How Long Has Halliburton/KBR Been In Charge Of Horse Paddock Construction? Give An Old Cavalry Man A Heads-Up, Willya?


AL State Lawmaker Makes Controversial Remarks, Attempts Damage Control — Feb 10, 2011 — “Sorry you had to take time from your ‘mensa gathering’ to write that post. Don’t worry – I am actually pleased you could give this wet rat a little more than your usual ‘patrician wave’.
I’ve no doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood story is not very far from your mind – all your high I.Q. brethren over at NewsCorp have always been more than willing to tell you how the smart people apprehend such things.
Wandering from the safety of that aforementioned echo chamber tells a much different story from the one Roger Ailes has rubber-stamped, however.
The ‘T-Parity’ mind needs no wipe – fresh shovelfuls guarantee something will stick. No cable news comes unbidden into my moistened ‘commie’ rats nest – please review ‘Current’ yourself and free yourself from the opinions of strangers who have earned your trust.
I’ll be curious to see your honest assessment of the ‘algore’ channel. Maybe you’ll learn something. That’ll be a change folks can be relieved in.”

Mubarak Will Reportedly Hand Over Power — Feb 10, 2011 — “So…Bush was ‘Beer Leaker’?” (Didn’t Buffalo Nickel cover that track?)

Roger Ailes: Fox And ‘The Other Side’ Need To Tone Down Rhetoric — Feb 10, 2011 — “BTW – the Right insist he was not ‘one of us’ (their words) and point to his death row declaration that he was a non-believer as affirmation. TWO problems with that – he was an avid re-reader of the ‘Turner Diaries’ which had no overt message beyond White Supremacy.
Nevertheless – at no time in history has this ever NOT been paired with an established religion or related revisionist theology.
The SECOND problem with the denial from the Right is that it is a matter of public record that this gambit was previously attempted by none other than Charles Manson – and for the same reasons stated by McVeigh.
It was all about starting the Race War to End All Race Wars. Nobody in their right mind believes either one of these guys was ever a ‘hippie’.”

Mike Lee: Hatch Not Getting My Endorsement In 2012 Primary — Feb 11, 2011 — “The downside to this would be that whoever replaces Orrin Hatch would be another teabagger.
The upside is that at least it wouldn’t be Orrin Hatch. But what would the message become if Hatch backed the Democrat in the general?
An interesting race in Utah. Whoda thunk it?”

Fear and Loathing Over Public Insurance Option In CT — Feb 11, 2011 — “Folks who go on about ‘the taxpayers’ are usually actually those who have enabled the biggest freeloaders on the planet. Corporations have always negotiated tax moratoriums – which may have made a little bit of sense when they were willing to place their ‘markets’ on the payroll as well.
Wall Street drained the lifeblood from their host nation and have now moved further afield. Nobody here has any doubt who you really are or what you represent. Every time a parasite whines a former taxpayer will soon be cooling in a ditch.
Once your kind has wised up and decanted a ‘vocabulary transplant’ – your victims may come willingly yet again.”

Rand Paul CPAC Calls For Cuts From Entitlements, Defense Spending — Feb 12, 2011 — “That thing on his head – ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? Are YOU the one keeping his head too cold?”

Marching Song, Fenix Two Die: 2 Horses Collapse Before Race, Electrocution Suspected — Feb 12, 2011 — “How long has Halliburton/KBR been in charge of paddock construction? Give a guy a heads up, willya?”

Mitch Daniels CPAC: U.S. Facing New ‘Red Menace’– Feb 14, 2011 — “Nice to hear about all those RV’s you’re selling! Government contracts?
South Carolina politicians for ‘hiking’?
It’s great how I keep finding people who are obsessed about how many fans I have – tells me (and everybody else) where their head is safely tucked away.
Let’s hope everybody hears more and more about the Governor who carefully walks the delicate balance between the ‘Center’ Right and the extreme Right.
I’m sure George Bush will be pleased as punch to come and speechify in several languages next time Mitch ‘Jr.’ needs him to.” ***teeniechino*** replied at 11:49: “Well, to jump in this fray, Obama was here a month or so ago — federal money given to Chrysler — had nothing to do with “my man Mitch” — I mean “ditch Mitch.”.”

Mitch McConnell Derides Obama For ‘Clintonian Back Flips’ — Feb 13, 2011 — “FYI Mitch? Never let anyone tell you your ‘talking points’ writers are doing anything BUT a top-notch job.
Let them know how much you love their work – give them a new title and a pay bump on ME – the U. S. Taxpayer.”

Mitch Daniels CPAC: U.S. Facing New ‘Red Menace’ — Feb 14, 2011 — “Yep, he turned SOMETHING around all right. Seems like YOU need to talk about your ‘miracle man’ in Wisconsin.
Using the National Guard to de-certify the prison guard union instead of negotiating in good faith; well – isn’t THAT interesting?
We’ve seen how well privatized prisons work in Arizona. States that want prisons as their primary industry says a lot about it’s citizens.”


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