If By ‘Leader’ You Mean ‘Important Element For Fishing Lures’ — Then ‘Yes; Sarah Palin Knows Where It Goes’


Why Employee Pensions Aren’t Bankrupting States — Mar 7, 2011 — “Good response. Here I was thinking about all the ‘individualism’ and ‘diversity’ over at FoxPuppet Central.”

Palin ‘Not Afraid’ Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide — Mar 7, 2011 — “Since the power behind the various ‘political entertainers’ is, in fact their core audiences – Jon Stewart has offered to take his chances with a hostile audience – therefore Glenn and Sarah have both ceded the ‘high ground’ to the guy all three of you love to hate.
I’m going to leave that right there and let all the implications sink in.”

NPR President Plea: No Cuts To Federal Funds — Mar 7, 2011 — “You’ve introduced a brand new idea to the mix. Dubya could’ve fully funded NPR and PBS but chose to bail out Wallstreet bankers instead?
Shocking if true. I’m placing YOUR name in contention for Secretary of Enlightenment Czar-Minister.”

Palin ‘Not Afraid’ Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide — Mar 7, 2011 — “THAT and the fact that the Right wants to protect their vested interests by underscoring the idea that ‘contracts are unbreakable’ which itself reinforces another big lie – that contracts are ONLY – forever and in all ways ‘negotiated in good faith’.
This is how they make borrowers the bad guy – NEVER their friends the lenders – broken government can only be blamed on people who least resemble themselves.”

Palin’s Father: ‘We Sleep With Guns’ — Mar 7, 2011 — “Chill-Billies and their shootin’ irons. ‘Bubblin’ Crude’ Country indeed.”

Hollywood Turned On Obama? — Mar 7, 2011 — “Your best advice is ‘move to a Right-To-Work’ state?
Do you ever share any good ideas – or whatever plops out of the fascist echo chamber will suffice?

Palin ‘Not Afraid’ Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide — Mar 7, 2011 — “My first reaction to that statement was ‘Fox management has no choice now but to make this happen’. I wonder if Sarah and Glenn can learn how do it live? Maybe Billo can give advice?”

Lillian McEwen: Clarence Thomas Was ‘Easily Aroused’ — Mar 7, 2011 — “Because she agrees with his politics? Anita Hill has also been described as Republican – she came forward because she thought that Supreme Court nominees should be held to a higher standard and that those who would confirm needed reminding of that standard.”

A Reasonable Argument for God’s Existence — Mar 7, 2011 — “Thank you for reintroducing this ‘god of the gaps’ idea. First time I heard it – couldn’t get the ‘marketing campaign’ out of my head; ‘The lord thy god is a vengeful mallwalker’…!”

IA Faith & Freedom Forum Mulling Extra ‘F’ When 5 GOP Presidential Bids To Stage — Mar 8, 2011 — “These geriatric ‘glamfests’ showcase the only known instance of Rightwingers volunteering to wait in line for recycling and composting.”

Alan Simpson Invokes ‘Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg’ In Scolding Fears Of Cuts To Soc Sec — Mar 8, 2011 — “There’s a tradeoff. They need to agree to keep their dentures cleaner and thus avoid talk of the existence of ‘breath panels’.
Dang. Now we’re gonna have to draw up a list to make everybody happy.”

Palin: Africa Is A Continent, Rumors I Don’t Know That Are ‘Lies’ — Mar 8, 2011 at 01:40:30 — “If by ‘leader’ you mean ‘important element for fishing lures’ – then yes, she knows where it goes.”

Barbour’s K Street Days Complicate His Dig Against Obama’s Energy Policy — Mar 8, 2011 — “Interesting vote of ‘confidence’ – has this been covered on ‘Haley’sVomit.com’?”

Wisc State Senate GOP Took Hundreds Of Thousands In Gov’t Farm Subsidies — Mar 8, 2011 — “Much of the ‘entertainment’ value on the threads remains – don’t vote with your feet quite yet – you might miss something really fun.” ***DreamWeaver2nd*** at 18:21:  — “Good comment. And a warning …
Yes, we may be lulled into thinking we’re doing something on these “info-tainment” threads while our democratic republic burns.”


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