Reacharounds, Baconnaise And The Taint Of Fried Squirrel — Must Be “The Southern Cyclopean Ideal” Meets “Prancing With The B’ars”


TripAdvisor Survey Ranks Europeans On Their Vacation Habits — Mar 5, 2011 — “Doesn’t ‘Bummer/HummmerOnline’ offer Baconnaise as ‘Limbaugh Lube’?” ***justanotherbushhater*** responded at 18:52: “OMG LOL!”

DeMint Throws New Wrench Into Legislative Process — Mar 5, 2011 — “Between your highlighting ideas about his ‘base’ and the obvious passive-aggressive nature practiced by the Southern Exalted Cyclopean ideal – the case could easily be made that we have found the christian equivalent of ‘Al Qaeda In America’.
Methinks this ideological variant has all the potential for exceeding the ‘personal best’ of the aforementioned.” (Allowing the extreme Right to showcase their fondest hopes and dreams for a feudal America hurts the Democratic Party how?

NPR, PBS Put Millions Into Investigative Reporting — Mar 5, 2011 — “See – every time I see those kinda ideas posted – I can’t help but think that true libertarians and ‘free marketeers’ should be out fighting each other in the street – they hope we don’t notice they are practiced liars ALL and stingy phuggers to boot.”

TX Abortion Bill Would Require Sonogram Before Procedure To Become Law? — Mar 5, 2011 — “Could be folks question due to your choice of handle – inspired by colorful futility and human frailty expressed in Greek mythology — speaks of subtle solicitude with a certain House manager who chains himself to a bottle each night — in hopes his liver and complexion grow back by morning.”

Rosling, Zakaria On CNN About How World Catching Up To U.S. (VIDEO) — Mar 5, 2011 — “Wrong? Absolutely. Paid obfuscator? Not a liability when contract negotiations roll around again is almost a sure bet.”

Maddow Extremely Weirded Out By George Will Column On Huckabee Mar 5, 2011 — “Truthfully – his face was too goofy to be taken seriously as a full-time preacher. Rightwing politics became a ‘lateral’ move – can’t sink any lower than that.”

Why Huckabee Dissed Portman — Mar 5, 2011 — “Socially ostracized at a tender age by the taint of fried squirrel.”

Public Sector Continues Jobs Report — Mar 5, 2011 — “You have shared some very colorful imagery – your imagination of events and motivations of people you’ve never met are quite fantastic.
The truth – as they say ‘will OUT’ – you’ve subconsciously projected your annoyance that Kochs never do well in throngs.”

Hillary Clinton’s Al Jazeera Comments Draw Attention Of U.S. Media — Mar 5, 2011 — “You learn something new everyday. After all the Republican sex scandals – I thought their audience was old white guys who can’t get it up without a ‘reacharound’.”

Bradley Manning Held, Left Naked for 7 Hours — Mar 5, 2011 — “So you’re saying he is a libertarian? Won’t that get you in trouble over at the ‘Hive’?”

Local Poll: Wisconsin Wants Compromise — Mar 6, 2011 — “Dang! That can’t be fair P.S.? Who made copies of the U.S. Constitution so cheap even POOR folks can afford one?
Oh, yeah. Must be a union ‘print shop conspiracy’.”

Local Poll: Wisconsin Wants Compromise — Mar 6, 2011 — “I see you finally got the ‘refudiation’ refudiation memo.” (If you ever doubted the ability of a stale old load to arise anew from the ashes – there’s the proof.)

Palin: Obama ‘Inexperienced’ In Private Sector & Gov’t — Mar 6, 2011 — “She couldn’t keep a lid on her underlings when she was in office – why would she set a different standard for spew from her own mouth?”

Local Poll: Wisconsin Wants Compromise — Mar 6, 2011 — “Tom DeLay can help out on ‘Prancing With The Bars’.”

Michael Moore Joins Wisc Pro-Union Protesters — Mar 7, 2011 — “Really? A quick review of all your posts shows your response to most folks lack coherence to any common theme other than attack. Most trogs on this website deflect, demonize, deny, and claim superior knowledge – even as the truth gets up their nostrils. You bear a stronger resemblance to a mere mortal suffering from delirium than some god-like being standing firm against ‘reconnaissance-in-force’. No plan of attack that lacks finesse or guile speaks well of those caught in pretentious ramblings.
Not to worry – a little more fat-fingering may the only thing needed to patch up some of the lamest arguments seen around these parts in many a year. Don’t fret – the ‘liberals’ for which you express boundless loathing may be – at long last – the closest thing to a friend you’ve got. Fear and loathing comes full circle. All you seek to oppose turn away while shaking their heads – nobody within earshot of the final shriek of the fascist ever wishes to become – whatever the heck that thing was or even imagined it was.”


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