I Could’ve SWORE The Article Said Christine O’Donnell Had Been Educated ‘BY An Oxford’ — Getting Nailed In The Head By A Heavy Shoe Would Explain A Lot


Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 — “When I was about 9 I had a bunch of Hot Wheels and a battery-powered car “shooter” that must’ve got the walls and furniture all marked up because Mom decided I was “too old” for them and made me give them away to some other kid.
I’d be glad to hear when all gun owners past their prime designate family or whomever to decide when it’s time to file down the firing pins on their ”toys” or parcel them out to those who can see to shoot or hear the report when they get mixed up with the remote.
We’ll all feel safer at that future time. No, really. I promise.”

Gillespie: Con Donors Want Anonymity Out Of Fear Of Gov’t Retribution — Sep 27, 2010 — “If corporations no longer want to be the “super citizens” the SCOTUS deems them to be; they can parcel out their “heavy burden” any old time they wish.
All we ask is the accountability that the GOP now mysteriously eschews.”

Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 — “Yes! To answer your unasked question; “I HAVE Done Shipping And Receiving In The Past”. Sometimes there IS an order “off the books”.
What’s going on? A contractor directs a customer to write a check to a SUPPLIER in order to keep part of the contractor’s income “off the books”. Works much the same way between governments. Even the shipper is in the dark.
It’s an amazing level of byzantine operation. It’s staring you in the face. Re-read your last paragraph. Why are you in denial? “Oh, no! Somebody thought of it; they couldn’t POSSIBLY be DOING IT!”

Christine O’Donnell Says She Studied At Oxford — Evidence Suggests Otherwise — Sep 28, 2010 — “Sorry folks. I plan to check back later after I’ve READ the article.
I could’ve SWORE it said she was “educated BY an Oxford”.
Getting nailed in the head by a heavy shoe would explain so much…”

Religious Literacy: Americans Don’t Know Much About Religion — Sep 29, 2010 — “You were thinking of the original Boston Tea Party, weren’t you?
How much longer before Glenn Beck’s ramblings make Thomas Paine come shooting up out of his grave?”

Glenn Beck vs. Fox ‘News’: ‘Tension’ Between Beck & Network — Sep 29, 2010 — “Beck belongs to a church that weeds the ‘gay’ out of their missionaries by staging ‘pimples’ after ‘lights out’.
No doubt their ‘rehab’ utilizes similar simplistic and ineffective practices.
Not a church that worries too much about being outsmarted.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “Fox–‘Pravda’. Is that closer to the meaning you were going for? Unless Colbert knows Russian; he might prefer ‘pravda-ness.

Keeping it “spare and nuanced” for several minutes now.”C F A W A, Shadowy GOP Group With Roots In VA, OH, And KY, Targets SC Dem — Sep 29, 2010 — “Liz Cheney’s been allowing rampant speculation concerning her inherited “undisclosed vocation’.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “Did you copy all o’them high-falutin’ phrases for your first BeckU homework assignment?
Them were like–real sentences you were usin’ there?”

C F A W A, Shadowy GOP Group With Roots In VA, OH, And KY, Targets SC Dem — Sep 29, 2010 — “Usually it is my policy to leave alone those who enter unarmed this most auspicious field of battle.
For you I will gladly make an exception. Been flagged lately? Don’t worry. I will happily appeal to my fellow posters to abstain on your behalf.
I have a feeling we ALL really, REALLY are interested in you airing your views freely. Or at least plead for singing a newer tune.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “What’s not to love about ‘Goldline Glenn’? It’s gotta put a smile on your face when you realize it wasn’t about paying off student loans; it was always about ripping off the ones you love to pretend to love more than their greed for (grossly overpriced) gold.
Yoohoo! BeckU!”


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