Magical Thinkers ‘Lord It Over’ Believers In Science — Problem Is; Sci-Fi Fans The World Over Would Never Allow Themselves To Get Sucked Into Such An Empty, Featureless Void


The Voting Dead: Political Zombie Cannibals — Dec 1, 2010 — “Karl has gonads? Link? On second thought; never mind. Electron microscope time is precious and being wasteful of ‘treasure’ is never a good thing.” ***Robert Brenner*** feared not ‘the drone’“Had. He’s been unmanned, meaning he can no longer ‘man up’.”

Huckabee: WikiLeaks Source Should Be Executed — Dec 1, 2010 — “Fundies like ‘Huck’ have been reverse-engineering the “Not Good Enough” book for so long I have no doubt they believe it actually says that.”

Bristol Palin Strikes Back At Olbermann For ‘Worst Person’ Selection — Dec 3, 2010 — “So you’ve cast your vote with the crowd that hopes that all publicity should be only positive message in the hope that it will prompt the Palins to become the wise enlightened role models they aspire to become. Or is that the role model they revile the most and attack in kind? I get those two mixed up.” ***ChelleAgain*** sphinxlike lost at 20:49:30 — “Um, no. What I said was that I hold no ill-will towards Bristol, but that I also don’t think Sister Sara is capable of being enlightened, but Bristol might get it together at some point. Bristol, being in the public eye, is fair game, but I think the story had been really done.”

Boehner’s Dirty HS Nickname Revealed — Dec 8, 2010 — “Is the grope Catholic?”

Media Matters Hires Leader Of ‘Stop Beck’ Movement, To Ramp Up Against Fox ‘News’ — Dec 9, 2010 — “Stop! You’ll only confuse hatemongers who claim such is free speech. Which is about when they come all unholstered. If only more of them used ‘second amendment methods’ to clear their own minds.”

Macrowikinomics: Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency — Dec 10, 2010 — “It’s a sad, sad, commentary. Is it okay to hope you’re not 100% correct about the evil men do?” ***Jeff Rosenbury*** wails at 04:18: “Them that’s got shall get
Them that’s not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news — God Bless the Child, Billie Holiday
It’s not really my prediction. It’s as old as time.”

Boehner Reveals Plans For First Vote As Speaker — Dec 10, 2010 — “Let’s review: what kind of promises emanate from an empty suit?”

Macrowikinomics: Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency — Dec 10, 2010 — “How to change the thinking of a President satisfied with being accused of piss-poor performance by some; a savior by others?
Ask yourself the question; “Should I be a President all others will be judged against–or the kind of President all black Presidential aspirants will be judged against?”
It’ll be pretty easy being judged the “best” black President if you’ll become the LAST black President for a while. Is this really the yardstick you’re happy for Americans to be using?
How smug and self-serving would that hopefully fictional character become?”

Stewart Spends Last Show Of 2010 ENTIRELY On 9/11 First Responders Bill — Dec 17, 2010 — “What they hate is anyone stepping up and testifying to their rampant greedy practices.
What we need is more of the same testimony until the desired response is achieved through the political arena.
Teabaggers only want instant-gratification governance; they don’t have the staying power to enable the heavy lifting Washington needs to get done.”

Bugarach Draws Apocalypse-Fearing Tourist Hordes — Dec 22, 2010 — “Who are they? I’ve heard rumors of more advanced cultures allowing ‘paid sabbaticals’; whatever those are like is a mystery bordering on urban legend round these parts.

The Wall Street Tax Debate That Never Was — Dec 17, 2010 — “The super-rich are mad at us because they were forced to spend time and treasure attempting to make it appear that they weren’t robber barons–and they were still called on it. How smart are they, really?
Wouldn’t they have a better image in the nation and the world if they treated everybody–according to a legal term they’ve left by the wayside–“In Good Faith”?”

Doggone those foreign socialists messing up our quiet desperation and blissful ignorance anyways.”

Bugarach Draws Apocalypse-Fearing Tourist Hordes — Dec 22, 2010 — “Reminds me of a magazine once known in France as ‘Metal Hurlant’ that featured a multi-dimensional “Airtight Garage”..
If these folks got themselves pressure-tested I suspect more than a slight vacuum would be revealed.
Speculative fiction fans the world over don’t usually get sucked into such an obvious void.”


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