Finger-Pointing Satisfying ‘Sunday Fare To Share’? Such An Endeavor Does Disservice To One’s ‘Invisible Chef’


GOP Hopeful Con John Raese ‘Absolutely’ Favors Eliminating Minimum Wage — Oct 13, 2010 — “So you’re not on board with “Taking Our Country Backwards”?
It’s sad that so many don’t understand why these “patriots” yearn for economic “free-for-all” for the rich exclusively.”

Rand Paul’s ‘NoZe Brotherhood’ Secret Society Blasted Christianity: Report — Oct 13, 2010 — “He’s the gift that keeps on giving. To the GOTP? Not so much; but they always live in their own fantasy world revolving around the “ideologically correct” set.”

Elderly Men Now Just Beating Each Other Up Over Political Yard Signs — Oct 13, 2010 — “That’s right. It’s the responsibility of Democrats to set a positive example for the Thug Party. Not that it would ever shame the Right into doing the correct thing.”

Obama Charts Course For Next Two Years — Oct 14, 2010 — “Who are you claiming to speak for? All of these fantasy “Draft Hillary” campaigns are a lame attempt at Rove/Drudge/Breitbart style deflection & ‘red herring’ projects. Consult the brightest Rightwing bloggers you can find; the ones you cite should be advised against quitting their day jobs and governorships.”

Tim Kaine: Anon-Con Fundraising — Biggest Scandal Since Watergate — Oct 14, 2010 — “If the religious Right was consistent in their opinions about off-shore influence nobody would be able to highlight their hypocrisy.
If all the “patriots” condemned corporate electoral incursions as loudly and vehemently as they do against those who correctly identify the “enemy within”; no contentious claim could be laid of a double standard as proudly displayed as their favorite sidearm.
The Teablathers should be right on top of this one; they aren’t.
This is no shock to those who grow weary of the knee-jerk response to calls of “unconstitutional” from their favorite rodeo clowns.
What do all three share? Do they truly know better than everyone else; or do they really think their favorite “freedoms” will endure even as they sell the ones they hate down the river?”

O’Reilly Defends Himself After ‘View’ Clash — Oct 15, 2010 — “Someone needs to explain to Billo there is a huge difference between “hard truths” and “half truths”. I’ve also noticed they can’t spell “Know Spin Zone” over at “Fix”.”

Job-Creation Idea: Lower Dollar/Level Playing Field — Oct 15, 2010 — “Koch Brothers is as far from grassroots as you can get. But we get it; one more airing of failed GOTP talking points equals “freethinkers united”. Check.
Corporate shills and spammers incorporated.”

Palin: Dems Are ‘Residents Of Some Unicorn Ranch’ — Oct 15, 2010 — “I’m guessing she finally figured out what governing could cause; namely ruining her lucrative cult-of-personality road show.”

Obama: End Tax Breaks To Stop Overseas Hiring — Oct 16, 2010 — “If it could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that corporations were willing to employ Americans rather than increase the profit margin by shipping jobs overseas; I would say FINE, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see if they can help heal this economy.
But they’re not, they refuse to agree to anything that might reduce profits over the short term; therefore I vote against those who forget that “patriotism” isn’t a Mad Ave buzz word; it’s a long term commitment. Politicians who ignore their pledges to the Constitution and therefore their entire constituency should never be allowed to thrive.
Too bad the short-sighted choose calls of “protectionism” over any long-forgotten feelings of obligation to their fellow citizens and the future of the country they all-too-willingly turn their backs on.”

The Role of Happiness in the World Religions — Oct 17, 2010 — “It never ceases to amaze me that so many people think the key to finding spiritual happiness; not so much within the context of their faith itself but from the ability to wield that faith as a weapon. The Notting Hillbillies sang about “The Weapon of Prayer” but intended it as a tongue in cheek poke at those who can only “share” their faith when it is framed as an attack on those they perceive as unenlightened.
It is impossible to single out the most egregious examples without having such exercises countered by the same faithful. Those same self-taught proselytizers who will raise further religion-based crimes they find more reprehensible. Crimes that somehow cancel out the worst they themselves could never take responsibility for.
Finger-pointing may be satisfying fare to share with the Sunday meal but such an endeavor does disservice to one’s invisible ‘chef’.”

Rand Paul Secret Society Connection, ‘Aqua Buddha’ Controversy Ad — Oct 17, 2010 — “Those preachers were probably praying for rallies in dry counties to keep the GOTP bar bill low and the Sunday offerings high.”

The Role of Happiness in the World Religions — Oct 17, 2010 — A full-scale ‘food fight’ rarely ends without everyone getting at least a little splattered. Raise the quality of that ‘food’ and perhaps fewer would mind. Thank goodness it’s never too late to petition that ‘higher power’. A fourth attempt from that desert deity could be the charm.”


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