Universal Billo: Time Has No Meaning When Your Ego Can Expand To Fill The Entire Space-Time Continuum


Come Write-In, Senator — Feb 2, 2011 — “Groucho? Is that you?” ***undsoweiter*** responded at 10:23: “Say the secret word and win fifty dollars.”

Billo And Colmes Fight About Al Jazeera (VIDEO) — Feb 3, 2011 — “If Billo ever acknowledged corrective behavior was needed as a result of a valid point by any one person or competitive media outlet – I do believe the earth would come to a screeching halt and his second favorite moon would go spinning off into the void.”

Voting Rights Act Questioned By Federal Judge — Feb 3, 2011 — “Hmmm…let’s check that TEAparty track record on correctly identifying tyrants…yep, they’re perfect – haven’t found one yet.” ***theocrat*** responded at 15:32: “They have a lot of imaginary enemies hiding under their beds though.”

Billo And Colmes Fight About Al Jazeera (VIDEO) — Feb 3, 2011 — “The bottom line is paramount at this network. Haven’t you noticed how they keep their profits up by keeping actual newsgathering to a bare minimum?”

Republicans Promise More Health Care Repeal Efforts After Amendment Fails — Feb 3, 2011 — “I think it’s pretty clear they have focused on a goal beyond ‘making Obama lose’.
IMO – they are seeking vindication of their unwavering support of the insupportable during the Bush years. Hope the voters think so, too.”

Billo Doubles Down On God Controlling The Tides: ‘How Did The Moon Get There?’ (VIDEO) Feb 3, 2011 — “Time has no meaning when your ego can expand to fill the entire space-time continuum.”

Matthews On Glenn Beck: ‘Looney Tunes,’ ‘Exploiter Of Fear’ — Feb 3, 2011 — “Did you like that video? Are you hoping most progressives don’t understand ‘geld’ and don’t understand that word implies ‘animal’?”

Health Care Ruling Shows Judicial Activism Is Alive and Well — and Living on the Right — Feb 3, 2011 — “Those are complete sentences. All in all an admirable attempt at a complete thought. There is another sentence I am hoping you can help me with.
This one you posted two days ago on this same thread. The level of intelligence needed to crack this code is truly astounding – or should I say ‘beyond me’.
“If I own my body that no coverage can be required”. Not sure why you chose that for the lead – I’m guessing you already had the hole dug but you forgot to bury it.”

Come Write-In, Senator — Feb 2, 2011 — “Everything the GOTP is doing right now seems to be a cheap substitute for actual leadership – an unheeded call for help, perhaps. It is not likely they will look towards Lisa Murkowski for the lessons they need to re-learn – but examining how she retained her seat could go a long way towards that process.
A moderate winning a campaign during these TEAparty times may be a bitter pill to swallow – lack of preparedness for that eventuality speaks volumes about the dangers of mistaking disingenuousness as a cuddly political asset.
What the GOTP needs to do is acknowledge that corporate boardrooms may have been the breeding ground for introducing cold, calculating themes to the political process – but the Teanaggers have overcompensated for all that and gone too far in the opposite direction. The top-of-the-lungs method rarely works for long.
Here’s how to lead by example: self-imposed ‘Drama Caps’. Enough already with the noisy town hall meetings, funny costumes and even more ‘amusing’ hand-lettered signs with all the lame straw-man bashing. Accept this as gentle reminder that reducing your footprint on the backsides of those that only need a little prodding could go a long way towards getting what you need rather than merely what you want.”

Bill Maher’s New Rule For The People Of Egypt & Tunisia (VIDEO) — Feb 4, 2011 – “Right, because he ‘forgot’ that Man’s Inhumanity To Man is trendy now.”

Yank Him, Obama; Reagan Would Have — Feb 4, 2011 — “Everybody got sick and tired of Ollie ‘I Was Only Following Orders’ North proclaim his everlasting lack of contrition for ‘Iran/Contra’.”

Virginia Thomas’ Anita Hill Call Reportedly Caused Problems With Conservative Donors — Feb 4, 2011 — “Karl Rove has a retired pet FBI agent too. Greg Rampton not only ‘discovered’ a bug in Karl’s office 15 minutes after it had been activated – his daughter’s live-in boyfriend mysteriously turned up dead after she made a complaint about him to authorities.”

Missing Workers: 4.9 Million Out Of Work And Forgotten — Feb 4, 2011 — “There! Now I’m fans of Winnie1 AND naschkatze – think of it as the first step on the road to ironing out your disagreements. You know – ‘do as I say, not do as I do’.”

Glenn Beck Stands By Egypt Caliphate Conspiracy Theory: ‘I’m Not Wrong’ (AUDIO) — Feb 4, 2011 — “You’re right! England and Fox now have something that the more sensible folks need to be worried about – commonality of a most worrisome nature: ’twill not be seen in him there’.”


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