RWing Sociopaths Want To Revise From ‘What We’re Fighting For’ — And That’s Too Scary To Let Happen


2010 Charity Profile: ‘We’ve Got Time To Help’ — Dec 31, 2010 — “Poor Mooselini; seems like every time she notices her ears burning–she has to catwalk it off.” (How dare you bring sanity to our blackwellian fugue!)

Perry, Texas — Battle Against ‘Over-Regulation’ Grows Fierce — Jan 1, 2011 — “Yeah, and the present state of the economy had nothing to do with Rightwing deregulation or failure to enforce. How ’bout you help us make an end run around the middleman; tell us how many checks we should cut to distribute all the wealth to the deserving rich. Or should we just sit tight until they show up and bag and tag everything?”

The Urgency of a Senate Rule Change — Jan 1, 2011 at 20:25:17 — “Folks who bring up swollen payroll usually have a shareholders interest in how fat their dividend can get.
To he// with those who need to choose between heat and food; I’m guessing.
Isn’t it amazing how you’ll never hear the same folks questioning the billions spent on double-digit numbers of carrier groups–worse than useless in the modern age of warfare.”

Mandatory U.S. Army Survey Says Non-Believers Unfit to Serve — Jan 2, 2011 — “So, can we visualize some executive branch oversight committee representing all faiths as well as including individuals who observe ‘none of the above’ and yet also hold Constitutional freedoms dear?
Seems we’ve identified a Constitutional right that–if not explicitly guaranteed–opens up the possibility for all kinds of other cherished freedoms being ignored as well. Somebody will have to come up with a whole new way to explain ‘What We’re Fighting For’ and that’s just too scary to contemplate.”

Germany-U.S. Secret Spy Project Denied — Jan 3, 2011 — “What a P.R. nachtmare they now find themselves in. Perhaps they’ll be needing help with a catchy slogan.
“Death From Above Will Set You Free” has a familiar sort of “Hands Across the Wasser” ring to it.”

Most Americans Say Tax The Rich To Balance The Budget: Poll — Jan 4, 2011 — “Ignore ignorance? I think we’ve finally learned the cosmic secret of the beginning of wormholes…(-;”

Focus On The Family May Boycott Con-Con Over Gay Cosponsor — Jan 5, 2011 — “This opens up a booth for the Westboro Baptist Church to come and proselytute. These two groups are so far from the mainstream I can’t see much daylight between them anyway.” ***rflctammt*** affirmed at 18:16: “Well spoken.”

Focus On The Family May Boycott Conservative Conference Over Gay Cosponsor — Jan 5, 2011 — “Mooselini never has explained why she felt compelled to join that church in the first place; has she?
She’s probably worried about groups like Focus On The Family doing backflips trying to explain why she really is the paragon of motherhood…”

Promised GOP Budget Cuts May Be Much Lower Than Promised — Jan 5, 2011 — “Baggers are the best evidence we have that ignorance itself can be doled out in biblical proportions–how they can claim to live without shame is truly mind-boggling.”

Buck McKeon’s Mormon Holy War in Afghanistan — Jan 6, 2011 — “Is that truly bad video or is he actually wearing a gelatin mohawk? Am I just projecting my fondest wish–that he chose to advertise the fact that he has a petri dish for a head?” ***David01*** offered swell division at 07:48: “You are correct sir, gelatin mohawk.

Coulter Calls MSNBC Host ‘Retarded’ — Jan 6, 2011 — “I’ve heard them speak of Beezlebubba; didn’t realize it was Ann they meant.”

Why Can’t Fox News Dent Obama’s Approval Rating? — Jan 6, 2011 — “Perhaps they should try a new tack: ‘POTUS Approval As Fake As We Are!’.”

Tony Vinciquerra Out At Fox After 10 Years — Jan 6, 2011 — “So this is the guy that okayed the Simpson’s criticism of FockSnooze?
Can’t we get him a plaque or something?”

Review Of Williams Firing: NPR Ethics Review; Weiss Resigns, Schiller Denied Bonus — Jan 6, 2011 — “Why do I get the feeling they still don’t want him back?
Asset or liability? Discuss.”

2011: The Year of Living Dangerously? — Jan 6, 2011 — “This is a wonky article cleverly disguised as an instrument aimed at scaring me spitless.”


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