High Tea 2010: ‘Please let’s keep them stashed in their cozy little crevice and steeped in their own ignorance’


Bachmann Not Named To GOP Transition Team, But Rival Hensarling Is — Nov 8, 2010 — “Yeah, I can see how some hope the “Party of Wishful Thinking” is an easier sell job than “Party Of He// No”.” ***sixchair*** re-canes at 17:21: “i’m all about the “party of fanciful deconstructed constitutional poopery” myself”

Bachmann Not Named To GOP Transition Team, But Rival Hensarling Is — Nov 8, 2010 — “That’s a good point. How do all those Bachmann supporters fit their four-cornered heads into their three-cornered hats?” ***EP1959*** testified at 13:39: “good one!”

Cheney Lurks Just Beneath Bush’s Words — Nov 9, 2010 — “I’ve often wondered; do Liz and daddy each shove their heads up their separate ‘undisclosed locations’ — or do they share?”

WH Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts — Nov 11, 2010 — “It’s hard to tell which is worse; government operated by those who only appear delusional–or governmental oversight by those who truly ARE delusional. In the end we need to ask ourselves; what exactly IS the difference?”

GOP Senators Back Earmark Ban After Requesting MILLIONS In Pork — Nov 11, 2010 — “Why is so much money being earmarked for North Carolina? Is this another Bank of America bailout; Er–I mean cash for pounding down the same old rat hole?”

Tea Party Defense Guidelines — Nov 11, 2010 — “No problem if this was still the ‘Ron Paul’ Tea Party–it isn’t; no matter how much Rand Paul tries to convince us it is. The Tea Party has been co-opted by the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey–and they are interested in nothing from the previous incarnation getting in the way of their true agenda.” ***ashenthorn*** survives a thousand pricks at 17:13: “I don’t even think Rand Paul is in the ‘Ron Paul’ tea party anymore. Let’s just be clear – there is no “tea party” – there never really was. They are just Republicans – conservative ones and really really conservative ones. It was all a huge swindle and it worked.”

Google’s Veterans Day Logo Is Making Crazy People Crazy — Nov 11, 2010 — “So Google chose THIS conspiracy over the one that would’ve arose over the imagery of the flag unfurling over the LEFT side of the logo?
Doesn’t seem like anyone can be suffered to ‘win’ as long as someone else believes they’ve experienced a loss inside their own little worldview?”

Tea Party Defense Guidelines — Nov 11, 2010 — “Well; if it’s all about organizing new money laundries aimed at siphoning treasure off the weak-minded–I say it’s ALL GOOD.”

Kicking Off Bush Week with Mom, Baseball (and the Brother or Sister Junior Never Had) — Nov 13, 2010 — “Okay, Dubya old pal. It’s confession time. Did your advisors tell you that commuting a certain sentence was necessary? Because if you gave Mr. Libby what Dick said he deserved–those embarrassing headlines would never go away.
‘Scooter On Bush: It’s All About the Full Release’.”

Ailes: Obama ‘Has Different Belief System Than Most Americans’ — Nov 17, 2010 — “Fraught skews!” ***merrymico*** chose chunks at 12:35: “Fok Spews” (The O.P. responds) “fought snooze.”

Putin Puppy Photos: Premier Pets Pooch In Sofia — Nov 17, 2010 — “Could it be that Vlad decided to follow Harry S Truman’s advice in anticipation to a visit to Washington?”

Ailes: Obama ‘Has Different Belief System Than Most Americans’ — Nov 17, 2010 — “Roger probably wears his drip-dry toga to all the classy vomitoriums.”

New Drug Could Be Next Big Thing For Cholesterol Medication — Nov 17, 2010 — “Has ground penetrating radar showed an unexplainable void beneath Bivalve Central Command?” ***Max Shaw*** rinsed and spit at 16:41: “Haha, not sure..Although I believe theres some activity below Raccoon City that’s probably worth looking into.”

Scientists Claim Breakthrough In Antimatter Hunt — Nov 18, 2010 — “If that’s so–why do they believe they have seniority in a ‘non-exclusive’ club they claim that sooner or later everybody will want to join?
The tyranny of the faithful has been at war with the truth for far too long–pursuit of riches has corrupted that faith beyond recognition–truth is unalterable. Please let’s keep them in their cozy little crevice and steeped in their own ignorance.”

Bob Inglis Slams His Party On Climate Change — Nov 18, 2010 — “I’m sure the Chinese also recognize that the Federalist Society is their best hope to allow them to keep dragging their feet on wage and social reforms–the hypocrisy of the Right stays the course and with biblical proportions.”


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