Murdoch’s iPad Paper: I’ll Do All You Righties A Solid And Pretend This Is As ‘Exciting’ As ‘Murdoch Gets Launch Codes’


Maddow Denounces CNN Again For Airing Bachmann SOTU Response (VIDEO) — Jan 28, 2011 — “Here’s an idea – prove to the world Michelle Bachmann’s intelligence by speaking of her years going after tax cheats for the IRS.
Didn’t think so. The memos already went out from Wackadoodle Central – Don’t P.i*s*s Off Our Friends – The ‘Taxation Impaired’.”

The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value — Jan 29, 2011 — “Okay, this reminds me of Jackson Browne’s ‘Lawyers In Love’.
Only instead of Russia – they’re looking to turn THIS country into a great big playground – like ‘Capitalismland’.
But not until they ship us off to China so we can work off the mortgage they’ll have no problem letting us believe we owe.”

“Walk Like An Egyptian”: A Playlist For “A Moment of Promise” — Jan 29, 2011 — “Great lists. Mine is from the guys who have been warning us about all this for years – not just Egypt but the world.
The Dead Heart. River Runs Red. Forgotten Years. Power & the Passion. Beds Are Burning. Blot. Renaissance Man.
You guessed. The one, the only – Midnight Oil.” ***fabucat*** sings out at 14:55: “Those dudes need to tour again!!!”

Chaplains Try A New Path On Post-Traumatic Stress — Jan 29, 2011 — “Do they think we forgot the chaplain has only two functions as far as the military is concerned – make the grunts feel okay about killing for their country and make the grunts feel okay about dying for their country?
Innovation would be something like an international clerical body starting up a foreign exchange program to explain through interpreters why ‘crusade’ isn’t considered by God to be an evil concept.
Oh, that’s right – this variety of ‘non-coms’ are well-known to be too gutless to attempt that – even though they’re just as well-known to be too stupid to earn a real college degree.”

Dem Rep. Moran: Opposition To Black President Played Role In 2010 — Jan 29, 2011 — “They’ve developed a waking nightmare – they’ve seen their impending death in a ‘home’ – brought on sooner because of a language barrier between themselves and their caregivers.
Classic transference is the refuge of the weak-minded.
People who aren’t me would queue up a sentence utilizing the verbs ‘sow’ and ‘reap’ at this point.”

Obama Urged To Pardon Tom DeLay … I Think Because Of Tucson? It’s Really Confusing — Jan 29, 2011 — “Thank you for adding that layer of interpretation to ‘American exceptionalism’. Sometimes all it means is that an exception must be made to an individual American who feels truly exceptional because affirmation of that idea has been made by another self-described ‘exceptional’ enabler.”

For Governors, Medicaid Looks Ripe For Slashing — Jan 29, 2011 — “Your overall theme is most fascinating. Okay for corporations to expect so much – what became trendy during the Bush years – profits of 300%, 400%, more?
When an overconfident Wall Street prompted by people like Larry Kudlow predicting a Dow of 50,000 by 2020 – quite a breeze created from all those shriveled black hearts a-flutter.
Economic reversal? It’s all on the taxpayer. Shucks, no. The weary ‘taxpayer’ packed up 98% of the wealth and took it out of reach of the IRS.
Tell us one more time about who has to settle for less because – wait for it – those who refuse to – well, they’re just plain ENTITLED.”

The Palestine Papers Might Help the PA Create a Palestinian State — Jan 30, 2011 — “I’ve noticed your life’s work seems to be centered around the Levant. It seems to be a nice hobby – and relatively inexpensive as hobbies go.
Just a friendly reminder – there are other worthy threads in amongst the ones covering the Med. In case you ever get the urge to venture forth more often.
There are more than twelve people who know how to find these threads – and none have been sworn to secrecy concerning the location of these threads.
No one has to succumb old age or illness for the mystery of these threads to be discovered by others.”

Why Americans Are More Religious Than Europeans — Jan 30, 2011 — “Makes perfect sense. Atheists have been shown to have strong moral fiber – a meme discounted in vain by the religious Right. Add ‘free trader’ to any ethos – all semblance of any ‘pre-existing condition’ like a moral compass is swept away. Tradition holds that GOTP not allowed to do that and risk harm to the tax-exempt.”

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Paper, Will Launch Feb. 2 — Jan 30, 2011 — “I’ll do all you Righties a favor and pretend this is just as exciting as ‘Murdoch Gets Launch Codes’ would be.”

Why Americans Are More Religious Than Europeans — Jan 30, 2011 — “See, that’s a good answer. I like it even more because I know there are many that won’t like it at all.”


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