’ is in fact a matter of opinion. Twenty minutes elapsed as he reviewed the most extreme statements made by people who may be of unimpeachable character; let’s hear more and soon.
However; many pundits have focused a lot of attention on Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Meg Whitman, Ken Buck with mixed results at best concerning their awareness of the laws today and the likeliest method of how to go about changing them.
I am not suggesting any of these candidates are incapable of speaking their own minds–in fact that may be part of the problem: when they wander too far off the reservation they almost always fall into a quagmire they just as easily could have avoided. This tells me they wish to avoid what they see as the biggest problem with the Republican Party–unity of message is the key to ‘loyalty’ and creates the undesirable perception of the cookie-cutter candidate.
Even the most devout supporters of these folks should demand to hear the top priorities and long term goals–promises of instant gratification may resonate with children who still pray in their knees–the jaded Twenty-First Century voter demands substantive issue-driven leaders who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.
I am not confident KO would ever speak lightly about anybody who meets these few minimal–but extremely important qualifications. What say you?”

Rand Paul Supporter Stomps On MoveOn Member’s Head (VIDEO) — Oct 28, 2010 — “Am I your first? (blush)” ***MamieKY*** shyly admits at 01:52: “Yes you are! :)”

The Dems’ Post-Election Strategy For Congress — Oct 29, 2010 — “Interesting point. Will the GOTP single out just the richest foreign corporation; or will they sell out to some newly-formed and as-yet-unnamed consortium?
Will they be giving ticket discounts or one-way travel vouchers to all their overseas jobsites? What is the chance we’ll see our families or passports ever again?
Tell me how International Workplace Safety becomes so much more than a collection of HR pamphlets.”


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