Jeebus sayeth; ‘Isle of Ewe’ — and the lord did smirk-eth as he kneel-eth down in green pastures


Otay Mesa-Tijuana Drug Tunnel Discovered During Massive Drug Bust — Nov 3, 2010 — “So; you recommend AGAINST having a bit of fun with the ‘no new ideas in our lifetimes’ crowd?” ***dim*** brightens at 15:37: “Always for some fun.”

Bill O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg Trash MSNBC Election Coverage (they didn’t even bothering watching first) — Nov 4, 2010 — “Well, if you’re gonna answer your own questions; we’ll just stand over here and talk about you like we always do.”

The Sun Putting Banknotes Into Copies Of Newspaper — Nov 5, 2010 — “A truly ironically named newspaper if there ever was one; very little–if any–of the inner workings of the NewsCorp family can thrive in the full light of day.”

The Company Olbermann Keeps: More Media Suspensions, Firings & Flameouts — Nov 5, 2010 — “How apropos. Fox action figures with strings to pull by those who need to pull strings helps breed more resistance to the low-info meme. No-info GOOD!!! Drooling automatons BETTER!!!”

Pope In Spain Blasts “Aggressive” Anti-Church Ways — Nov 6, 2010 — “As usual; I have no idea what Pontiff-Automatic-Pilot is on about.
I completely deny everything; my role in advancing the meme of increasingly public discourse concerning the truth about ALL religion is not to be questioned–certainly no more than archaic ideas about who gets to be ‘infallible’ and who doesn’t.” ***MadameChaillot*** makes an entrance at 13:26: “’Pontiff-Au­tomatic-Pi­lot’ – that’s priceless! May I borrow it?”

The Company Olbermann Keeps: Suspensions, Firings & Flameouts — Nov 5, 2010 — “Don’t have to. Their audience has the emotional maturity most children would be shocked and disgusted to behold.
You know; typical Rightwing role models.”

‘Dubya’ Thinks Palin Is ‘Unqualified,’ Lost Election For McCain — Nov 6, 2010 — “Since Dubya and his attack dogs sabotaged John McCain’s Presidential campaign in 2000; doesn’t that put G. W. Bush at the top of the list of suspects that sabotaged McCain’s 2008 bid?
Wouldn’t that make his most recent comments more than a little ‘twisting of the knife’ or is he merely preparing us for the day he thanks BHO for not going ahead with his War Crimes Tribunal and all the other cross-the-aisle bro-jobs we haven’t heard about yet?”

Wall Street Bonuses Get The Taiwanese Animation Treatment — Nov 6, 2010 — “The GOTP have seized upon a cunning plan to convert restless voters into restless spirits. Is there any doubt?”

‘Dubya’ Thinks Palin Is ‘Unqualified,’ Lost Election For McCain — Nov 6, 2010 “If the jury’s still out on that one; it ain’t because twelve random people simultaneously choked on the same brand of pretzels.”

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran — Nov 7, 2010 — “Nov. 3rd, 2010 (Politico) Sen. “DeMint urged the incoming Tea Party Class NOT to seek earmarks, positions with fancy titles or committee assignments that ‘can be used as bait to make Senators COMPROMISE on other matters’. He warned them not to ‘let your re-election become more important than your job…people will try to convince you to moderate conservative positions and break campaign promises, all in the name of winning the next race. Resist the temptation to do so’.”
In this sweeping statement, he hopes to keep all of his wars funded–all the while hoping Tea Partiers forget what they signed up for. How stupid does he think the Democrats are if he thinks so poorly of his ‘allies’?”

Cantor Opposes Compromise, Says Gov’t Shutdown Will Be Obama’s Fault — Nov 7, 2010 — “No one is more shocked and dismayed than I am that the GOTP can find nothing else from the Bush years that everybody can agree added up to a GOOD thing.
True to form; no surprises there. Good things from the GOTP have always been thin on the ground; unless you are a member of that two percent of Americans their largesse is reserved for, you’ll never get it–join now with the clueless Tealiban who pretend all good things come only from the Right–delusional political memes are all the rage these days.”

Dan Coats For Filibuster Reform: Incoming GOP Senator Embraces Change — Nov 8, 2010 — “Jeebus said; “Isle of Ewe” and the lord did smirk…”

Bachmann Not Named To GOP Transition Team, But Rival Hensarling Is — Nov 8, 2010 — “Okay, now you’re just raising the bar on ‘scary’. Around which corner does the next ugly scenario abide?” ***sixchair*** pitches in at 17:19: “the next right”


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