Barney As Toto. Dubya As Scarecrow. Tinman? Cheney’s Daughter — Which Brings Us Right Back To ‘Five Deferments Dick’…


Hannity: U.S. Can ‘Go In’ To Kuwait, Iraq, ‘Take All Their Oil’ —  Jan 16, 2011 — “Bottomliners or ‘bin liners’? So hard to choose…” ***valeskas*** unloads at 11:51: “Bottomfeeders.”

The Irony Inherent in Palin’s Image Machine Jan 17, 2011 — “So far exercising free speech has not been seen to legitimately include suppression of someone else’s free speech rights. No Supreme Court decision would ever affirm that the combination of First Amendment and Second Amendment guarantees that bullets are the same as speech. No SCOTUS with any cherished notions self-imposed credibility would take their activism to that level; would it? Once you’ve raised the judicial branch to the role of enabler of the ‘super-citizen’ meme with little realistic hope of correction by any other body – how far behind will tyranny follow?”

Hannity: U.S. Can ‘Go In’ To Kuwait, Iraq, ‘Take All Their Oil’ — Jan 16, 2011 — “’Panel! President’s spokesman calls FoxNews jerky! I say it’s a thin beef! Have they put one over, Juan?’”

Issa ‘New Yorker’ Article Probes ‘Colorful’ Past — Jan 17, 2011 — “Do you really want this guy to muck off for nine months and pass Bush 43 with a clean bill of ‘health’ followed by a seal of all the records?
The true ‘quality’ of Issa’s character is plain for all to see…”

Zodiac Lines: The Funniest Tweets! — Jan 17, 2011 — “I experienced a slight change; maybe it’s for the better – what is the meaning behind being an Aries no longer bordering on ‘bull’ but NOW I’m trending towards ‘fishy’?”

RW Media Shrugs At Idea That Giffords Shooter Read Rand — Jan 17, 2011 — “’Nothing left to offer’ has never stopped those who deploy vast monetary reserves aimed at canceling out the resolve of those who stand in opposition to their most-cherished fables.
The lesson to be learned should be ‘wishing won’t make it so’ but the money is on ‘bu//$#!t stays, truth walks’.”

Poll Finds Decreased GOP Support For Full Repeal Of AHCA — Jan 17, 2011 — “You generously gave the cue for the follow-up. Explain how this makes the Democrats irretrievable liberals. State it as succinctly as possible using simple phrases. FYI: ultimately this will be used to school the Right as well; you will be providing useful information that has to be instantly recognizable to this ‘choir’. Feel free to use as many ‘foxic waste’ buzz words as possible to get the point across.
No hurry; but be mindful of the ticking clock a fast thread creates.”

Bridges Almost Told Coen Brothers No On ‘The Big Lebowski’ — Jan 17, 2011 — “Great crowd of fans. Really ties a room together…”

Lugar Supports Assault Weapons Ban —  Jan 17, 2011 — “I’ve heard it said that a 12-gauge pump could very well be the best weapon for home defense if you really feel you need something besides a trusty baseball bat.
The reasoning is that; even if you cycle that weapon in a pitch black room; nobody has any doubt what that noise means. Cue exit for intruders. There’s a certain appeal to that idea – even for those who have no desire to own anything but a non-lethal weapon.” ***tulsey*** shot back at 21:41: “The racking of a remington 870 has been documented as a crime deterrent.”

Movies Only A Hangover Could Get You Through — Jan 18, 2011 — “Okay, I’m seeing a pattern here. I’m already down to MAYBE one film in the theater a year. Bill Maher I can watch online – so goodbye to the satellite – cable is a distant memory.
If you want me back – this kind of cynicism has to stop. Hollywood, you know what to do. Or perhaps – once upon a time you did.”

Mammoth Brought Back To Life In 4 Years? — Jan 18, 2011 — “Didn’t I see those at Mammoth Hot Springs?” (the ‘creation’ funpark folks say the good people of Bedrock forgot to unhitch them from from the shower stalls) ***Kyle10*** hosed it down on at 16:07:12: “Thanks for trumpeting your wit. Fanned.” (we’ve learned since the Flintstone days. We have the technology to keep the car from tipping over at the drive-inn.)

Cheney: Obama Will Likely Be ‘One-Term President’ — Jan 18, 2011 — “Dick’s helping collect pre-orders for another book of fabrications, ill-informed epiphanies and half-truths. Or is that his daughter?” (Oooh! Oooh! Now do the part about his buddy the scarecrow from Texas!)

Olbermann: Right Is Using More Violent Rhetoric Than Before Shooting  — Jan 18, 2011 — “Right. I get where you’re coming from. Nevertheless; it has been implicit – throughout all this mess since 01-08-11 – that of the three groups held to a higher standard – 1) Parents – 2) Media -3) Politicians – Two and Three are the ones the majority of the blame is being heaped upon.
2) are blaming those most resembling their analogues from the political opposition;
3) are blaming the same folks – plus – placing every strawman argument they’ve ever made out there rather than be seen to be picking on the one demographic their noisiest constituencies see themselves reflected in – PARENTS.
But go ahead and open up that can of worms. I guarantee you’ll get real ‘popular’ real fast.”


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