Here Comes Koch: Hopefully, Most Wisconsin Taxpayers Realize Who Asked Them To Grab Their Ankles; And WHY


Madison Protests: Tens Of Thousands Turn Out Against Anti-Union Proposal — Feb 19, 2011 — “A quick poll of ‘represented’ prison employees in Wisconsin show NO raise in FIVE years.
Should we assume you’ve heard about some hidden ‘negotiation fee’ split between politicians and union reps? Do you believe such things are common knowledge? Beck U?
Do you have any conspiracy theories you’d like to share? It seems obvious that’s the only way you know how to roll. Revise much?
Your mention of ACORN shows mental skidmarks from the cleft your head has been stuffed into. ‘Mathiness’ is clearly not your forté. Do your posts ever present a perspective with any amount of merit?”

Retiring Baby Boomers’ 401(k) Plans Come Up Short — Feb 19, 2011 — “The Right won’t be satisfied until the streets are filled up – or dare I say ‘choked’ with foreign documentary crews recording day-today events in downtown Calcutta, Georgia – any and all fresh new object lessons for all the folks back home.”

Obama’s Big Budget Cut Proposals Wide Of Target — Feb 19, 2011 — “True Christians are nowhere near as confrontational as Revisionist Christians – let’s agree to call this phenomenon ‘porchiness’.”

Protests Continue Saturday, Huge Rally Expected — Feb 19, 2011 — “Can’t buy an American car. Even the car I’ve been driving lately – ‘Built With Pride In Chicago’ was ASSEMBLED from mostly overseas parts.
Don’t confuse ‘Made’ from ‘Assembled’. Many still don’t know enough to research this.”

Protests Continue Saturday, Huge Rally Expected — Feb 19, 2011 — “Not me. Too poor to be a ‘stalker’ – I’m not even ‘celeryed’.”

Palin Addresses Wisc Protesters: You Must Be ‘Willing To Sacrifice’ — Feb 20, 2011 — “’In America we don’t believe that two people can vote to steal from a third’.
Really? What about the nine people in 2000 that voted to steal an entire election?
Please don’t p*i.s*s down our backs and insist it’s raining.”

Madison Protests Hit Largest Numbers On Saturday — Feb 20, 2011 — “They’re mad at themselves for failing to research how to completely strip Free Will from the human consciousness.”

Ryan: House GOP Will Negotiate With Senate On Gov’t Funding — Feb 20, 2011 — “Thank goodness used car salesmen haven’t been given the power of self-regulation – even though sometimes it seems that way.
No wonder ‘taking to the streets’ has become so popular – too bad escalation is fast becoming the only way to keep the media focused on truth these days.” ***Cabo600*** responded at 13:41: “Extreme Republican agendas call for extreme measures!”

Dem Strategy In Wis.: Kill The Bill, Recall Tardlicans From Office — Feb 20, 2011 — “Did you just cue yourself for another rant against the liberal media? Perhaps my innate ‘powers of transference’ aren’t as sharp as yours – I coulda swore that was going to be the next sentence.
The point is – it’s all about perception. The media has been guided by center- Right to far- Right corporate boards for years – they still have been unable to shift perception anywhere as near to the Right as they want.
Folks who talk just like you have – for years – been insisting the country IS ‘center-Right’ – trouble is, it has been proven consistently that wishing just don’t make it so.”

Ryan: House GOP Will Negotiate With Senate On Gov’t Funding — Feb 20, 2011 — “’Forty-nine reasons – all in a line – all of them good ones – all of them lies”
’49 Bye-byes’ – Crosby, Stills & Nash.”

House Approves Massive Spending Cuts After ‘All-Nighter’ — Feb 20, 2011 — “You: 1) Demonize 2) Transference 3) Denial.
Consistent AND predictable. You have untapped GOOD qualities as well?”

Protests Continue, Walker Unmoved — Feb 20, 2011 — “’According to Wisconsin campaign finance filings, Walker’s gubernatorial campaign received $43,000 from the Koch Industries PAC during the 2010 election…Koch also used a political maneuver designed to allow donors to skirt campaign finance limits. The PAC gave $1 million to the RGA, which in turn spent $65,000 on independent expenditures to support Walker. They also spent $3.4 million on TV ads and mailers attacking Walker’s opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.”
Hopefully, ‘most of the taxpayers in Wisconsin’ realize who asked them to grab their ankles – and why.”

Ryan: House GOP Will Negotiate With Senate On Gov’t Funding Bill — Feb 20, 2011– “Humbly I propose the bumper sticker version – ‘Plumbing The Depths For YOU’.”


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