‘Scaley’ Charms Mississippians Yet Again: ‘Guess What? We Get To Be “Outstanding” In How We Measure Up Against The World Again!’


Barbour’s K Street Days Complicate His Dig Against Obama’s Energy Policy — Mar 8, 2011 — “How does ‘Scaley Charmer’ justify ‘Life In The Basement’ to the average Mississippi voter?
“Guess WHAT everybody? We get to be more outstanding than anybody else in the country again!””

Gingrich Hopes: Libya No-Fly Zone ‘This Evening’ — Mar 8, 2011 — “Are we going to add ‘Koch’ to our list of ‘discerning tastes’? Highly unlikely.”

Lady Gaga Ends Target Partnership, Reportedly Over LGBT Stance — Mar 8, 2011 — “I’ve never found Target to be a pleasant shopping experience. Wasn’t the name originally ‘Box Canyon Boutique’? Seems more descriptive, IMO.”

David Broder Dead: WaPo Columnist Dies At 81 — Mar 9, 2011 — “If by that phrase you mean he ‘tried to help the “middle” ENJOY the taste of b*llsh*t – then you’ve NAILED IT.”

Wisc Protesters Break Up GOP Rep’s Town Hall Meeting In Gov’s Hometown — Mar 9, 2011 — “A filthy planet filled with sickly indentured servants and serfs. What a proud legacy.”

Maddow Goes After FoxPuppet Kelly Over Tweet — Mar 9, 2011 — “Aren’t you concerned that the ‘news’ part of your comment immediately calls into question the ‘girl’ part of your comment?
Though I will admit – those ‘newly minted’ Thai flight attendants may be marvels of medical engineering as well.”

GOP ‘Exploratory 2012’ Candidates Palin, Huckabee Urge U.S. Into Libya — Mar 9, 2011 — “Willful ignorance helps THIS attitude make sense: ‘We will champion your right to “individuality” but only up to the point where it interferes with our vision of what a moral society should be.'”

IN State Bill Would Force Doctors To Tell Women Lie — Abortions Lead To Breast Cancer — Mar 9, 2011 — “They’re trying to stay busy – Jesus is coming and they’re hoping this is how they keep him from identifying too closely with the poor this time around.”

Senate Dems Consider Health Care Fix — Mar 9, 2011 — “Excuse me, sir or madam – have you noticed that some folks who talk like you do and vote like you do also believe their ‘savior’ is returning to his ‘kingdom’?
You’ve made your fondest wishes and most closely held beliefs clear. If Jesus really DOES show up – which group would he single out as the modern Romans?
Tie goes to ‘runner-of-the-mouth’?”

The Case For NPR Giving Up Federal Funding — Mar 9, 2011 — “You make a grand pretense of engaging with those whose opinions differ from your own – then you insult them shamelessly with a link to Bozell?
No wonder you don’t hang out on HuffPo much – they don’t let the trogs get away with that kind of nonsense.
Please attempt humanity again soon – there’s always hope while there’s a pulse!”

Wisc State Senate GOP Took Hundreds Of Thousands In Gov’t Farm Subsidies — Mar 9, 2011 — “One of at least TWO ‘oral traditions’ their chosen representatives are allowed to believe in.”

Muslim Americans Denounce Peter King’s ‘Demonization’ Of Islamic Community — Mar 9, 2011 — “Don’t know where you got ‘learned’ – you should demand a refund or ask your kids about how stuff works. http://history.howstuffworks.com/european-history/spanish-inquisition.htm

NH May Seek Birth Records From Pres. Filers — Mar 8, 2011 — “You’re right – this is another ‘false flag’ operation the GOTP have NEVER succeeded at – it’s all about noise and confusion. More appropriate for clearing those ‘d@rkies’ out of the ‘nineteenth hole’.”

Peter King Defends Past Support For IRA, Islamic Radicalism Hearings — Mar 9, 2011 — “Maybe that’s his plan. How many GOTP take their talking points from FoxPuppets (ALL of them you say?) One of THEIR bosses just so happens to be a Saudi prince.
You say it’s none of my ‘Wahab-beeswax’?”

Walker Email Release: WI-Gov Accused Of ‘Selectively’ Leaking Emails To Make Him Seem Moderate — Mar 9, 2011 — “Please – he’s bought and sold his state down the river – he presumably knows enough to schedule plenty meetings to show he ‘thought long and hard’ (Koched-Up) first.”


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