Pretty Sure Bachmann’s Preferred Solution Is Three Parts Vodka And One Part White Wine Spritzer


Reagan’s True Legacy: Terminating the American Dream — Feb 5, 2011 — “Count me as a big ‘NO’ vote on that time machine thingy.” ***PenGoddess*** responds at 18:03: “I’m keeping track on my blackboard…:-)”

GA!! State Lawmaker Seeks To Redefine Rape Victims As ‘Accusers’ — Feb 5, 2011 — “All should condemn any ill-timed political misdirection that risks interruption of our Southern-based defense industry and their mission to build weapons systems. For the time being – we humbly pray that these same weapons be aimed only at killing foreign terrorists and anybody else too slow to move out of the way.
The all-important duty of training and arming our troops – including any and all pro-American mercenaries (worthy foreign and sovereign/domestic) is a taxpayer-funded mandate of biblical proportions. Imposing these duties we deem our rights and therefore forbid abridgment without due consideration and exercise of full penalty of law.
Neither POTUS nor the guy behind the desk in the Oval should ever feel the hot breath of coercive tactics – whether or not they are aimed at forced generation of Presidential decrees requiring all citizens to embrace the pretense of first-class citizenship regardless of actual societal status or awareness of will or compliance.
Victory Is All!! Accountable To Several!!”

Ron Reagan: Sarah Palin ‘A Soap Opera’ — Feb 5, 2011 — “There’s only one way I can sum this woman up in one sentence – here goes: ‘Failed Experiment In Hunter Porn’.”

Spoiler Alert! I Was Not a Reagan Fan — Feb 5, 2011 — “I think we’re missing the perfect chance at symbolic exhibition. We need an ‘interactive’ display where all his supporters and acolytes with memories intact can line up to crawl into a Reagan-shaped hole in the ground. While there – they can curl up in a ball wrapped in the flag for all we d@m care. Appropriately enough – this can all be constructed under a large rock.”

Ron Reagan: Sarah Palin ‘A Soap Opera’ — Feb 5, 2011 — “Sorry, Ron. Edith Galt was a better President than Nancy. Facts are facts.”

Alan Simpson: Deficit Proposals A ‘Sparrow Belch In A Typhoon’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “He’s reaching that point in his life he might throw caution to the wind and down a tall cool glass of ‘Frack-A-Licious’ Wyoming well water.”

Jeff Sessions: Lower Corporate Tax Rates Even If We Raise Taxes Elsewhere — Feb 6, 2011 — “This guy makes Sarah™ and her compadre from Minnesota look like straight-shooters by comparison. Okay, not quite. Got the only cup of water in a dry hole – whattaya gonna do?”

Bachmann Reveals ‘Motivation In Life’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “I think her favorite solution is composed of three parts vodka, one part white wine spritzer.”

RWR Quotes: Unforgettable Lines From ‘Dutch40’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “If only self-deprecation could solve all the problems he started and never tried to end.”

Bachmann Reveals ‘Motivation In Life’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “How many degrees of separation between ‘America Loves An Underdog’ and ‘America Loves A Train Wreck’?
Make sure you monitor a few days worth of prime-time network programming before you answer.”

RWR Quotes: Unforgettable Lines From ‘Dutch40’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “I must admit that ultimately I am grateful for this posting. During the eighties I often attempted (and failed) at shutting out this Presidency. My amazement at the amount of interest in this ugly time of political and social upheaval is genuine.
Nevertheless – I happen to believe that thingy about being doomed to repeat history if it is allowed to fade from memory. ‘Unforgettable Quotes’ as opposed to ‘Regrettable Quotes’ guarantees a politically mixed bag of opinions being expressed on the thread. So be it.
I’ll let you know if anything crops up to emphasize the contrary view of either one of those themes.
Aaaannd…nope, it’s gone again.”

Palin: America ‘Out Of Step’ With RWR’s Values — Feb 6, 2011 — “Maybe she’s heard if he’s ‘pushing up’ Shasta daisies or ‘regular’ daisies? Or maybe she thinks ‘Muir’s fleabane’ is the most appropriate form of daisy?”

Bachmann Reveals ‘Motivation In Life’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “May I humbly suggest you try to slip in about her giving up that farm subsidy as well – before all the yelling starts?”

RWR Quotes: Unforgettable Lines From ‘Dutch40’ — Feb 6, 2011 — “Your silence would have left me in doubt. My silence would have imparted the same to you. In that spirit – I respond: you’re welcome!” (Who is Roland Reagan? Was he an American or was that his CIA code name? Is he still at Langley?)


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