‘Haves’ Vs. ‘Pack Nots’: Capitalism A Well-Armed Camp; No Intimidation Factor Leading Up To The Polls THIS Year


Two Contrasting Sets of Econ Values at Stake in Mid-Terms — Sep 21, 2010 — “Always with the deflection; a poor character’s substitute for TAKING BACK ALL THE WEALTH.”

France Terror Alert Heightened After New Threats — Sep 21, 2010 — “I’ve been ‘enjoying’ your comments; unless some other insincere superlative feeds your overinflated ego better.
One thing is for sure; you are the single most abusive toad I have seen on many a thread in many a long while.
Go trash up Red State; as if that were possible.”

Rep. DeFazio Confronts Con Group Running Attack Ads Against Him — Sep 24, 2010 — “’Will there be creamed corn with the meatloaf tonight’?
I’m just havin’ fun with the justices. They’re all just ‘young-at-heart’ like kids in a taxpayer funded candy store.”

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking Possibly Smoking Pot — Sep 24, 2010 — “Okay I forget. Who did you say owns Chrysler now?
When I was a kid; one of our neighbors owned a pukey green Fiat sedan.
NOBODY was impressed with this car except the owner-in-denial.
Looking back on it; I can’t help but think: Yeah. Those cars were built by people who REALLY know how to PARTAY!”

TX Sues Feds Over $830 Million In Education Aid — Sep 25, 2010 — “The solution is clear. Complete the necessary paperwork finalizing the secession from the ‘Union’ and reapply for the funds as ‘foreign aid’.
Easy-peasy.” ***logicalchoice*** opts in at 11:45: “I say we give Texas back to Mexico. That would funny.”

ABC News Goes Looking for What Works in America — Sep 25, 2010 — “’Moderation’ defined as avoidance of extremes; especially in one’s behavior or political views.
Nevertheless; I freely reply to a comment that got lost. Rachel Maddow very well may have an agenda; let’s say for the sake of argument that most WOULD find it extreme.
Turning it ALL off, including Rachel certainly is a viable option. Weighing content on all the media outlets that are fully engaged in disseminating disinformation is a life lesson unto itself; avoid it at your peril.
Anyone who tells me I need to eliminate all the sources I now use should be advised they need to provide reasonable alternatives, leaving out no detail concerning why I should trust these sources above all others and the same for any poster who claims knowledge unique in all the world.
If you are indeed an alien providing data instead of artifacts; “first contact” ain’t for Hollywood buffs anymore, get with the new paradigm.”

Rove Plans Comeback For 2010 — Sep 26, 2010 — “Why would he want to break his own Party? Does this fall under the “you always hurt the one you love” analogy or is this more accurately termed “sellers remorse”?”

Colbert Annoys Press Corps . . . Again — Sep 26, 2010 — “The question is; is it entirely their fault or is it the infotainment contracts they feel compelled to sign? Quality journalism needs time to develop and grow over a reasonable length of time, loyal “audiences” don’t happen overnight or as a direct result of performance clauses in a media-giant contract.
Satire-as-journalism or journalism disguised as satire really is the harbinger of a truly advanced society. Failing to recognize that is tantamount to failure in the eyes of many.” ***catrst*** noted at 11:44: “Some up and coming journalists are appearing on Rachel Maddow at her invitation when she is working off of their primary stories. It gives me hope to see the talent and journalistic professionalism of some of these young people. Thanks, Rachel.”

Durbin: Tax Cut Debate Will End With High-Drama Brinkmanship — Sep 26, 2010 — “Just out of curiosity; are you citing any ACTUAL Democrats, or are you utilizing the less-than-mysterious attitudes of the FANTASY Democrats Hannity, Beck, et al have been pulling out of their manure chutes?
It might be best if you stepped away from the RWing echo chamber for long enough spells to find out.”

Grayson Opponent Challenged On Opposition To Abortion Rights For Rape Victims — Sep 26, 2010 — “’Strong wind at their back’? Just because we’re staying upwind of them doesn’t mean we’re lagging behind.
It’s all about the policy; all of theirs are proven failures and now we’re listening to more of their anti-American pseudo-patriotism again.” ***lindaj3884*** joined in at 19:31: “They are promoting a theocracy. I put them in the same bag as the leaders in Iran. The religious radicals dictating to everyone else. So sad.”

Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 at 19:17:27 — “Hey, look we get it! Protecting profits is more important than protecting lives. The upcoming election is about the “haves” versus the “pack nots”. Capitalism is a well-armed camp; no intimidation factor going on at the polls THIS year.”


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