All Should Heed The Call — Please Bear Witness To (And Marvel At) The Closest Billo Ever Gets To An Open Display Of ‘Love’…


Femen, Ukraine Topless Women’s Rights Group, Causes Stir In Protests — Nov 18, 2010 — “’Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out; come and keep your comrade warm’ — that kinda thing?”

Senator Rockefeller Wants FCC To ‘End’ Fox News, MSNBC — Nov 18, 2010 — “Actually; this is a perfect example of the kind of ‘compromise’ the so-called middle hopes we fall for. No “Best of Both Worlds” scenarios being available in this political climate; the Senator chooses a piss-poor example that only succeeds in playing both ends against each other rather than confront the gutless ‘center’.
He hopes the Right sees him as their salvation from the Left; but that progressives view this as a concerted effort to start an impossible dialogue between ideological extremes. Both are expected to sacrifice or risk losing it all. If you — Sen. Rockefeller wish to gain our confidence; please feel free to lead the Blue Dogs in giving up your taxpayer-funded health care. I’m guessing your support of single-payer won’t last until your next campaign for re-election.”

GOP Push To Defund NPR Fails — Nov 18, 2010 — “Exactly. This is all about power-trippin’ and testing how well they’ve insulated their base against the truth getting through.”

Leo Berman, Texas State Legislator, Introduces ‘Birther’ Bill — Nov 18, 2010 — “Maybe we should tone it down to “Take Away His Walker and Juice Box”.”

Will NPR’s Mara Liasson Defend Her Colleagues From Roger Ailes’ “Nazi” Attack? — Nov 18, 2010 — “If NewsCorp and its parent company–the GOTP–can effectively pay to throw any any electoral outcome their way–buying off a congressional vote is dead easy.
Perhaps we’re seeing the price for Mara Eliasson’s silence on the issue–NPR keeps its funding.”

Ailes Apologizes To ADL For Calling NPR Executives ‘Nazis’ — Nov 19, 2010 — “If they make up a new Emmy for “Epic Dissembler”; will Roger then stand up on the dais for the hour-and-a-half it will take to apologize to everybody he’s ever told or promoted lies about?”

Beck Promotes Socialism to West Point Cadets — Nov 20, 2010 — “Henry Ford’s idea was based in his desire to de-certify existing unions and help prevent new ones from forming. Todays CEO’s get huge bonuses at least in part because they’ve hit on a magical combination of almost universal complacency guaranteeing low wages AND mistrust of collective bargaining tools.
All the young ‘uns I encounter these days have been so successfully ‘marketed’ to about their place in society they believe that prosperity is achievable through polished fashion sense and purchase of beautifully packaged mediocre or sub-standard products at premium prices.
The rich get richer because the only other demographic they deem to be as important as the rich are encouraged to believe they will become just like them someday.” ***dawlishgal*** throws down at 10:25: “it is amazing to me that people still think they have a chance to get rich, while, at the same time, the cards are being increasingly stacked against that happening.”

O’Reilly Strikes Back At ‘The Simpsons’ For Fox News Jab — Nov 23, 2010 — “Point taken. His quickness to label those he disagrees with is compounded by the level of ignorance with which he arrives at his cherished conclusions.
People who point out racism in others do so out of desire to inform and initiate corrective measures against perpetuation of racist beliefs; unless they don’t want to be let out of their contract at FixNews.
Bill O’Reilly responds to cartoons because he actually believes any mention by him provides a ratings boost to those lucky–if hateful–detractors of the Right.
Please bear witness to (and marvel at) the closest Billo ever gets to a public display of “love”.”

Over Half Of All Homes Have AN HD TV — Nov 25, 2010 — “My satellite will be gone at the end of the year–what will be the minimum conditions at getting me back? Total control over the channels I get–no more bundling and the networks I want from the time zones I choose.
THAT is ‘a la carte’ at it’s finest–sc.rew the ratings system for once and for all.” (No significant changes in my billing patterns 26 months later — still no need 4 ‘HD’))

If I Said I’m Thankful for the Wisdom of the American People, Would You Think I’m Crazy? –Nov 25, 2010 — “You have a point. Next thing you know, the rich will find a way to rid themselves of the ungrateful, undeserving, intractable American poor and middle class–and import themselves a servant class they feel they can rely on for a while–until they find themselves in a new ‘Praetorian Guard’ scenario.” ***sufi66*** smiled upon the void at 18:16:45
“The rich also consider it their privilege to have people die for them to defend kingdoms. Modern feudalism.”

The Golden Age of Content — Dec 1, 2010 — “Please Virginia; why does it take more than ‘half a ham’ to present the cable news and also gain a sizeable audience–however intellectually challenged (or the lack thereof) that audience will ultimately find themselves?
Will the cable news networks fill our stockings with the the gift that keeps on giving–the ability to appreciate any facts that survive their embryonic ‘infotainment’ phase?
Or will this holiday season leave us feeling once again the emotional equivalent of bricked up and covered in reindeer poo?”


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