Emulate Anything To Do With Harry Potter? Pretty Sure Mormons Are Only Allowed Access To The ONE ‘Daily Prophet’


Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Back Off Crazy Rape Redefinition, Find New Way To Marginalize Women Feb 5, 2011 — “The law concerning assault is pretty clear – if you FEEL you’ve been attacked; it’s time to file charges. The next time someone makes me watch Fox or listen to Rush – maybe I need to to sue.
Which is ridiculous, of course – but not as ridiculous as this lame attempt at a preemptive strike by the Right.
SCOTUS? They may agree with the idea of creating a time-waster the Democrats would undoubtedly unwind come victory in 2012 – but this ridiculous rewrite is unlikely to get that far up the chain.”

Apple’s D.C. Lobbying Efforts Get Fierce — Feb 5, 2011 — “If you hear about the taxpayer-funded ‘hipster replacement’ program – sign me up for the newsletter.” ***MaxPowerXP*** responded at 00:38: “If they can replace them with non-hipsters, that would be fantastic”

Matthews On Beck: ‘What In Hell Is This Man Talking About?’ (VIDEO) — Feb 5, 2011 — “’Full citizenship upon birth’? What is Beck proposing – parents who fill out pre-natal paperwork improperly should surrender their offspring to the Sarah Palin® Organ Bank at the mall?”

Reagan’s True Legacy: Terminating the American Dream — Feb 5, 2011 — “The blind spot is due to the fact that most Republicans realize he was a cypher – a front man for their home-grown ‘not-so-evil-empire’. Why they consider this male model to personify the ideal Presidency I have no idea. Something about the power of shareholders, most likely. How is this ‘Immortal Distraction’ regarded in truth? ‘He Meant Well’ is as plausible as anything else.” ***Herman Merman*** laments at 12:12: “They have to have something. Every Rebub president since Eisenhower, but not including Eisenhower, has been an abject failure. The attempt to canonize Reagan is an attempt to distract the masses away from this inconvenient truth. Cons couldn’t stand by and watch as a Dem surpassed Reagan in accomplishments and popularity. So what did they do? They hit Clinton in an area that they know your average middle American conserve is uptight about – sex.” ***PenGoddess*** writes on at 11:26: “Why they consider this male model to personify the ideal Presidency I have no idea.”
Until we eliminate the patriarchal, hierarchical structure of our society, this male model will continue to personify the ideal President and person. And if they have their way, they will be able to take themselves back — back to the nineteenth century.” ***Craig McDaniel*** weighs in at 10:52: “He personifies what they are, little men with wittle wee wees with six shooters hanging on their hips.. if nothing more describes the mentality of the party of 2 year olds throwing tantrums.. nothing else ever will.
most of these so called ‘cowboys’ would be hard pressed to survive any real roughin it, clearing brush on your suburban ranch doesn’t cut it, nor does playing a cowboy on tv between your GE commercials.

Apple’s D.C. Lobbying Efforts Get Fierce — Feb 5, 2011 — “Perhaps they’ll get on board with a new plan to cheapen the word ‘evolutionary’ as only a Rightwing lobbying firm is inclined.
Would be MY guess.”

Egypt Protest Leaders Meet With Prime Minister — Feb 5, 2011 — “¡Buenas dias! Judging by some of the threads I monitored last night – it’ll be a wonder if certain members of the loyal opposition aren’t seriously hung over this morning. Let’s try and compensate by being EXTRA chirpy!”

Reagan’s True Legacy: Terminating the American Dream — Feb 5, 2011 — “That’s because Reagan believed whichever one of his handlers told him trees were bigger polluters than his friends the industrial polluters. I’ve always considered that to be a leading indicator of what kind of ‘packing’ was used to fill his head. That and his being confused about who was ‘mommy’.”

Glenn Beck In A Cape (PHOTO, VIDEO) — Feb 5, 2011 — “Pretty sure Mormons aren’t allowed to emulate anything to do with Harry Potter. They are the only ones allowed a ‘Daily Prophet’.”

Reagan’s True Legacy: Terminating the American Dream — Feb 5, 2011 — “Why does the reaction you deserve only serve to confuse when you do nothing more than invite folks to share in all aspects of your malformed opinion?”

Obama Banned Special Interests From Contributing To 2012 Convention: DNC Official — Feb 5, 2011 — “Oh, I can think of several more insulting ways of funding government programs and infrastructure – but giving them fresh new ideas for ‘access fees’ won’t be introduced by me to any thread I’m on today – or indeed forever.”

Reagan’s True Legacy: Terminating the American Dream — Feb 5, 2011 — “For a long time I assumed they rabidly protected his inflicted ‘legacy’ so they could slip another ‘shiny toy’ candidate past a jaded and sordidly prepped electorate.
Then I realized they actually can think of nothing better to do when ‘blessed’ with a big pile of cash and a matching pile of freshly excreted cynicism.” ***steelej*** responded at 00:45: “I just gotta say that your comments are excellent as well as entertainingly constructed.”


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