A Koch-Hit In My Pocket And Other Unbidden Infamies From The Giant Tusked-Rat Armey


Obama Sets Mission For New Team: Accelerate Economic Growth — Jan 8, 2011 — “I’m guessing you’re one of the baggers standing looking into the adult party. ‘Sorry’; they seem to say every day in every way–‘if you’re not one of us now–you never will be’.
Nobody is surprised the last bastion of the effete elite has a small crowd of hangers-on craning their necks eagerly at the high-toned entertainment they can only dream about.

You’ve noticed they’ll thank you for your cash and support at the polls–then they blow you off in just the nicest way imaginable.
All the exciting sights and sounds of the all-exclusive soirée waft just out of reach–punctuated by brief looks of horror that these country bumpkins are not getting clued into the harsh realities of Rightwing affairs…
Security? We need an escort at the door…”

Bachmann: We Need To ‘Repeal President Obama In 2012’ — Jan 7, 2011 — “Didn’t Al Franken (in character as Stewart Smalley) speak at length about the ‘shame spiral’?
Don’t know why I’m speaking so glowingly of fictional characters today; but the guerrilla fabulism of the far Right seems to bring it out in me.” ***R Z*** shamelessly enabled at 16:18: “lol guerilla fabulism. loving that. f&f”d!”

Obama Sets Mission For New Team: Accelerate Economic Growth — Jan 8, 2011 — “So–just out of curiosity–do you see yourself more as ‘Broderick Crawford’ the way he played the tough cop with the heart of gold…?
Or do you emulate a more ‘interesting’ portrayal like the one he went for in “The Swindle”?
Shucks–did I just bust your cute little Rightwing scam wide open? Happy to be of service for the greater good…I’m still betting you have no clue or desire to acquire one.” **Broderick Crawford*** deflects with reflection at 01:04: “All the kings men was my favorite…”

Free Market Fraud — Jan 7, 2011 — “See, that explanation of ‘free market’ makes as much sense as anything I’ve been able to come up with.
All this time I thought the Rightwing posters were trumpeting the idea that–as shareholders–the tro//s feel they are ‘free to clean you out’.”

Obama Sets Mission For New Team: Accelerate Economic Growth — Jan 8, 2011 — “You’ve done a fantastic job summing up the pack of lies the Right is hoping we’re all going to swallow. Your future as an educator of the masses is secure. Reach out and grab that brass ring. Going merrily around in circles is a revolution the Baggers can truly believe in. They really have no choice as long as they fail to recognize the company they’ve chosen to keep for what they truly are.”

It’s a Mystery Why the Tea Party Loves Sarah Palin — Jan 8, 2011 — “This focus of Teapartier adulation is the leading indicator of who they are and what they wish to impose upon their fellow Americans.
On the one hand; it’s great that someone finally stepped up and pointed out this glaring deficiency in their ethics. On the other hand; now we’ll see how fast they strive to correct this perception.
Dick Armey and the ‘Deep Pockets Brothers’ have a heckuva lot uglier damage to get under control before this merits their unwavering attention; more money down that big dang hole designed by the well-heeled giant tusked rats.”

Obama Should Beware Reagan Myths — Jan 8, 2011 — “Read ‘Another Roadside Attraction’ by Tom Robbins — it’s all about the vanity of those who try and try and still can’t raise the dead.” ***Jeannie Brooks*** scorned the babble-on at 13:20: “Gee, thanks.”

Fight Over Gays Roils CPAC — Jan 8, 2011 — “Don’t look now my bagger friends–but in your enthusiasm to alter or reverse the meaning of every word and phrase–you’ve actually done yourselves a disservice–‘Conquer And Divide’ wasn’t in the original playbook; but what the he//–I promise you won’t be able to hear me laughing over all your screaming.”

Bachmann: We Need To ‘Repeal President Obama In 2012’ — Jan 7, 2011 — “For the sake of argument; let’s say Michelle Bachmann is–very possibly–intelligent. Every time I hear this kind of argument I am reminded of the main premise put forth in Kurt Vonnegut’s “Mother Night” wherein the Howard Campbell character (introduced in Slaughterhouse Five) is actually a deep-cover operative on the payroll of the CIA (née OSS). He isn’t REALLY a Nazi; but he plays one on the radio. He was convincing enough that the Israelis were compelled to execute him when they got their hands on him. He may not have been a dangerous person–but the inflammatory statements he made through his alter-ego enabled and very likely instigated the Holocaust.
Why am I drawing a parallel between a fictional account of real history and the perceived intelligence of Michelle Bachmann? She very well may be the person you say. If that is indeed the case; why does her every public statement–indeed; every single action she undertakes for her Party and constituency–belie that statement; underscore the exact opposite of what you want others to believe? Right here is where I give my standard concise answer:
It takes a heaping helping of unabashed ignorance to shamelessly stand with the Right.”

SC Immigration Bill: Violation Of Civil Rights? — Jan 8, 2011 — “Then they must love you to pieces. The facts is something to which you’ve proven to be a complete stranger.”


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