Feelings Of Impotence While Claiming Lock On Omnipotent Deity Means Wavering Faith Due To Vague Yet Emphatic Goals Imagined Of Anthropomorphized Divinity Equals Waaah!


Kudlow: Obama Hugging Rahm Emanuel Will Embolden Our Enemies! — Oct 4, 2010 — “Kudlow needs to pay for a poll if he wants to find out how many people know his name. Pathetic AND cheap; no wonder Faux won’t hire him.”

Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck’s Message — Oct 5, 2010 — “If ‘Goldline’ is church-backed; I’d speculate that all may be forgiven.
One of my Mormon relatives tried to get the whole family on board with gold ‘futures’ once upon a time; how different could THIS be?”

Rick Sanchez APOLOGIZES To Jon Stewart: Wife — Oct 5, 2010 — “FYI: my somewhat meager research ability has yielded no connection between Murdoch and the Washington Post.
The Post has its problems; let’s hope that ain’t one of them.” ***blueskybigstar*** aired it out at 15:54: “Sorry. The Wall St. Journal.”

Where Is the Middle? — Oct 5, 2010 — “’Following the Constitution considered (to be indicative of) the far Right?’
What; you get to pretend the ACLU is doing something bad again? It takes a lot of willful ignorance just to get through the day anymore apparently.”

Ben Quayle And His Wife Will Speak Methodically At TV Cameras, For Freedom — Oct 5, 2010 — “I fanned you too. Quite relieved when I realized “veriteabagger” wasn’t joined by “t’other mucker”.”

Internal Emails Suggest Palin to Run for Pres — Oct 6, 2010 — “Thanks–never heard about the Persian connection before. Kinda makes you think–since Todd & Sarah throw canned goods when they’re mad–what’ll happen if they mix up their antique Iranian zyklon-B with the peaches?!” (Wait — the Clampetts are REAL?)

Obama’s Critics Are Dead Wrong — Oct 6, 2010 — “So you claim a sort of “missing link” in the political discourse concerning the search for “policy evolution” in the Twenty-First Century?
How is it I mistook it for something coming from the “center” staked out by the neo-cons? Not that I’m suggesting pretense in place of concern; those sound like the words of the short term priorities crowd who can’t wait for the whole thing to kick in before slagging something the Right had no wish to address in the first place.”

Boehner’s America — Oct 7, 2010 — “Adherence to some philosophy upholding “family tradition” above all else? Reminds me of those who claim faith in their religion above their own American citizenship. No one in their right mind wants theocracy; yet some fear the more benevolent “unknown” over some rigid puritan dictatorship. Go figure.” ***blinkthink*** signaled at 22:07: “Right wing family traditions just like Ensign’s family tradition.”

’49 to Angle’: Muslim Law Taking Hold In Parts Of U.S. — Oct 8, 2010 — “Feelings of impotence while claiming a lock on an omnipotent deity means wavering faith over exclusivity and evolving motivations by the same hallucinatory desert superstitions equals big waaaah.”

BoA Stops Foreclosures In All 50 States — Oct 8, 2010 — “That’s IT! Tea party with every Eddie Haskell in the country.
But didn’t Mrs. Cleaver figure out the glib machinations before she embarrassed herself on national TV?”

’49 to Angle’: Muslim Law Taking Hold In Parts Of U.S. — Oct 8, 2010 — “GOTP=’Rancor Babies’.” ***BlackJeremiah*** shadowed well at 16:18: “OK, I’m not ashamed to admit that made me laugh out loud.”

Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “One of the main points of ALL counseling is the premise that you can impart no sincere expression of love to anyone else without loving yourself completely and unconditionally.
Fox’News’ would never have hired him if he ever showed anything REAL to the world. Some kinda “special” rehab you got over at that church; BTW.”

Neil Goldberg, ESPN Producer, Arrested On Disgusting Charges — Oct 8, 2010 — “Gotta give Christine O’Donnell something brand *new* to condemn loudly in a public venue.
As if she ever needed a reason.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 8, 2010 — “You do realize the Declaration of Independence was aimed at Britain and all those who remained loyal to the crown in the thirteen colonies and elsewhere? But go ahead and pretend it means whatever you want it too; all those who claim patriotism while declaring willingness to violence against Americans on American soil would do nothing less and be doomed to accomplish little else.”


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