Warm Up The Chillbilly: The Day Has Arrived — ‘Tundra-Enlightening’ Can Look Back On Her Talk With Couric As ‘Good Times”


Her Candidacy Is Over — Palin’s “Brainwashing” and “Joe Welch” Moment — Jan 13, 2011 — “Now she can look back on her talk with Katie as ‘good times’.”

Brit Hume Questions Tone, Timing Of Arizona Shooting Memorial Service — Jan 13, 2011 — “Does he really have ‘diversity impairment’ or does he just get paid to keep the diversity ‘off the lawn’?”

Louie Gohmert Bill To Let Congress Carry Guns — Jan 13, 2011 at 09:32:45 — “Not having followed this man’s career – and not being particularly happy about doing so, especially because it’s pretty obvious his ‘big thing’ is really all about ‘all eyes on me’ – I can’t help but ask the question: has he for his entire adult life been subconsciously lashing out at all those kids that made fun of him back at school?
Why else with all the macho ‘tough guy’ nonsense? He’s not really serious with this ©r@p?” ***BlackJAC*** shines a light at 10:32: “In all seriousness, the need for large-scale success is indeed rooted in an unresolved, miserable childhood.”

Van Susteren: Fox News Doesn’t Have ‘Fancy Launch Parties’ Like Piers Morgan — Jan 13, 2011 — “Well, shucks Greta – you’re RIGHT! Only you gave the whiny version of the wrong answer.
The reason Fox doesn’t give pu-pu and libation-fueled schmooze-fests is because THAT would subtract from the total they are willing to stick into your pay envelope – and THAT would be too much like a TAX.”

DeLay: Liberals Sentenced Me To Jail — Jan 13, 2011 — “’Most liberal’ county in Texas. Help US help YOU Tom. Nobody outside of Texas hears anything but a slight buzzing in their ears.

Slow down and use your words, Tom. Not much getting through at this end.”

Rand Paul: Dems ‘Manufacture’ Controversy From Giffords Shooting — Jan 13, 2011 — “See, we were supposed to keep that quiet so that they would get all paranoid about whether we knew that or not…” ***nogornc*** lays ‘er out at 11:02: “Sorry – I should know better… got a few in the family.”

Louie Gohmert Bill To Let Congress Carry Guns — Jan 13, 2011 — “’Family don’t run against family round here’.
Rubbing up against family…well…”

Rand Paul: Dems ‘Manufacture’ Controversy From Giffords Shooting — Jan 13, 2011 — “Since the only board that certified himself existed in his own head – I’ll bet you’re RIGHT!” (Self-certified medicos with bad toupees checking I.D.’s at the polling stations?)

Heed Eisenhower and King: Slash Pentagon Budget — Jan 13, 2011 — “We’re still spending more than five-and-a-half times what the Chinese spend on all things military. True story. I’m pretty sure that fact hasn’t changed since I looked it up ten minutes ago. Shouldn’t we be more worried about the implications that a lot more Chinese are learning English? True story, again. We’re most of the ones teaching it to them.”

Rand Paul: Dems ‘Manufacture’ Controversy From Giffords Shooting — Jan 13, 2011 — “For those that pray – make sure you toss in a little extra for the folks in Kentucky who searched high and low for a Senate candidate and settled for THIS guy…”

Jeb Bush/Republican Outreach To Latino Voters — Jan 14, 2011 — “You nailed it. GHWB pointing out ‘the little brown ones’ to a curious guest is a story that will never get old…” ***Ioan Lightoller*** laments at 14:38: “Sadly it never will. The Bushes are beneath contempt. Sad to hear they’re still possible political players.”

Radio Host, Threatens To Sue Matthews, MSNBC Lineup — Jan 14, 2011 — “Back-pedaling on ‘violence is golden’? There’s way too much treasure at stake for that to happen…which is the irony of the argument they make against all who oppose them.”

Jeb Bush/Republican Outreach To Latino Voters — Jan 14, 2011 — “Scary if true. Ironic when you consider that in the toolbox the Bushes were ‘discovered’ – they’re pretty much considered ‘pre-Columbian’.”

Study Links Spread of Religion With ‘Believer Gene’ — Jan 16, 2011 — “Don’t think we haven’t noticed all those who set foot on that high road immediately deem it smooth and completely free of ruts and other annoying trip hazards.
‘It’s a miracle!'”


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