Pretty Sure Michael Steele Meant To Say: ‘Now I Know How Kaiser Felt When Nobody Wanted To Buy Any More Of His Crappy Cars’!


This Apollo-Era NASA Beef Pot Roast Could Be Yours — Jan 18, 2011 — “Don’t sell it! Give it to the ‘mammoth guys’ maybe they can clone the poor critter that gave this one sad contribution to the space race…”

Randall Terry Plans To Mount A Primary Campaign Against Obama, Because Why Not? —  Jan 18, 2011 — “’I’m going to convince my buddies in the DOD to have screen doors installed in our submarine fleet because – well; why the heck not?’”

Afghan Gov’t To Tax Foreign Contractors — Jan 18, 2011 — “Glamour? If you don’t want your fascist handlers to find out you’ve moved to Canada – try not spelling things funny.”

Maher: ‘Don’t Censor Huck Finn’ — Jan 19, 2011 — “That’s right – you tell ’em, Jasper! Why bother with ‘liberal revisionism’ when there’s no way they can counter foreign billionaires who HATE America and hire people who hate AMERICANS to provide the ‘talent’ for their media empire. Ring any bells? Or did they all get melted down for cannons again?”(You gotta admire the mind of the ‘civilized southerner’, by Jingo!)

Steele: ‘I Know How Caesar Felt’ — Jan 19, 2011 — “OMG! Michael Steele is so shook up about losing his dream gig – he got two historical figures mixed up – poor guy. Pretty sure what he really meant to say was ‘Now I know how Kaiser felt when nobody wanted to buy any more of his cars’.”

Video Shows Gunman Shooting Gabby Giffords — Jan 19, 2011 — “Why give his defense attorney grounds for mistrial? No way to get a fair hearing in front of an impartial jury if everybody and his dog has seen the video. Let’s get a little perspective and give voyeurism a few more vacation days.” ***gparks*** fires back at 23:54: “Well said and spot on!”

Libertarianism, the New Anti-Americanism — Jan 19, 2011 — “Your idea of libertarianism seems to mirror the impression I developed between the bouts of extreme boredom brought on by wondering what it’s all about.
The closest thing I could ever come up with is that it is less a political philosophy and more about contrived camouflage masking classic American prejudice.
Libertarians are nothing if not practiced at deception and deflection. Which may be best explained by the shift in the seventies from center-left to center-right and then beyond…”

Santorum Invokes Race In Attacking Obama On Abortion — Jan 20, 2011 — “Revise history much? Is that the only grounds some can find to declare to the world; “I Am A Winner”?
How sad…”

Libertarianism, the New Anti-Americanism — Jan 19, 2011 — “I notice you skate around Tea Party themes without labeling them as such. Is it possible you think it’s best not to raise the point about how they once expressed distaste for corporatism – but now they call it friend?
You may not claim ownership of these folks – but they’re running after you because they think you forgot your receipt…”

Franklin Sues For Wrongful Termination — Jan 20, 2011 — “Nope. It has been my life-long policy to totally ignore political ads. My parents never mute the commercials – and when I go over there – I insist upon exactly that or the TV goes OFF.
If you decide to post a summation of every ad we missed; will you provide a complete list including all points of view?
I can hardly wait…”

Libertarianism, the New Anti-Americanism — Jan 20, 2011 — “’Appealing’? I kinda hope you’re wrong about that. It is not my mission to send libertarians into a ‘shame spiral’; but they really need to wake up to the fact that this ‘movement’ provides deep cover for many dangerous political anachronisms. Nothing new about prejudice – these folks want nothing more than the voters being kept in the dark about that.”

Olbermann On Lieberman: ‘Good Riddance’ To ‘Delusional Liar’ — Jan 20, 2011 — “I see a Senator being held accountable to the voter. Not quite sure what you see here – please feel free to share and help us understand. Isn’t that why we all showed up in the first place?”

Libertarianism, the New Anti-Americanism — Jan 20, 2011 — “Again – the ‘drive-by poster’ theme applies more to OSCPJ. But if you choose to answer as if you were being accused of something – that is your choice.
It will be noted feelings of guilt have been transferred – along with all that infers. Ayn Rand was an over-analytical ‘guerrilla fabulist’ – and that doesn’t speak well for the acolytes stirred up in her wake…”

Gingrich: AHCA Is ‘Centralized Health Dictatorship’ — Jan 21, 2011 — “Pretty sure if Newt hates it – this could be just about the best thing since sliced bread. On the other hand – that’s what he WANTS me to think, so…”


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