You May Need A ‘Loaves And Fishes’ Miracle — Can’t See Any Other Way For Rationalizing Your Life So Far As ‘A Series Of Proud Moments’


Wisc. Budget Battle Continues — Feb 22, 2011 — “See? If you’d just told all of this last week – you’d have preemptively solved all our problems.
Can we count on you to be our go-to guy for all future loaves and fishes shortages?”

Wisc. Gov. Walker Warns Of ‘Dire Consequences’ If Budget Bill Fails To Pass — Feb 22, 2011 — “The really great part was that he was from the government of California when he told his ‘joke’ about ‘I Am From The Government’.
They were used to the way ‘The Gipper’ liked to ‘crack himself up’ — so they all laughed politely and to this day they tell each other over and over what a great man they all hope he was.
The lesson is – the Right will never change their belief if they think somebody is trying to tell them truth – that everything they ever learned about politics is a lie.”

Wisc. Gov. Walker Warns Of ‘Dire Consequences’ If Budget Bill Fails To Pass — Feb 22, 2011 — “You do realize that making this differentiation between two otherwise indistinguishable bargaining units – well, good luck going up against the Kochs and Ailes and all the others who fear freedom at home and in the workplace.
Because they will steamroll YOU and your family just as soon as look at you. If you get between them and a profit – woe betide those within your circle – you’ve purposefully aided and abetted them – you know the lengths they will go.
This machine has been put in motion – how will you stop it when your turn comes?”

AFL-CIO Polls Show Wisc. Supports Protestors, Opposes Walker — Feb 22, 2011 — “So…William Goldman was thinking of Ayn Rand when he wrote about ‘The Pit Of Despair’?
That explains M-TBaggers as heirs to the meme ‘rodents of unusual size’ and Saint Ronnie ‘led’ us away from the ‘fire swamp’ that is Lebanon.”

Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Movie, First Trailer — Feb 22, 2011 — “Once upon a time – some Rightwinger fronted the cash for an earlier film. That’s two hours I’ll NEVER get back. Getting my refund – one bagger at a time.”

AFL-CIO Polls Show Wisc. Supports Protestors, Opposes Walker — Feb 24, 2011 — “I am sure that in no way makes you a deadbeat or a drag on the ec onomy. Keep buying up all those Franklin Mint pieces!
I’ve heard they’re going to start a new series: ‘Places Donald Rumsfeld Would Never Visit On A Bet’.
Next up: ‘List Of Those Who Need Their Own Personal Substation More Than Robocheney’.”

Greta Van Susteren Joins Board Of Nat’l Civility Inst. Feb 24, 2011 — “’Less informed’ is only a symptom – the malady is treatable but ‘right to individuality’ forbids intervention and treatment – apparently.
Strange how we are led to believe few religions seem to advocate for the individual – all that cherry-picking of the various dogma yields such things – but seeking them out only happens when it has transitioned into a political expedient – sanction allowable and conveniently so – only by the extremist in question.”

AFL-CIO Polls Show Wisconsin Supports Protestors, Opposes Walker — Feb 24, 2011 — “Not surprised you think few of the ‘freaks’ (as YOU put it) are folks who self-identify as something other than ‘liberal’.
One of the well-established political constants in this country is the simple truth that in order to be a ‘Rightie’ – you have to be able to draw on enormous reserves to display unabashedly the ability to ignore the obvious.
Life for y’all would have to be rationalized as ‘a series of proud moments’.”

Schumer, Bloomberg Seek To Bolster Gun Checks — Feb 24, 2011 — “Then by all means you need to record all activities that transpire around you – especially as they pertain directly to your presence – feel free to dress in a politically provocative manner – festooned with all manner of politically incorrect thoughts – misspelled, of course.
The scientific method *unedited* will be the one thing all the O’Keeffe’s and Breitbart’s have eschewed so far. Your unique ability to keep the world informed about the uninformed will become an invaluable resource for ‘All Things Right’. Your motivations and sanity will never be questioned or fall under unwelcome scrutiny ever again.
‘Victory!’ will become your watchword and your goal. All Hail Glenn The Great!”

Jon Stewart Rips Wisc. Gov. Walker Over Prank Call — Feb 24, 2011 — “So…you just called an idea originated by a jokester as a ‘joke’ – what you really mean is that his humor has become ‘way too edgy’?
Maybe the only way to ‘lead the pack’ is to get out ‘beyond the curve’?”

Allen West To Muslim Questioner: ‘Don’t Try To Blow Sunshine Up My Butt’ — Feb 24, 2011 — “Pretty sure the number one problem we face as a country today is the deliberate action against the truth by the willfully ignorant – for they would impose such things on us without impunity – all the while suggesting someone else is violating their freedoms.
Sound familiar? How many fingers am I holding up?”


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