How Can Huckabee Believe Corporations Have Souls? Hasn’t He Noticed Most Of Those Boards Have Placed Theirs On The Free Market?


DNC Slams Cons Over CPAC Talking Points — Feb 14, 2011 — “Boehner is not just the rep from Ohio8. He is third in line to the Presidency and needs to prove he’s one of the adults.
He’s not gonna do that – his legacy from this point on his Party-Hack-In-Chief.
So be it. Nobody in their right mind ever thought he would be capable of rising above that level. That would require someone who not only understands ‘statesmanship’ – they would feel compelled to follow through on all that it implies.”

Mitch Daniels CPAC: U.S. Facing New ‘Red Menace’ — Feb 14, 2011 — “Reminds of Hastert too. Where is ‘Dennis The Red Menace’ when they need him for the punchline?
How many of his books has Murdoch ‘pre-sold’, uh – warehoused?”

CPAC Straw Poll 2011: Ron Paul Wins For Second Consecutive Year — Feb 15, 2011 — “Shucks – I guess I missed most of the excitement. Your original post was swamped by a slug of ‘HoosierMud’ or I would’ve got back to you sooner.
The Chinese are still described as ‘authoritarian’ at the very least. They control all the media in and out of the country. Don’t get me started on Tibet.
I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to imply China has found a way to ‘streamline’ capitalism – when the methods they employ to achieve all this ‘prosperity’ comes at the price of many freedoms – even those idealized by libertarians.
These aren’t the kinds of shenanigans I ever want to experience in this country. How closely should we emulate the Chinese Way before we feel compelled to slip over the border at International Falls?”

Employment Won’t Recover To Pre-Crisis Level, SF Fed Says — Feb 15, 2011 — “Corporations who deal in good faith with unions know they get a happier, healthier employee – they are less inclined to pilfer because they are more likely to feel they are partnered with a people-friendly corporate entity.
We’ve already tried ‘your way’ during the robber baron era. Early Twentieth-Century U.S.A. looked a lot like Twenty-First Century Tunisia and Egypt.
I’m guessing you already knew that – you don’t care who knows how much you hate ‘those people’ that interfere with your ‘nineteenth hole’ gatherings – and the wistful yearning for the obligatory racist, sexist joke-telling of a bygone age.”

Iran Opposition Leaders Should Be Tried And Executed, Hardliners Say — Feb 15, 2011 — “Revisionism is the refuge of the weak-minded.
Gorbachev knew the U.S.S.R. was on it’s knees financially – well BEFORE Reagan – but couldn’t make any meaningful changes until he found a way to fire the corrupt generals in his way.
THAT also had nothing to do with Reagan – none of that was possible until Mathias Rust landed his Reims Cessna F172P in Red Square.

Birthers Comprise Majority Of Likely 2012 GOP Primary Voters — Feb 16, 2011 — “Birthers are gaining traction in one sense – and that will ironically mean more jobs in the mineral extraction industry.
Bauxite prices will go through the roof to match the exponential increase in the size of foil hats.”

Birthers Comprise Majority Of Likely 2012 GOP Primary Voters — Feb 16, 2011 — “Maybe they’re not quite sure how to get that freak show of hers back on the cable. Even bird brains can learn how to push the ‘yes’ button for extra millet.”

Huckabee Compares Abortion To Slavery — Feb 16, 2011 — “Huckabee is a man of the cloth. Does he actually believe corporations have souls when so many are run by those who quite clearly have placed theirs on the open market?”

Haley Barbour Won’t Denounce Confederate License Plate — Feb 16, 2011 — “Most of his base think ‘Deliverance’ was a documentary.”

Birthers Comprise Majority Of Likely 2012 GOP Primary Voters — Feb 16, 2011 — “Umm…no. See, next time you’re out fishing – it’s best to avoid the ‘full immersion’ method.
Cuts way down on the resemblance to a ‘babbling brook’.” ***Chris1962*** expressed jealousy at 03:10: “Quite the stand-up routine you’ve got going on there.”

Six Things Everybody Knows About Deficits… That Are Completely Untrue — Feb 16, 2011 — “Here’s another problem with sitting on cash in lieu of increasing payroll – it highlights the vulnerability of those businesses to market forces. In the long term – waiting for loyalty becomes meaningless because few will feel secure in their established positions – therefore sowing doubt in any new hires.
‘Letters of recommendation’ – anyone?’”


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