Pretty sure a little extra detail would only clear things up — heaven forfend we should ever learn where YOU stand …


Huckabee: Obama Grew Up In Kenya — Mar 1, 2011 — “He’s always prepared – he carries the BIG bible with the folding legs.”

Big Retail Companies Require Job Applicants To Disclose Their Age — Mar 1, 2011 — “True story. I used to know a guy wanted to work for the largest employer in the area. Great pay & benefits. Applied several times.
They finally hired him when he lied about knowledge of a manufacturing process he’d never been trained to do. They hired him on the spot!
Fortunately – not to do the job he only claimed knowledge of. Others confirmed this employer prefers to hire people they can fire at the drop of a hat – little or no resistance from the union that way.
Sad, if true. Naturally – all will deny this ever happens these days.”

Huckabee: Obama Grew Up In Kenya — Mar 1, 2011 — “So…you’re saying insincerity from a politician is okay when pandering is…justified?
Pretty sure a little more detail will clear things up. Heaven forbid we should ever learn where YOU stand.”

Jon Stewart Critiques Wisconsin’s ‘Class Warfare’ — Mar 1, 2011 — “It’s cool! I already fanned that poster – and on another thread I offered as close to a warm and friendly hug as I ever get.
I love my extended family! Okay – certain unnamed two-legged critters – not so much.
I often remind others the media they choose impairs their ability to be honest – they’re not lying to me – they’re lying to themselves.”

Boehner: Unions Have A ‘Machine Gun’ Pointed At ‘The Heads Of Local Officials’ — Mar 1, 2011 — “THAT doesn’t sound like a benefit to the public. Thank bog the corporations are looking out for us. Puppies get to test all our drugs and household chemicals before old folks are pumped full of the former and exposed to the latter.” ***Decipherer*** responded at 21:50: “Bog is good!”

Bristol Palin Book Deal Materializes To Publish ‘Not Afraid Of Life’ — Mar 1, 2011 — “’Truth In Advertising’ (lamentably) doesn’t apply – and attempting it could backfire and get more books sold.
Nevertheless – in my mind I’m re-branding it “Not Afraid Of Lies”.” (I didn’t realize book-burning was considered a competitive sport. Do they each get their own cross to pile them around?)

Wisc Gov Walker Unveils Full Budget With Deep Cuts — Mar 1, 2011 — “Kochs waving a sheepskin? Maybe Walker will settle for a ‘phd’ from that ‘law’ college Monica Goodling shamelessly matriculated.” (I’ve always suspected their “secret roadmap” swaps the POV – and they’re “looking down on us”)

‘Forty-Nine’ To Angle: Reid ‘Public Enemy Number One’ — Mar 2, 2011 — “How ’bout let’s try: “That’s nice, Sharron dear – let’s give the ‘chicken-lady’ another chance to speak”.” (Will you just as conveniently forget to tell them “Erections Have Consequences”?)

Boehner: Unions Have A ‘Machine Gun’ Pointed At ‘The Heads Of Local Officials’ — Mar 2, 2011 — “Interesting. The meaning BEHIND ‘the meaning’ seems to be ‘Hopefully Deflections Have No Consequences’.
The internet is a giant virtual cavalcade of people engaged in conversation – most real, some imagined. Here’s hoping only a tiny fraction of interaction is someone lying to someone else.
Then there’s the saddest exchange of all – those who subconsciously hope others recognize the plaintive cry – the biggest lies they reserve for themselves.
Recognition has occurred – call to action? Time will tell.”

John King Points Out How Many Potential GOP 2012 Candidates Work For Fox News — Mar 2, 2011 — “Yes! I’m always ‘up’ for an a event where the goal is to get as many shoes over ‘home plate’ as possible.
Thank you for pointing out that this SCOTUS bears little resemblance to a ‘strike zone’ – unless you define that phrase as ‘a place where bats thrive’.”

Democrats Become Relevant Again (Rescue the Nation While They’re At It?) — Mar 2, 2011 — “Not so much. The Right fears the free flow of information – no amount of fossil-fuel cash can fight true empowerment.
Now is the time to fully fund PBS – the ‘conjoined-twins’ of entertainment and news can finally be separated – to the benefit of all.”

Fox ‘News’ Suspends Contracts Of Gingrich And Santorum — Mar 2, 2011 — “I’m guessing some sort of impairment enabled or exacerbated by reliance on FoxPuppets obligingly reading between the lines for a rapt audience.
Try to answer the lamest ‘chicken or egg’ question — which came first – willful ignorance or the desire to unlearn?”

George Will Is Confused By The Concept Of Trains — Mar 2, 2011 — “Cons don’t want to pay for mass transit – that much we know. Problem is – when transit authorities curtail or end funding for carpools and van pools as well – people will form their own out of necessity.
How will the Right deal with this ‘new’ level of subversive ‘Marxism’? Truthfully – I’m tired of listening to the Cons telling me about all the horrific ways I’m picking their pocket.”


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