FoxPuppets 2010: As Insulated Against Reality As A Tropical Beer Cooler, Only Without Any Of The inherent Charm


Shadow Campaign: What Do They Expect in Return? — Oct 22, 2010 — “Then there’s nothing to hide. Why can’t we see the list of innocent donors? They couldn’t possibly be worried; right?”

Gallup’s Frank Newport Responds To Criticism — Oct 22, 2010 — “AP slags the Dems every time they write a story about the election. They showed their true colors a long time ago.
Not surprising coming from someone who never blinked at the first glimpse of ‘fair & balanced’.”

Beck To Palin: Grayson Hot, ‘Yum Yum, Give Me Some’ — Oct 23, 2010 — “Well yeah, but ‘moral compass’? Going after these two is like shooting fish in a barrel. Let’s hope they do a permanent tag team tour and nobody who does the pundit thing will ever have to work hard at it ever again.”

Murkowski Reveals Which Party Caucus If Reelected — Oct 24, 2010 — “Texted on the freeway with an open container lately?”

Backdoor Bailout, Tea Party Fakeout: The GOP’s Secret $90 Billion Gift to Wall Street — Oct 24, 2010 — “How many elections have you voted in since you turned eighteen? How many times did you vote for people who promised these ‘ideals’ more or less as you’ve stated it?
How many times did you get what you were promised? Be honest if you can. I understand the strain the Right has been suffering under when their words are thrown right back in their faces. Hangin’ out with the hypocrites and hatemongers. Oh, yeah–make that tea extra sweet for irony’s sake.”

O’Reilly: Williams Died for Your Sins — Oct 24, 2010 — “I have no knowledge of these christians. About these christians; I know them not. These christians you speak of; are they well-known hereabouts?”

Maddow: Angle Ad ‘Most Racist’ Of 2010 (VIDEO) — Oct 24, 2010 — “She will probably say they looked like casino operators she could hit up for a donation.”

O’Reilly: Williams Died for Your Sins — Oct 24, 2010 — “Why do I get the feeling Billo’s sleeves were way longer and tied off in the back?” ***joyf1*** exulted at 17:52: “LOL!! You’re right.”

Williams’ Teachable Moment: He Didn’t Accept He Is Prejudiced — Oct 24, 2010 — “Such a rich tapestry you weave for us unenlightened beings. Tell us more about the vicarious thrills we can enjoy about Andrea Mackris and falafels; massacres at Malmedy and Woodrow Wilson the Antichrist. Won’t you please share…?
Facts are so boring and Twentieth Century…” ***caseyblab*** papered the crack at 19:22: “You dropped your cigarette holder- Mon Dieu!”

Educating A NYC Kid Can Cost You — Oct 24, 2010 — “It’s a priority thing: education costs a lot more than ‘education’ in the short run. Con adherence to this type of false economy is the leading indicator that we can’t afford Rightwing policies now and forever.”

U.S. House Duty-Bound Impeach Clarence Thomas — Oct 24, 2010 — “That, and F–‘News’ would love to rail against those they perceive as attacking this now ‘martyred’ favorite con as well as speculate ‘who’s next?’”

Educating A NYC Kid Can Cost You — Oct 25, 2010 — “’The advantage that liberals have is that they have spent decades infiltrating and taking over educational institutions and county voting commissions–THAT allows them to peddle their agenda to students and steal elections when possible’.
How can both be true? This statement and Gallup seem to be in conflict. Perhaps I can find some OTHER highly educated person with multiple degrees to explain it to me.
Don’t bother; I’ll seek out someone who didn’t use their frat-legacy juice to get through their final exams the way previous generations did.”

O’Reilly Producer Ambushes NPR CEO About Williams (VIDEO) — Oct 25, 2010 — “What is the great mystery about gainful employment that escapes you? Has your entire life so far been chock-a-block with fulfillment of legacies and the various entitlements of lineage?”

Does Early Voting Show Republican Enthusiasm? — Oct 25, 2010 — “You’d think they’d do something to sharpen their polling skills; rather than practice new methods of pandering to the money behind the push polls. I’m sure it’ll all even out as the generation they’re afraid to say ‘no’ to passes the torch to the generation they think they’ve fooled all this time.”

O’Reilly Producer Ambushes NPR CEO About Williams (VIDEO) — Oct 25, 2010 — “’We Report On What Ailes You’ is more like it. As insulated against reality as a tropical beer cooler; with none of the inherent charm.”


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