Bachmann ‘The Perfect Candidate’– When Nobody Expects Anything From You; There Is Zero Chance Anybody Will Ever Be Disappointed


Why Americans Are More Religious Than Europeans — Jan 30, 2011 — “Hey, hey!! No cursing allowed on this site.
‘May You Live In Interesting Times’.
Right back at ya, pal.”

Hillary Clinton: Egypt Must Transition To Democracy — Jan 30, 2011 — “Interventionism and authoritarianism are often major causes of conflict in a free and open society. But aren’t these merely symptoms of a disease called ‘exceptionalism’?” ***Dewts*** fails to take exception at 14:29: “that’s a term that has gotten a pretty loose definition lately. its used in both the sense of ‘an exception to the rule’ (which turns into rules don’t apply), or in the sense of ‘unique’. were it the latter exceptionalism would be a great, individualistic thing (expressions of freedom), but in the former sense, yes, it leads to oppressing someone, somewhere inevitably.”

Brokaw Speaks Out On Olbermann Exit — Jan 31, 2011 — “He’s been listening to his old blues 78’s. His old school ways won’t let him understand the role Keith played – the best way he could think to express that must have been “I ain’t got you”.” ***Blaq Ninja*** jumps in at 15:12: “lmao!!! fanned!!”

Americans Protest In Support Of Egypt — Jan 31, 2011 — “From this point onward – wherever life may lead you, whatever transpires – never let anyone look back on this brief moment in time and hold it up as proof positive that your answers to life’s unexpected pseudo-religious metaphors aren’t worth waiting nineteen hours for.”

In Turnabout, Dems Allege GOP Dropped Ball On Jobs — Jan 30, 2011 — “How best to defend the Party of He// No? Revise, Reprise and Revise some more. Everything in the bowl is ‘spin’ whether or not it’s in mid-flush.”

John Thune, Why Senator’s On GOP Short List For 2012 — Jan 30, 2011 at — “Isn’t Kathleen Parker leaving CNN? Last chance to team up ‘SpitThune’.”

In Turnabout, Dems Allege GOP Dropped Ball On Jobs — Jan 31, 2011 — “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Some folks aren’t blessed with the tools needed for divining the truth from pathological liars. Best to check for lip movement if uncertain.”

A New Big Idea: Create Jobs And Reduce Poverty By Doubling The Charitable Deduction — Jan 31, 2011 — “You claim to care about an abatement of social, political and financial damage to this country while consistently misidentifying the culprits. Why do you hate America so much that you retain sympathy only for those who consistently bet on her total destruction?”

RNC Debt At $23 Million As It Gears Up For 2012 — Jan 31, 2011 — “Isn’t there a word for someone who demands that others listen to reason while none is being offered?”

A New Big Idea: Create Jobs And Reduce Poverty By Doubling The Charitable Deduction — Jan 31, 2011 — “I’m guessing you got an ‘A’ in ‘History Revision’ from Beck U. Do they make you pay off your student loans with gold discounted to melt prices?”

New Obstacle For Gays Seeking Asylum In America — Feb 1, 2011 — “Make as many ‘reasoned’ arguments as you like. Beginning any post with the statement ‘My Opinion Is Better Than Fact’ tends to overshadow anything else you say on the thread you wish for others to follow.
Unfair as it sounds – the tendency for skepticism aimed at this belief of superiority of opinion may serve as cause for doubt in other threads you participate in.”

Health Care Ruling Shows Judicial Activism Is Alive and Well — and Living on the Right — Feb 1, 2011 — “People should pray to Fox Sports Midwest? Should the prayer rug be shaped like whimsical sports equipment?”

SDak Lawmakers Propose Individual Mandate To Require Gun Ownership — Feb 1, 2011 — “Ya gotta admire the logic. That’s one enthusiastic YES! vote for ‘Legalize Crime Means Crime-Free Society’.”

Removing a Stain from America’s Honor — Feb 2, 2011 — “Oh, THAT’S right! Nixon and Kissinger and Milton Friedman were too busy having a democratically elected leader killed in Chile and propping up his Rightwing replacement. Too bad Pinochet turned around and bit the hand that fed him when he turned all those momentarily grateful corporate interests over to government control.
That’s the ‘misunderstood’ GOP-style Imperial Presidency hard at work.”

Axelrod Outlines 2012: Where ‘We’re Competitive Again’ — Feb 2, 2011 — “Michelle Bachmann is the ‘perfect’ candidate. When nobody expects anything from you – there is no possibility of anybody being disappointed.”


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