That ‘Doh!pey-Strangey’ Thing: The elderly usually are okay with the tv turned up. Sarah™ may be ‘too much of a good thing’


Obama, Billo Interview: Super Bowl Sit-Down — Feb 6, 2011 — “What’s the point of Billo bringing a body-language expert onto the set if he refuses to believe she has anything to teach him? Or is it just his inner patriarch feeling threatened by ‘smart-girl cooties’?”

RWR’s 100th Birthday Celebrated By Nancy Reagan, Beach Boys — Feb 6, 2011 — “Good question. The elderly usually are okay with the tv turned up. Sarah™ may be ‘too much of a good thing’.”

MT-GOP Lawmaker Submits Bill To Create Armed Paramilitary — Feb 7, 2011 — Feb 7, 2011 at 01:15:50 in Politics
“Look north!! The Canadians are coming!!” ***DevilNymph*** responds at 01:34: “Rocky and Bullwinkle.” (The O.P. counters at 01:53) “You must be rich person. Stew with moose AND squirrel?” ***ombustus*** barges in the queue at 02:02:13 — “Moose tasty…Squirrel… not so much”

RWR Documentary: HBO Film Features ‘Gipper’ At 100 Feb 7, 2011 — “You’ve got the right idea. It’s not enough to talk about this man – everybody needs to be educated on everything that happened around him; on his behalf or aimed at impressing POTUS.
Accountability came in vogue as a word during his tenure – since that time it has become one of the least popular words in politics – and the Right will be much happier if all references to it is redacted from the official record of his Presidency.”

Tea Party In NH Strange Brew — Feb 8, 2011 — “Pterodactyls and cave men flying in formation at twelve o’clock.” (Don’t forget that ‘hot’ headwind blowing from Alaska – that ‘Doh!pey Strangey Thing’..!)

RWR Documentary: HBO Film Features ‘Gipper’ At 100 — Feb 9, 2011 — “Ooops. There it is. Three hundred and fifty five days getting to know his electric chain saw.
What a guy.” ***PWM*** responded at 12:28:20 — “It always amazed me that for a man with a ranch, we never saw him ride a horse. According to the president of Mexico, W was afraid of horses.” (Criminy. Clint Eastwood rode horses – and he’s freakin’ ALLERGIC. True story.)

Bachmann Asked By FEC For Information On $1.5 Million In Donations — Feb 8, 2011 — “My first inclination was to attempt to ‘refudiate’ this claim (in the parlance of our times) but then I realized – YEAH! There really are some seriously sick puppies with cash out there…!”

RWR Documentary: HBO Film Features ‘Gipper’ At 100 — Feb 9, 2011 — “Nine hundred days of ‘time out’ wasn’t enough to save us from his policies.”

WikiLeaks, Assange, and Why There’s No Turning Back — Feb 9, 2011 — “Creating new ‘dangerous legal precedents’ in truth only further endangers our health and welfare on the ‘incredible shrinking planet’ we all call home.
Enabling this level of greed only serves to perpetuates ideas about a false economy we can ill afford.”

Georgia Lawmaker Equates Gays With Criminals, Drug Dealers — Feb 9, 2011 — “Anywhere the ‘faithful’ have so little left to give – the all-important fundraising – it just never stops.”

Gawker Reports GOP Congressman Sent Shirtless Pictures To Woman —  Feb 9, 2011 — “Kinda reminds me of the time they found a bug in Karl Roves office – a fortuitously timed security sweep 15 minutes after it had been activated. Nobody doubts WHY the GOTP need to manufacture controversy – they just never get very good at getting away with it.”

Chris Lee Resigns After Craigslist Photos Come To Light — Feb 9, 2011 — “What’s the GOTP motto again – ‘A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Face’?”

Top House GOP Off Tea Party Muscle — Feb 10, 2011 —  “When can we have a look around the Libertarian Adoption Agency? All the little ‘orphans’ busy making three-sided headgear?”

‘Forcible Rape’ Language Remains In Bill To Restrict Abortion Funding — Feb 10, 2011 — “Abortion has been declared a Right based on the Right To Privacy. No emotional tie-ins ‘brought to bear’ on this issue.
No amount of pseudo-science brought up by those same ‘specially retrained’ minds that played god and diagnosed Terry Schiavo’s condition from a video monitor.
So far – the Roberts Court has declared this issue ‘settled law’ – even though they seem to be welcoming their chance to reverse that Right. How many of our Rights will crawl from that wreckage?
This ain’t no ‘red-headed step-child’ you can beat – the Founders gave the gift that keeps on giving – they proudly presented their bundle of joy and named it ‘U.S. Constitution’.”


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