‘The Right’ Revise Gibran: ‘If You Love Something Let It Go — If You Hunt It Down And Kill It Quickly; You Can Cherish That Memory Forever’…


We Have Seen the Assassin and He Is Us — Jan 10, 2011 — “Is there no crime that baggers don’t enjoy saying “Liberals are to blame” after?”

The Right’s Rising Tide of Violent Rhetoric — Jan 10, 2011 — “Unfortunately; yes! This is the way the wackos think and they are mystified why more people don’t believe heavily armed roving packs of citizen warrior/enforcers will be welcome additions to the community.
How long before curfews, lack of headscarves and ‘modest’ dress, ‘proof of relationship’ for mixed couples will be enforced by threats of public beatings? This is how ‘letting the terrorists win’ begins.
Who hates us more for our freedoms – the enemy without — or within?”

How Will ‘The Daily Show’ Respond To This AZ Tragedy? — Jan 11, 2011 — “Well; at least you acknowledge that he IS funny; unlike certain bullies that only THINK they’re funny. Oh, wait – that points up another difference – Jon gets paid to be FUNNY; those other guys only get paid to be BULLIES imbued with an overt smarmy glibness they hope will be mistaken for amusement.
Seems pretty clear which breed is the clear winner here. Jon Stewart – 1, Pretentious bullying posers – 0.”

The Right’s Rising Tide of Violent Rhetoric — Jan 10, 2011 — “…and yet – they don’t seem to shrink from such criticism – they seem to be ‘basking in the glow’. Another ‘cunning plan’ meant to intimidate by talk of a cunning plan. Circular logic from the ‘Violence Is Golden’ crowd or bird’s eye view of the downward spiral?”

DeLay Says He Committed No Crime, ‘Can’t Be Remorseful’ — Jan 11, 2011 — “He’s ‘turned a few pages’ in his day?”

Bird Deaths Blamed On DADT Repeal By Some Prophet-Lady — Jan 12, 2011 at 02:07:18 — “Cindy Jacobs spends too much time drinking about other people ‘having it off’.”

Norquist Decries Lack Of Con ‘Debate’ — Jan 12, 2011 — “IMHO – with ‘spin skills’ like those – you WILL go far, Young Bagholder…”

Billo Attacks NYT, MSNBC, Liberals For ‘Exploiting’ Giffords Shooting — Jan 12, 2011 — “Don’t think they don’t apologize profusely to the candle-lit altar of their Grand Wizard Ronald Reagan; Revered Past President of the Satanic Advocacy Group…if Murdoch had started his broadcast Noise in the eighties Ronnie’s crisply laundered legacy would be sturdily sealed, laminated and secure…”

Norquist Decries Lack Of Con ‘Debate’  — Jan 12, 2011 — “You’re nicer about it than me. I don’t think ignorance is some thing they ‘play’ at. Play TO…”

Ailes: Fox And ‘The Other Side’ Need To Tone Down Rhetoric — Jan 12, 2011 — “Is this an actual attempt to rein in the rhetoric on his infotainment channel; or merely a test to see how sweeping his influence in the media has become?”

Norquist Decries Lack Of Con ‘Debate’ — Jan 12, 2011 — “Oh, yeah. NOW I remember this guy. Once upon a time he was all over the news under his video entertainment name – ‘Groper Morefist’.”

Black GOP Official Resigns, Cites AZ T-Party Threats — Jan 12, 2011 — “Kahlil Gibran couldn’t possibly mind a slight adjustment to the appropriate passage: ‘If you love something; let it go. If it returns to its senses – cherish it forever’.” ***abouttime*** enabled at 19:22: “The Prophet.
Great book by a Great man.

Good quote!”

Health Reform Under Attack — Jan 12, 2011 — “Let’s review.
Oh yeah! They still want single payer!

Mark DeMoss Disbands ‘Civility Project,’ Citing Cons Attacks, Grim View On Discourse — Jan 13, 2011 — “Broken faith, meet Joebentum…”

Her Candidacy Over — Palin’s “Brainwashing” and “Joe Welch” Moment — Jan 13, 2011 — “Can you think of a better candidate for consignment to the margins of history? I’ve already forgotten you even mentioned it.”


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