All That Needs To Happen Is POTUS Says He LIKES Mooselini And Rove — Either Or Both Will Go Away? Sweeet!


Giuliani: The Door Is ‘Absolutely’ Open On 2012 Run — Jan 21, 2011 — “…nine eleven, nine eleven! NineEleven – NINEeleven nineELEVEN!” (Aaaugh!! WHY is Giuliani inside my head?!)

Ryan Tapped To GOP SOTU Response — Jan 21, 2011 — “So — all that needs to happen is POTUS says how much he likes Mooselini or Karl Rove and the end of either/both will be within sight?

LA Judge Rules Teacher Layoffs Should Not Be Based On Seniority — Jan 21, 2011 — “Here it is folks. The fondest wish of the Right has become clear. Labor will not be allowed to exist as a group but each individual in direct competition with each other.
Teachers don’t need more distractions from their jobs; they need assurance that support is always available when they ask for it.
Virtually everything that comes from the Right is more like interference and sabotage rather than ‘quality control’ or elimination of redundancy or expensive entitlements; whatever THAT means.”

Jerry Brown’s Budget: A Danger to Himself and Others — Jan 21, 2011 — “See – I did not know that! Something to be said for sleeping on a mattress on the floor and rock star girlfriends feeding you macrobiotic meals.
Well, of course – when I say ‘you’ I really mean ‘not me’ – the combination of those two things bring ‘Hasten Down the Wind’ syndrome & pretty fierce sometimes…”

Countdown, Network and Mad As Hell — Jan 22, 2011 — “A very telling statistic. Never before have so many owed so very little – to such a slew of tiny freakin’ minds. Yet still the fans of Fox remain resolute – because after all; without them we might soon forget ‘fan’ is shorthand for ‘fanatic’.
That alone is something ‘special’…” ***Vincent Gormley*** gushed effusively at 22:36: “FAVED!”

Tod’s Founder To Restore Rome’s Colosseum — Jan 23, 2011 — “Turnabout is fair play. Doesn’t take much effort to realize neither Fox nor Budweiser have been American brands for a while now.
Murdoch may have gotten himself all naturalized; nobody ever asked MY opinion as to whether that might be a good idea.” ***stav506*** enlightened at 16:58: “He bought that naturalization. . .”

Mark Sanchez Picks Nose, Wipes It On Teammate During Jets-Steelers Game — Jan 23, 2011 — “On the plus side; he doesn’t seem to want to be ‘Squirty Sanchez’.”

Mike Lee: Toning Down Rhetoric Means ‘Shooter Wins’ — Jan 24, 2011 — “Maybe the shooter – knowing he was more likely to be surrounded by armed citizens than not – didn’t care about that. Maybe he expected he was going to die on the spot. Maybe he forgot smarter gun owners than himself understand ‘crossfire’.”

Senate AHCA Repeal Vote Pushed By GOP — Jan 24, 2011 — “Pretty sure we understand the part about being required to purchase health insurance. Deflect all you want – the GOTP used to LOOOVE that idea – until ‘Obamacare’ added a layer of accountability to it. Which ‘pre-existing condition’ keeps you from acknowledging the truth about these things?”

Shuster Defends Olbermann, Slams Fox ‘News’On ‘Reliable Sources’ — Jan 24, 2011 — “Was that an apology? Didn’t you get the memo from your handlers that contrition will be seen as a sign of weakness?”

Roger Wicker: Roe v. Wade Produced ‘Decades-Long Holocaust’ — Jan 24, 2011 — “Wouldn’t this be their cue to become upset that you dared notice?
Believability isn’t something they think they need to bother about.”

Washington State Joins Movement for Public Banking — Jan 25, 2011 — “What an interesting precedent. Makes one wonder what other public assets private corporations think they’re entitled to because there are no politicians with enough guts to say otherwise?”

Bush WH Violations: Political Briefings Violated Hatch Act — Jan 25, 2011 — “Yes, that’s all very colorful – the greater point is that the GOTP beat everybody else over the head with this act but they insist on a pass when THEY are in violation.”

Fatal Triangles — Jan 25, 2011 at 12:24:01 — “Not quite sure why the long delays between your entertaining replies, but – I’ve heard a little ‘Bag Balm’ does help ease the chafing around those electronic ankle bracelets;-)”


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