Palin: ‘A True American Archetype Of The Elusive Heroic Something-Or-Other.’ Her Fans Usually Nod Off Before They Reach That Last Part


Palin Author Joe McGinniss On Her Political Ambitions: ‘Wouldn’t Settle For Queen Of AK’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “Okay; that single comment of mine seems to have generated a response that could be getting out of hand. One standard Right-wing accusation is that all Democrats register their pets to vote and also re-up their dead relatives.
I guess I’m a patsy for living where that’s virtually impossible for anybody who never wants to lose that right forever.
The GOP won’t let slip how they maintain their meager numbers with folks they prefer to let us believe are as moronic as Palin, Steele, Angle and The Minnesota “twins”.” ***msgirlintn*** quipped at 05:04: “ranchero,
Oh I have heard about elections like that. I’m from Mississippi.
Fanned for telling me what the he// you were talking about.”

’49 to Angle’ Offers Rationale For Bailing On Ralston Debate: She Wants ‘An Informed Electorate’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “She’s most likely opening her mouth only in rooms with lots of exits these days.”

Palin Author Joe McGinniss On Her Political Ambitions: ‘Wouldn’t Settle For Queen Of AK’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “A true American archetype of the elusive heroic something-or-other.
Her fans usually nod off before they reach that last part.”

What Do Rasmussen And Pulse Opinion Research Have In Common? — Sep 14, 2010 — “Cool! Can I be all about ‘MoxFussen’ about ‘FoxMussen’?” (Have you been smoking the FoxMuffins again?)

Palin Proves Again She’s the Democrats Best Friend — Sep 15, 2010 — “But the GOP wants us to be distracted away from the fact that they have 1) nothing new 2) nothing good for the majority of Americans and 3) no desire to reverse any of the policy decisions that got them jammed between a rock and a hard place.
So wouldn’t it be better if we lured them into a false sense of security and continue batting at the shiny bouncy thing?”

Federici Ice Cream Ad Featuring Pregnant Nun Banned — Sep 15, 2010 — “If you think “pralines & placenta” that’ll never happen again.” ***johnqsittinzen*** coughed one up at 20:12: “I just laughed and gagged at the same time.”

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Threatens To Hold Up Food Safety Bill — Sep 16, 2010 — “Is it possible? Two parallel stories about food safety; one from China, the other from the Republic of Oklahoma.
One seeks to destroy the spirit of competition and break the back of capitalism; the other is China.”

TX Textbook Massacre: State Board Swears Books ‘Tainted’ With ‘Pro-Islamic, Anti-Xtian Distortions’ — Sep 16, 2010 — “Does anybody else know a non-NewsCorp sourced site detailing non-citizens being registered to vote and bused to polling stations by ACORN? I’ve been looking since Partyof Maybe reminded me about it. He wouldn’t LIE about that, would he?
I guess there’s always a first time.”

Palin Heading To IA To Hold Down Reagan Dinner — Sep 17, 2010 — “Then it’s too bad for them that they see her as the heart and soul of the Party. Regardless of how incompetent she may be. There always a possibility that when the McGinniss book comes out; they will realize she’s overexposed and putting their entire agenda on display for the whole world to marvel at their hatefulness.
Nah, they really are just that clueless.” TX Textbook Massacre: State Board Swears Books ‘Tainted’ With ‘Pro-Islamic, Anti-Xtian Distortions’ — Sep 16, 2010  — “They are rumored to come by it honestly. For generations folks like this have feared what they don’t understand.
I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t make us more loved in the world. Hard to ignore that entertainment factor via schadenfreude.”

Gary Bauer Compares Voting In Nov. 2010 To Schooling 9/11 Hijackers — Sep 17, 2010 — “Okay, so why do you think the CLOSETED white Xtian upper-middle-class fear driven xenophobic voter demographic is unhappy with him? Seems like they’re “his people”…” ***Matthew Breslin*** 21:25: “I’m not smart enough to figure out self-loathing closet cases. Not my field of study.”

Won’t Forbes Defend Obama Story? — Sep 18, 2010 — “IMO; what level of competent political discourse would you expect from the lock-stepped rabble of a “movement” that took their sweet time looking up the word “appeasement” and trumpeted their ignorance on THAT subject for freakin’ WEEKS?”

Christine O’Donnell Schmoozes Social-Cons: Recog ‘Aging Reaganites And Homeschoolers’ Sep 17, 2010 — “Who’s that avatar? It couldn’t be our favorite li’l “SnoHo-cchio”?” ***LeftRight*** avers at 23:16: “Palinocchio!”


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