Haley Barbour And Mitch Daniels: ‘Turkeyneck Tossup Of 2012’ Shaping Up As ‘High-Wattle Mark”


BHO: Negotiating With Vipers — Dec 10, 2010 — “The ‘Herpetologist Apologists’ seem to be late to this thread.” ***martman1*** sells it at 15:27: “They’re tied up. Its skin-shedding season, you know.”

Michael Savage Sues Talk Radio Network — Dec 23, 2010 — “Rightwingers have no problem understanding how repeating the same lie over and over blurs the line between ideas and truth. Some need help understanding that cogency is necessary to make that happen.”

Bugarach Draws Apocalypse-Fearing Tourist Hordes — Dec 23, 2010 — “I am not blessed with the power to spot which is scarier: folks who get their jollies speculating on ‘end times’ or folks who won’t let those folks work themselves into a frenzy and end their days wondering.”

Michael Savage Sues Talk Radio Network — Dec 23, 2010 — “Aren’t there laws about Truth In Packaging? Shouldn’t that be “Crock Star”?”

Frank Addresses Those Claiming ‘Radical Homosexual Agenda’ — Dec 23, 2010 — “Truly, what Rep. Frank passionately speaks of is but a small fraction of a very important idea: reversing the encroachments the Right has imposed and will continue to attempt imposing on the American public and and any constituency that gets in their way.
The overall theme is ‘level playing field’–something the Right has attempted to turn into a joke by turning it on its head.
Yesterday; the tro//s were out and decrying rules proposed by the FCC to help bring that ‘level playing field’ to a potentially ugly and dangerous media merger.
Speak ‘level playing field’ to a Rightie and their eyes glaze over at the prospect of profitability through divisiveness, subterfuge and stigmatization of those ‘enemies’ they still seek out for treasure to line their own pockets above all.
Pay attention every time these words are spoken and a deeper meaning will be revealed.”

Steve King: Lame Duck Agenda ‘Another Pie In The Face Of The American People’ — Dec 23, 2010 — “I think Steve King is more than a little confused about who’s been hogging all the pie.”

The Year in Shamelessness — Dec 23, 2010 — “We already know they say the opposite of what they mean; how can they feel the opposite of what they believe? Gotta be a seriously powerful tea-flavored beverage they’ve been guzzling.”

2010: America Held Hostage — Dec 24, 2010 — “Respect is often only fear masquerading under stitches and gauze.”

7 Funny Christmas Quotes By Comedians — Dec 26, 2010 — “Well, yes–but unlike religion, science fiction has a function–opening up our minds to the possibilities of the universe.
The artifact known as ‘religion’ promises only newly-weaponized impossibilities designed to scare the children.”

Kristen Schaal Reveals New Porn Name Generator On Conan — Dec 27, 2010 — “Recently I heard a guy say his new one was Jose Noel-Chung; but I’m pretty sure he made it up.”

DeMint: Palin ‘Done More For GOP Than Anyone Since RWR’ — Dec 30, 2010 — “No guile (Left behind)”

Haley Barbour & Mitch Daniels: GOP Friends Emerge As 2012 Foes? — Dec 30, 2010 — “Who are they trying to convince–how limp is the measuring stick that prompts these two to praise the intelligence of the other?
It’s the Turkey Neck Tossup of ‘Twenty-twelve’.”

Home Prices Drop, ‘Serious Worry’ About Economy — Dec 30, 2010 — “Garrison Keillor described his corner of MN as “muskeg”; is that wrong too?
Did Mooselini get free healthcare over the border in the Yukon because the locals speak highly of “The Bush”? Best not to overanalyze THAT one.”

Unemployed? New Jobs Come With Drop In Living Standards — Dec 31, 2010 — “Reminds me of the disingenuous crowd who choose to forget Bush 41 negotiated NAFTA and signed off on it before Clinton–Bill42 could have totally renegotiated but didn’t want to lose momentum in his first 100 days. Could have been laziness or delay of an inevitable fix–still he gets the blame and credits himself for the few good parts. How soon we feel nostalgia for the days of the consummate politician…”

America’s Future: Our Choice… But Not for Long — Dec 31, 2010 — “Agree with all–but term limits may be a state-by-state solution. I can appreciate many politicians seem to be “in” for life–true grassroots should be sufficient to raise viable opposition.”


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