Cradle And Nurture These Bagger Ideas And Hit The Ground Running — Faster Than The Foci Of Your Concerns Can Hit The Floor Laughing


Scalia: Lawmakers Need Get Familiar Federalist Papers — Jan 25, 2011 — “Do As She Says, Not Do As She Won’t Admit To?
I’ve missed my true calling – bumper sticker writer to the star-crossed.”

Aaron Tribble, U. Of Idaho Student, Sues School — Jan 25, 2011 — “Ho, ho. Very colorful. Gundamentalists accuse others of a war against artifacts while ignoring the intent behind the one artifact they keep a ‘death grip’ on without understanding – the U.S. Constitution and ALL of the amendments and all companion documents taken as a whole.
Willful ignorance of the right of the individual to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is no justification for insistence that these basic rights are somehow trumped by the Second Amendment.
The public square need never be mistaken for a shooting gallery or a hunting ground. The Founders showed us a path that takes us above and beyond the days of settling disputes with pistols and swords. It doesn’t speak well for those who choose to ignore this fact.

The threats to peace in our time also come from within – from self-described patriots who fail to see any shame or irony in their blinkered determination to repeat history.”

Gingrich: EPA Should Be Eliminated — Jan 25, 2011 — “Springtime must be approaching…Newt speaks and the mind wanders to ‘soil enhancers’…”

Gun Violence Destroyed Christina’s Dreams — Jan 26, 2011 — “Can’t tell what your intended full meaning for this post is. Have you announced to the world that you’ve suddenly sprouted a conscience to temper your rabid gundamentalism – or is this more deflection as preface for your favorite tactic – demonization of any and all who offer counter-argument?
Don’t flatter yourself that the World awaits with bated breath.”

Bury Vladimir Lenin? Russians Put It To A Vote — Jan 26, 2011 — “Yes! There’s money to be made still!” ***planetjeffy*** smecking at 20:34:56 — “Vlad would look good in loud shirt”

Obama’s SOTU Promise To Reorganize The Federal Gov’t — Jan 27, 2011 — “If you really believe that – encourage the GOTP to put THEIR money where YOUR mouth is.
Explain how that leftover TEA Party money will be well spent – explaining to African-Americans everywhere – including if not especially the folks serving in the Armed Services – how much today’s GOTP identifies with and fights for African-American causes.
Explain how today’s GOTP will pledge more advancements for ALL ‘people of color’ than TR and Honest Abe ever dreamed of in their lifetimes.
See if you can gather up ye forces to cradle and nurture these ideas and hit the ground running – faster than the foci of your concerns can hit the floor laughing.”

’49 To Angle’ For Pres.? Nevadan Not Ruling Out Bid — Jan 27, 2011 — “They’ve been bolstered by the ‘success’ of likes of Ronnie and Dubya. Or maybe they’re thrilled about how a thug like Dick Cheney has a camera on him every time he clears his throat.” (Well, why not? She may be incapable of raising the level of discourse in what will undoubtedly be a crowded field. Thing is; neither can the rest of them.)

Poehler Explains Her Modeling Past On Kimmel — Jan 27, 2011 — “Amy was great in Hamlet *2* – the first half of that film is extremely painful to watch but you’ll never get how great the second half is if you don’t make yourself sit through it.
Excruciatingly brilliant. We need more Cricket Feldstein!”

Bipartisan Cluelessness in GOP Response to Obama SOTU — Jan 27, 2011 — “’free trade’ = tree ‘fade’”

What Obama Doesn’t Mention — Jan 27, 2011 — “Sweet! That’s not the kind of thing we are privileged to witness every day!
You went directly from deflection to nakedly aggressive demonization! I stand in awe.
But enough about me – are YOU standing okay now? I hope that sudden drop down the metaphor ladder didn’t sprain your cankle?”

Don Imus ‘Worst Kind Of Coward,’ ‘Gutless, Sniveling Worm’ — Jan 27, 2011 — “Paul Newman sang that song in character as ‘Cool Hand Luke’.
I guess only liberal Jews like himself cared enough to get the words right.”

Giuliani Pres. Bid Could Succeed If All The GOP Frontrunners Decide To Drop Out Of The Race For Some Reason — Jan 28, 2011 — “So you’re banking on the idea that no ballot of yours will ever be hand-counted; or that the person charged with counting it doesn’t have a blue pen or a pencil?
I can’t help but picture the guy who has been waiting for that chance – fully intending to leap at it.” ***edgarcaycedoc*** responded at 01:17: “I never thought of that aspect of it. Guess I’ll have to re-think my position.”


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