Perry’s Texas-Sized Geography Gaffe: ‘Just How Big Is That Texas Border? Got Beef With Chinese Tongs Now?’


Libya Protests: Food Prices Spiral In Tripoli Amid Crackdown — Feb 28, 2011 — “So the question for the day COULD be: ‘Which is worse – weakness or perception of weakness’? No, that’s not fair – we already know the answer to that. In this country we experienced an Executive Cabal – placed in charge by themselves due to the weakness of their soxpuppet.
Middle East problem? NO problem – quick insertion of troops followed by quick withdrawal – mostly in body bags. The Reagan legacy in a nutshell. Why? This action only served to embolden the terrorists overseas – all because the foreign policy focus misapprehended that the Russians were the key in some updated ‘domino theory’.
Nevertheless – the Right learned their lesson – much easier to demonize at home and seize upon some think-tank lie that the working class has all the potential of domestic terrorism. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.
Which way will our working class military turn when leadership asks them to make the ultimate sacrifice as well? Wisconsin could be a neatly packaged test.
Let’s tentatively name it ‘Rummy Koch With A Chaser’.”

Orrin Hatch: Health Care Law A ‘Dumb-Ass Program’ — Feb 28, 2011 — “Isn’t he worried about leaving stains on magic underwear with that mouth?”

Cantor Dismisses Report That GOP Plan Causes Job Loss — Feb 28, 2011 — “Hate to break the news – responding to certain ‘posters’ is like trying to educate a robo-call.” ***tnnishi5*** at 19:07: “Actually, you’re not breaking any news. It’s just sometimes I feel compelled to say something.”

Danish Family’s Sailboat Hijacked In Indian Ocean — Feb 28, 2011 — “If these folks continue to reject outside help as interference with their chosen alternative to ‘nation building’…well, this is all starting to sound too creepy and familiar.
Which by no means suggests giving up trying to help the willfully ignorant – putting Murdoch in charge would be too much like forcing them from the ‘frying pan to the fire’.
But if he volunteers to go – I won’t stop him.”

Ex-Bush.corp Ray Orbach: Cutting Science Puts U.S. At ‘Distinct Disadvantage’ — Feb 28, 2011 — “Here’s an idea!! Let’s do what you said – the ensuing brain drain guarantees the fast track to feudalism – might as well use the Constitution for charcoal starter.
On the plus side – all those expensive American universities can save a lot of money updating their libraries with pop-up books!
Whatever you do – don’t go out immediately and watch ‘Idiocracy’ – you might think the only drawback is that all the churches disappear too.” ***Oceras***at 00:01: “Love it!”

Wisc GOP Leader Targets Dem Senate Staffers’ Access To Copy Machines — Feb 28, 2011 — “Scary if true. Is he wearing jack boots and jodhpurs?
Will we have to photoshop lacquered sunglasses and a corncob – or has obligingly completed the resemblance to MacArthur and signaled his like-minded willingness to fire on Americans? ***z truth*** at 19:03: “thanks for the reminder
yeah that’s unbelievable”

AZ Sets Stage For Another Legal Showdown Over Immigration — Feb 28, 2011 — “Here’s an interesting point. Several years ago – an east coast tribe was putting out a call for anyone who might think they were descended from tribal members.
The offer included a free house on the rez and a piece of the action from their brand-new casino. All they were looking for was a plurality for tribal elections.
The point being – if it only takes ‘a drop of native blood’ to become a tribal member – how closely related to existing tribes inside these borders are many of these folks trying to cross that border?
What a painful experience all this ‘thinking outside the box’ can be – I’m going down to the casino for a while – I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

Rick Perry Makes Texas-Sized Geography Gaffe — Feb 28, 2011 — “I’m starting to worry about how big that Texas border is – they’ve got beef with Chinese tongs now.”

Cantor Dismisses Report That GOP Plan Causes Job Loss — Feb 28, 2011 — “They think ‘Job Creator’ has power over life and death as well. No wonder they’re afraid of that power.
Accountability really sux when you’re terminally Right.”

Walker’s Budget Includes Major Cuts To Schools, Local Gov’ts — Feb 28, 2011 — “The folks you speak of sound more like Wallstreeters than rank-and-file union members. When was the last time you tried negotiating with a too-big-to-fail bank?
“The best thieves steal in a way where the victim doesn’t know he’s been robbed” sounds more like a brokerage house derivative scam than a public union that YOU claim has no accountability. Keep calling taxpayers thieves and Billo might have to take you out to the woodshed. Not that I think he does that kind of thing recreationally (roll eyes)” ***CrazyThisIs*** at 01:32: “Oh, so faved!”


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