‘Chillbilly’ Caribou Barbie Photoshopped? ‘Hot Steaming Lamia’ Will Knock That Koch In The Dirt


Kathy Griffin: ‘Glee’ Guest Star As Palin-Inspired Character? — Feb 26, 2011 — “Kathy Griffin is a great choice! She’s spent so much time around drag queens – this character will be a cinch!”

Wisc Protests Led By Group Of Volunteers — Feb 26, 2011 — “Trolls always thinking of their favorite photo-shopped-Sarah site ‘Hot Steaming Lamia’.”

Could A Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming? — Feb 26, 2011 — “Exactly the type of comment many of us have come to expect from someone who self-identifies as ‘Denier’.
What a sad life when the only validation is based in denial.”

FOK News Channel, Olbermann Website, Launches — Feb 26, 2011 — “Yeah – nothing like all those professional spammers and their vast pools of Koch trickle.” (Doing their part enabling those looking to knock some Koch in the dirt)

Wolfowitz Hits Obama On Libya, Blames Pan Am Families For Bush Policy Toward Gaddafi — Feb 27, 2011 “All he has to do is transfer enough of his Dubai gold stash to Eric Prince – he gets to fight as much as he is willing to pay for!!
Wolfowitz creates conflict tailored to fit the bill for the highest bidder – nothing but an effete enabler of the corporate need to profit from pointless strife and death.” ***realpolitic*** at 23:31: “Wolfowitz was likely hoping a few Americans would get killed in Libya in the crossfire so we could go to war — it’s too bad he and Eric Prince are not in jail.”

Wisc Protesters Resist Police Order To Leave Capitol — Feb 28, 2011 — “’SouthEndNorthBoundGuyWI’!! My goodness, you’re up late annoying my ‘peeps’!!
Didn’t Walker give you a request for a Koch needs ‘polished’ first thing in the morning?!”

Clarence Thomas Defends Wife Virginia Against Criticism Of Tea Party Activism — Feb 28, 2011 — “No!! It was GREAT!! As in ‘Are You A Man Or Anonymouse?” Is it okay if I use it?” ***doneflyin*** responded at 09:48: “Sure! When you use it that way, it’s funny.” ***vonBeavis*** replied at 03:15: “Anonymouse is a long-time poster at News Hounds–they watch Fox so you don’t have to.”

Wisc Protesters Resist Police Order To Leave Capitol — Feb 28, 2011 — “Have you heard about someone re-writing Grant’s memoirs? Reagan’s are being revised continuously, furiously and it’s all coming from the Right.
These folks are their own worst enemies – too many believe the lies they signed off on.”

‘The Genesis Code’ Draws A (Political) Crowd — Feb 28, 2011 — “Did Jehovalah tell the GOTP to gamble their entire political legacy on Koch and Boehner?”

Wisc Protesters Resist Police Order To Leave Capitol — Feb 28, 2011 — “You’re absolutely right! The Koch slate of subsidiaries is long overdue for collective bargaining!!
Let the fairness ensue where compensation is imbalanced the most!!”

Libya Protests: Food Prices Spiral In Tripoli Amid Crackdown — Feb 28, 2011 — “So the question for the day COULD be: ‘Which is worse – weakness or perception of weakness’? No, that’s not fair – we already know the answer to that. In this country we experienced an Executive Cabal – placed in charge by themselves due to the weakness of their soxpuppet.
Middle East problem? NO problem – quick insertion of troops followed by quick withdrawal – mostly in body bags. The Reagan legacy in a nutshell. Why? This action only served to embolden the terrorists overseas – all because the foreign policy focus misapprehended that the Russians were the key in some updated ‘domino theory’.
Nevertheless – the Right learned their lesson – much easier to demonize at home and seize upon some think-tank lie that the working class has all the potential of domestic terrorism. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.
Which way will our working class military turn when leadership asks them to make the ultimate sacrifice as well? Wisconsin could be a neatly packaged test.
Let’s tentatively name it ‘Rummy Koch With A Chaser’.”

Laid Off And Left Out In Wisconsin — Feb 28, 2011 — “Denial of ignorance of the rules is laughable. If the tables were turned – as they indeed have and will again somewhere – the Right will scream like stuck pigs.
Then again – they scream like stuck pigs at the political equivalent of a hangnail…!”

Libya Protests: Food Prices Spiral In Tripoli Amid Crackdown — Feb 28, 2011 — “Well! If you’re in a mood to pass out compliments – the line forms behind ME!!”

Laid Off And Left Out In Wisconsin — Feb 28, 2011 — “Expression of Rightwing Social Darwinism at it’s ‘finest’. Your mommy and daddy must truly be proud – and more than a little bit worried if they still possess even a tiny shred of sense.”


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