Breitbart? Analysis? Prepare Yourself For An Election Night Fraught With ‘Retroactive Retractions’– The Closest Andrew Ever Gets To ‘Eating Own Words’…


ABC Taps Breitbart For Election Night ‘Analysis’ — Oct 30, 2010 — “Shouldn’t that headline read: “Breitbart ‘Taps’ ABC and the American Voting Public”?
There are worse things in the world than retroactive retractions.
Unless you think that is only fancy talk for ‘eating one’s own words’.”

McCain Campaigns For ’49 to Angle’ — Oct 31, 2010 — “Still these willful ignoramuses post their loyalty to a woman the GOTP in Nevada support grudgingly–and only with prodding from the ‘head office’ and bolstered by nasty, bizarre ads financed by understandably anonymous donors.
We already know Sharron Angle was reviled and written off as ineffective when she served in the State legislature; she won the primary against a stronger opponent because a great many Nevadans blessed with the gift of awareness realize Harry Reid may not be perfect–but they get effective high-dollar governance at chicken soup prices.
Predicting her ‘inevitable’ victory is beyond disingenuous–ignoring her poor standing in the GOP and the renewed vigor of the actual Tea Party candidate is not wise. When combined with her abysmal record of service her well-publicized avoidance of media attention this all adds up to a looming mistake Nevadans can ill-afford to make.”

GOP Plans Attacks On EPA, Climate Scientists — Oct 31, 2010 — “They seem to be confident the oligarchy they yearn for allows them total control over the message down to the last molecule of cartridge ink. Hard copies? Not with this bunch of bookburners.”

TEA Defined — Nov 2, 2010 — “Perhaps you can share an uplifting T. E. A. anecdote about how they represent the best and brightest from all walks of life and that in no way do they engage in astroturf-based politics cherry-picked from the ‘in-depth’ ruminations of hyper-partisan ‘think’ tanks and agenda-driven neo-con bloggers.
Feel free to pull the other one on your way out.”

Begala: Is America Ready For Orange Speaker? — Nov 2, 2010 at 20:35:22 — “Denny Do-Right’; in his role as the last GOP Speaker of the house was supposed to be a ‘uniter not a divider’ but ultimately divided all-and-sundry so thoroughly the voters denied him continuing in that role. Gingrich was too much of a lightning rod to ever maintain his ethically-challenged leadership skills for as long as his giant ego and matching hypocrisy allowed him to be. Boehner would be a lot more like Gingrich than Hastert. He shows little indication he would ever allow mere ethics to compromise his galactic capacity for partisanship.
“Bilious” Boehner is much more believable at shaping the Party message while sniping from a minority role than adopting the pretense that he can be relied upon to take responsibility for ANY action–let alone the heavily favored previous IN-action.”

Reading Midterms: Where Debacle Started — Nov 3, 2010 — “Giving the Tea Party voice means they actually had to state an agenda. Once they’ve put their heads together and decided what they are for; rather than what they are against–that’s where they’ll be stuck and meandering forever. Nothing constructive about pure unadulterated ‘freedom’ here folks.”

Tea Party Looks To Mount Republican Party Following 2010 Midterms — Nov 3, 2010 — “Exactly what will this “takeover” look like? Has the Tea Party Express decide what percentage of their illustrious “movement” owes responsible governance to actual American citizens and how much bowing and scraping towards the ivory towers of the Kingdom of Koch they will perform every morning, noon, and night?
Don’t tug on those grassroots too hard; such cavalier action is liable to dump you headfirst into a viscous pool of ‘Freedom Phlegm’.” ***elkhawk*** glides in at 19:54: “I’m sure they will be on their knees using their mouths to praise Co…I mean Koch.”

Reading Midterms: Where Debacle Started — Nov 3, 2010 — “I disagree. Nobody had to raise a finger for the self-marginalization to commence. Koch and Armey had plenty of cash to build up the fake roots of their favorite astroturf agendas; or we would have fading memories of this “movement”.”

Tea Party Looks To Mount Republican Party Following 2010 Midterms — Nov 3, 2010 — “He may get the chance to see Sarah Palin ‘lecturing’ from her helicopter if he picks the right time to observe from his back porch. What an honor we all should feel retroactively at the prospect such magical things can still happen–blessings from Christine notwithstanding.”

Otay Mesa-Tijuana Tunnel Discovered During Massive Bust — Nov 3, 2010 — “Why not just build a 1200-mile beer garden? It would be cheaper in the long run even if the beer was free because no one would want to leave the border.
That’s MY Foreign Policy of the Day.” ***thole489*** took dig at 00:55: “I like it! Sign me up. Fanned!” ***yoyodyne666*** unspooled at 23:23: “Gotta serve bratts and burritos …” ***liveordie*** rallied at 22:06: “And I must say, a very good one. Heh, heh.”


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