Sorry You’ve Been Out Of The ‘Boehner Loop’ Lately — Tears A Common Side-Effect of ‘Lightly Toasted’ AND Totally ‘Faced’!


House Republicans Missed Swearing In While At A Fundraiser, Violating Constitution On Day It Was Read — Jan 6, 2011 — “You’re implying deliberate action or inaction on his part?
Did you miss the part about voting?
Did you read the article you provided; or should we put this all down as overenthusiastic fundraising?
Yeah, that’s what I thought. Day late and a dollar short defuses the bomb before it’s thrown every time.”

New Poll — Trouble In NV For John Ensign — Jan 6, 2011 — “Sen. Jack A$$hat was perfect for Nevada once upon a time; pray tell what could possibly have changed significantly since the last election?
Breaking faith with a constituency that was fine with his fake umbrage over the Bill-And-Monica incident couldn’t possibly be an indicator of an undesirable double standard; correct?”

TP’ers To Challenge Lugar In Primary — Jan 6, 2011 — “Well, it’s a very cute story; but this is hardly news. The headline might as well read ‘Senator Should Attract Moderate Voters–Teapartiers Say He’s Not Ignorant Enough’.”

Alien Vaporware — Jan 6, 2011 — “So…all earthly activity related to unseen but entirely believable entities should immediately cease? Pretty bold plan–but I say let’s go for it!!
We can probably balance a bank account or two after we’ve sold off all the churches, synagogues and houses of worship of every description.”

Review Of Williams Firing: NPR Ethics Review; Weiss Resigns, Schiller Denied Bonus — Jan 6, 2011 — “No problem keeping up; no problem with NPR or anybody else passing out raises or bonuses.
No problem with Fox paying Juan a little extra or a lot; that way buyers remorse sets in quicker when they find out keeping him on the payroll embarrasses them more than a great big flock of ‘usses’.”

TP’ers To Challenge Lugar In Primary — Jan 6, 2011 — “Bags of tea; though soggy be–hang from trees; 2 dry for thee.
My! O me–a party wanes–time 2 go–time 2p…”

Alien Vaporware — Jan 6, 2011 — “We’ll never know if we’re groping their junk, giblets, stones…or the ever popular gorignak!”

TP’ers To Challenge Lugar In Primary — Jan 6, 2011 — “The only time Teapartiers help others choose freedom over their much preferred god of mammon is when the choice is between health and the cheaper ‘freedom from this mortal coil’.
Thank goodness Mooselini warned about ‘death panels’–not surprising she got confused and pointed her bony trigger finger the wrong way.”

Alien Vaporware — Jan 6, 2011 — “We’ll have to ask the Big Giant Head if he has any spare ‘score-pedos’ in his galaxy-class falafel drawer…”

The F Word: Constitutional Lessons For the New Congress — Jan 6, 2011 — “Hold on a minute! ‘Death panels’ are made up of fluffy little kitties? When was Mooselini gonna let us in on it?” ***Kitten of D00M*** yowled at 03:11:19 — “Hey, even kittens have claws. Be-HAVE! : P
Confessions of a REAL death panelist: Testimony of Linda Pino, formerly of Humana”

Sawyer & Rummy — Former DefSec’s First TV Interview Since 2006 — Jan 7, 2011 — “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Diane is the president of his fan club. Expect another empty schmoozefest. Rummy would never show up without a prepared and annotated script in hand.”

Boehner, House GOP Prime For Fight With Obama — Jan 6, 2011 — “Sorry you’ve been out of the loop lately. Tears are a common side effect of being lightly toasted as well as TOTALLY ‘FACED!”

Sawyer & Rummy — Former DefSec’s First TV Interview Since 2006 — Jan 7, 2011 — “Who is she paying to get this kind of media exposure? You’d be hard put to convince me ABC executives are incompetent enough to actually compensate Diane the shameless Reaganite shill.
How would you open contract negotiations; ‘At least I’m more competent in my biased methods than Judith Miller’?”


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