My O My — Don’t Know Where Those Rocks Are Kept, But This Is The Year The Woods Are Full Of Whatever Crawled Out From Under Them


Prison Time Traps Americans In Cycle Of Poverty — Oct 19, 2010 — “Where would the GOTP be without recidivism? They’d have to lean even harder on some other lies. White collar crime may have subtler forms of violence built into it; penetration into every level of society produces the political poison we witness today. And yet; still they claim people not like themselves are to blame.” — IfIonlyknew*** slew at 14:50: “Spineless asshats. They could steal all the money in the world and then say; But Look At Them.”

Justice Thomas’ Wife Virginia Has TParty Ties — Oct 20, 2010 — “Sorry to disappoint. Plenty of folks know this guy; I won’t help promote his persona or RWing causes by piling onto his notoriety. Arianna got him to blog for her website; I had fun thrashing the impaired ‘logic’ of his neo-con camp followers. Take my word for it; if the last column was any indication–a good time was had by ALL.”

Fox ‘News’ Sued — Complaints About Racism Firing Offense — Oct 20, 2010 — “Writing checks against their zero balance of fairness results in another kind of deficit spending the Right refuses to raise #e\\ about.”

TP’s UK Dreams Come True — Result? Disaster — Oct 21, 2010 — “The views of government from the Right are well documented and do not bear repeating unless contrition and a sense of responsibility is forthcoming.
There is no doubt elected officials were complicit in the present state of the economy. The corporate Right are unwilling to help fix the problems they accept little or no responsibility for; they refuse to provide a workable solution.
Isn’t it funny how those who can least afford it are still expected to provide time and treasure for some diaphanous vision of market ‘correction’ and that no sacrifice demanded from the ‘nouveau poor’ can be deemed too great?
It is time like these that the government therefore becomes the only solution. All else smacks of wishful thinking for feudalism for the Twenty-first Century.”

GOP Con Kristi Noem Won’t Support Boehner For Speaker — Oct 21, 2010 — “Didn’t an adult relative ever tell you “beauty is only skin deep”?
My cousin doesn’t refer to Sarah Palin as a ‘double bagger’ because of her looks; it’s all about her ugly outlook.”

M16-Toter Let In MI Football Game — Oct 21, 2010 — “Yeah, you might wanna find out who sold him that hunting tag.”

NPR’s Williams Firing Prompts Con Backlash — Oct 21, 2010 — “Now that they get him full time it means they have to be nice to him. How’s THAT gonna play with the base?
Would you care to guess the ‘suit’ on that card?” ***Proletarian*** forked off at 14:13: “Wow, this issue surely is bringing the bigots out from under their rocks.”

Enemies Of ‘Big-Govt Health Care’ Rush To Defend Govt-Funded Medicare — Oct 21, 2010 — “How old are you? Did you try to blow out your sandals?” ***SilentSolidarity*** piped up at 22:38: “I have no sandals. But thank you.” ***Fightnmad*** swung at 22:36: “That typo just hit my funny bone! Thanks for a wonderful belly laugh, ranchero42!!”

Swiss Door From 5,000 Years Ago Discovered By Archaeologists — Oct 21, 2010 — “I was worried about the ‘porch proselytizer’ pinned under it…”

Enemies Of ‘Big-Gov’t Health Care’ Rush To Defend Gov’t-Funded Medicare — Oct 21, 2010 — “Don’t know. I suspect it didn’t even start with LaRouchebags implying they were a subdivision within the Democratic Party even though they fall somewhere between Birchers and Tealiban on the ‘nutball’ scale.”

One-Person Super PAC: Wealthy Donors Skirt Campaign Finance Restrictions — Oct 22, 2010 — “For someone who has such a strong opinion about what makes sense and what doesn’t; the battles you pick fail to strengthen your case for ‘sensible’.
Willful ignorance and invisible friends are the castles built by the Right. Does life at the beach fill your senses like your foundations fill your shoes?”

Restore Sanity? Stewart Gave Sen. Coburn a Bum Rap on Haiti Aid — Oct 22, 2010 — “It’s actually never okay to lie about anybody. But some folks are taking a rally by a legitimate entertainer like Jon Stewart and lumping him in with bomb throwers like the ones they place under contract at Fox’News’. I can tell the difference between those actively engaged in dynamiting the political chasms in this country and those who sincerely hope cooler heads will prevail.
Which is why I have never pointed out as failures members of Congress can’t hitch their wagon to any oath they swore to uphold. Some folks forget to what degree of respect such are entitled. Sad if it doesn’t match their stated belief.”

Confessions of a Terrorist Profiler — Oct 22, 2010 — “It sounds a lot like how I pictured the terrorists win.”

GOP Candidate Stephen Broden: Violent Revolution Is ‘On The Table’ — Oct 22, 2010 — “My oh my. Don’t know where all those rocks are normally kept; the woods seem to be full of whatever crawled out from under ’em this year.” ***getoffmedz*** dispensed at 16:43: “In Texas, they stand on top of their rocks.”


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