“She Sounds Smart — She Just Blew Her Chances With Newt And That’s Not At All A Bad Thing”


Obama Addresses Japan Tsunami, Rising Oil & Gas Prices — Mar 11, 2011 — “So it’s okay if we think of someone as an ‘equal opportunity annoyer’?”

Mike Huckabee’s Week Of Gaffes — A Stumble Or A Ploy? — Mar 11, 2011 — “You can’t fool ME. His campaign motto is well known – ‘Huck ON – Huck OFF’.”

WI Unions To Mount Counterattack In 2012 — Mar 11, 2011 — “YOU can actually READ Thomas Sowell? You must know where to get those cognitive dissonance filters wholesale.
I’ll wait while you remove yourself from the massive tonnage of your favorite apparatus. Let me know when I can formally welcome you back to reality.”

Labor Vows To Up Recall Against WI-GOP, Challenge Anti-Union Bill In Court — Mar 11, 2011 — “Imposing ignorance upon those we would rely on for our geriatric care is even worse than those implications – it is a death sentence for our most favored position in a competitive global economy.
Foreign incursion enabled by the Right – whoda thunk it?

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Brutal Parody Of Gingrich’s Affair-Apology Interview — Mar 11, 2011 — “’Killing With Kindness’ is a very old and revered tradition in the annals of public discourse.
Socrates and his ‘hemlock moment’ is no longer favored rejoinder – except of course by the far Right.”

Howard Fineman Discusses Wisconsin Anti-Union Bill Passage With Lawrence O’Donnell’ — Mar 11, 2011 — “The only ‘paradox’ about it is how they’ve named their ‘stompin’ boots’.”

Tsunami Relief And Preparedness Cut In GOP Budget Proposal: NWS — Mar 11, 2011 — “It’s worse than that, even – they exist oh-so-blissfully ignorant in a heavily edited version of the past – calling it ‘creative’ may be a bit of a stretch.
These self-appointed ‘prophets’ have no fear of the ‘doomed to repeat it’ admonitions – however benevolently offered.
There is no fear of speaking of these ideas too much – they are also above self-critical thinking.”

FL, ID Push For Merit Pay, Set National Precedent For Teacher Contracts? — Mar 11, 2011 — “All should realize the value of teachers as ‘front line troops’ in the war on ignorance.
On behalf of those who don’t favor the latter – thank you for your service.” ***MomfromTexas*** at 20:16: “Great response!”

Walker Signs WI Bill Into Law — Mar 11, 2011 — “Those who have lost all hope for themselves have little left to offer. Their invisible friends tell them all hope lies in the next life.
Or is it ‘Next To Hope Are All Lies In Life’?
Internalize Eternity!”

Palin: ‘Game Change’ Makes Me ‘Grit My Teeth And Bear’ It — Mar 11, 2011 — “He just goes out to his ‘man cave’ and tunes up the snow machine – tinnitus as an alternative to ‘white noise’? Stranger things have crappened.”

Health Care Benefit Cuts Mapped Out By House GOP — Mar 11, 2011 — “Toast? Pats of butter for ‘taps of nutters’?”

Davis Pollster Bullish On Wisconsin Recall Elections — Mar 11, 2011 — “You’ve been puffin on so much Koch – nobody but your mommy thinks that’s donut glaze on your face.”

WI Bill Passes State Assy — Mar 11, 2011 — “What is your source? Aren’t you allowed to share even ONE page from the TeaPubliKlan Playbook?”

Japan 2011: 8.9 Magnitude Quake Hits, Tsunami Triggered — Mar 12, 2011 — “If Palin never found a way to relax and have a good time in Hawaii – the lives of most Americans remains a mystery. No wonder she finds comfort in her own paw.”

More Than $3 Million Spent In Three Weeks On Wisconsin-Related Ads — Mar 11, 2011 — “She sounds smart – she just blew her chances with Newt and that’s not at all a bad thing.”

Japan Earthquake 2011: Battered Country Faces Threat Of Meltdown — Mar 12, 2011 — “Can you open a beer from across the room?” (Strange how often that happens. I am loathe to knowingly turn my back on one.)


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