On The Outside Looking In: ‘It Has Been Brought To My Attention The Primary Cause For Divorce Is Marriage. True Story. Look It Up.’


Jon Stewart Rips Wisc. Gov. Walker Over Prank Call — Feb 24, 2011 — “’You Say Tomato’. I say I’ve been accused of ‘a rapier-like wit’ even though most (including you) insist on using less complimentary language to describe what actually occurred. So be it.
Some insist the moderate viewpoint (whatever THAT is) is fast becoming old-fashioned. Some suggest such a position deployed in political discourse is unrealistic, a luxury or increasingly untenable.
Loss of perspective may be the cause in part – the extreme left has used tactics beyond respectful discourse – civil disobedience given way to things like ‘eco-terrorism’.
Problem is – the Right has personified the preemptive attack – they know they have been blamed for the economy – and they know why. Rather than prove anybody wrong or even ‘rise above it all’ and set a good example – they have chosen the juvenile ‘take my ball and go home’ – always a crowd-pleaser – if you like that kinda ‘crowd’.
Centering oneself politically may not be equated fairly with ‘enabling’ – but you seem to be implying ‘cooler heads’ will show the way out of this mess – please insert more substantive means >here<
At what point do you intend to provide empirical evidence that ‘pointing fingers’ is never part of the moderate message?
Consider that your cue – reasoned response indeed.”

Glenn Beck Apologizes For Reform Judaism Comments: ‘I Didn’t Do Enough Homework’ — Feb 24, 2011 — “Are you leading up to a new variation on the ‘Doctor Slapped His Mother Instead’ jokes?
If so, I agree; Glenn seems to be the willing archetype that makes sure those never get old.”

Bill Nye Blasts US For Resisting High-Speed Rail — Feb 24, 2011 — “You’re correct, sir. Schwarzenegger represents the potential of an extremist’s worst ‘nachtmare’ – a ‘bridge builder’ that knocks bridgedwellers cheneys in the dirt.” ***CAK*** responds at 10:25: “Mommy, the bad guy is back — help!”

The Challenge Of Polling Labor Rights — Feb 25, 2011 — “’No Republicans are proud defenders of the Republic against all enemies…’
Many times have these words escaped my lips as well…glad you’ve finally regained your senses.”

MD State Senate Approves Gay Marriage Rights — Feb 25, 2011 — “Please understand my perspective is completely outside this argument – it has been brought to my attention that the primary cause for divorce is marriage. True story. Look it up.
All things being equal – why do you insist on arguing against the right of homosexuals to become every bit as miserable as heterosexuals often do?
My guess is that those who re-engineer the truth often start to believe that same spin – they forgot to remind themselves which one is the truth and which is the lie.” ***HoosierInMaryland*** (NOT the O.P.) responds at 18:21: “Maybe because without ‘marriage’, the GLBT community is prohibited from many of the more than 1000 Federal rights conveyed with marriage, and the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of rights in the individual states on top of the Federal rights we are denied.
Non-monetary rights, such as being able to live in any abode we wish to live, without being denied for the SOLE reason we are members of the GLBT community.
The right to sign the documentation when a loved one dies, instead of dragging a woman in her 80s across 1000 miles to sign the paperwork, just because she’s the deceased person’s mother.
The right to sponsor a loved one for immigration purposes.
The right to NOT be fired from a job for the sole reason that a person is a member of the GLBT community.
All of the above are examples of how the GLBT community is discriminated against, and show how it is not all economical reasons we are requesting (politely) that we receive equal rights.
And if marriage is just so horrible, why do millions of ‘straight’ couples get married each and every year? Not all of them do it for the financial reasons, either.”

On Wisconsin!: The Mediagasm — Feb 25, 2011 — “I hear you. Folks who don’t fully understand their rights will also never understand why ‘more is better’.
Unless they give them all away – but by then it’s too late.”

The Nationwide Effort To Restrict Reproductive Rights Feb 26, 2011 — “’The government’ doesn’t come into it. Reproductive Rights are protected under the Right To Privacy. The only role the government plays at that point is punitive – against those who might presume to abrogate those rights. Got it?”

Dem Gov To Walker: ‘You Are Cutting Your Own Throat’ — Feb 26, 2011 — “So you’re saying the teacher takes a hit? Here’s and idea – let’s pay them babysitter rates! The girl down the street gets paid, what? Let’s say $3/hour.
If you paid her for a school day – $19.50. Now let’s say she has 30 children to keep track of: $585.00/day.
Total that all up to match the number of days in a school year – she grosses $105,300/year.
Yeah, that’s not fair – teachers are held to a much higher standard than babysitters. Please tell us exactly how much it’s worth to you.
Go ahead – don’t be shy.”


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