Go Back To Sleep, Kid – The ‘Bogey Man’ Who Wanted You To ‘Watch’ Him ‘Drive’ Is Back On His Gated Brush Plantation Outside Dallas


Wisc Dems Recall Effort Against GOP Senators — Mar 2, 2011 — “”entitled trust fund babies”? Sorry- you may not want them, but all the spoiled brats are YOURS. If they don’t vote – you need to get FoxPuppets to scare them a little.”

Larry Craig And The Losing Senate Class Of ’08 Already Lobbying — Mar 2, 2011 — “Momentary glint in the eye when they ask him to ‘hold it’?”

Manning: Alleged WikiLeaks Source Faces ‘Aiding Enemy’ Charge — Mar 2, 2011 — “When the time comes – I will personally lobby on your behalf for ‘extra points’ – the ones ALL should earn for responding to a Bizarroworld poster.
Does he begin his rant with a detailed account of the alleged crimes? No, he leads off by MINIMIZING it – inexplicable comparison to a misfire from the ‘sodapop wars’.
At that point, of course he assumes the outcome of a trial yet to come – with hints at summary execution, based on rumors of Wikileaks connections. Evidence?
Strengthen the final argument? No – he launches into a fantasy-laced diatribe populated by stoic amazons – ripe for demure concealment and rescue from villains.
“How has what he done, made their life better?” Wisdom for a chosen few.”

Wisc Layoff Notices Will Come Friday, Walker Says — Mar 4, 2011 — “The Right owns the deficit – ‘off the books’ wars and other unfunded mandates. Not surprised they won’t own up to it – they doubled down time and time again with calls for tax cuts.
Another poster on another thread said it all – they need to pay for what they broke – out of pocket sounds good to me.
All that gets settled before they lay off even one more meter-reader.
Flossy? Sad enabler. Spammer extraordinaire – inside his own ‘mind’.” ***BobRobertsFeltRedundant***at 04:08: “i agree. he who totals the car pays for its rebuild. not the guy who has to take it to the shop for repairs.
do us all a favor and stop totaling our economy”

Huckabee Don’t Know Much About History — Mar 4, 2011 — “We’re trying to understand your M-TBagger definition of ’empire’.
Direct us to an online copy so we can read along.
Please explain who the American king is in your fantasy chess games. Did he wear a crown of thorny shrubbery?”

Walker’s Budget Defunds PP, Targets Contraception Access — Mar 4, 2011 — “”…and that foot is ME”. We know certain types of fungi are functionally psychoactive – perhaps the combination of athlete’s foot and ‘Spinactin’ are just too much to keep one’s wits on the old ‘footpath’.” ***WJR4*** at 08:19:  — “Well you’d think with all the money being spent on astroturfing the internet, part of the training and/or services rendered would include lists of user names subtle enough not to arouse suspicion. Oops – I just gave them a clue – dangit! ;)”

George Will Is Confused By The Concept Of Trains — Mar 4, 2011 — “Go back to sleep kid – the ‘Bogey-Man’ who wanted you to ‘watch’ him ‘drive’ is back cutting brush in Texas.”

Wisc Layoff Notices Will Come Friday, Scott Walker Says — Mar 3, 2011 — “Do these statues symbolically showcase their chosen positions in the community? Contributing to ‘pot luck’ while squatting?” (The centerpiece is “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Trained”?)

Northwestern’s President Condemns Sex-Toy Demonstration — Mar 3, 2011 — “You’re right – they should learn it at church, like the elders they look up to and respect. Cuz the ‘buy-bull’ tells them so…!”

Congress Blocks Ceremony For Frank Buckles, Last Surviving WWI Veteran — Mar 4, 2011 — “They’re fooling themselves with their selective memories of ‘Cut-n-Run’ Reagan – when he left Lebanon with 400 body bags and their shattered contents – he sealed his fate for all time that ‘Emboldening Terrorists’ got a new poster POTUS.
CIC FAIL has a face – topped with ‘Gumby Hair’.” ***Bushido08*** at 14:09: “Well said my friend!! I was in the military then and lost a few friends in the barracks bombing. Also, had a friend who survied to talk about it and wasn’t no fan of Reagan either. But Arafat sure appreciated everything Ronnie did for him and the PLO.”

Congress Blocks Ceremony For Frank Buckles, Last Surviving WWI Veteran — Mar 4, 2011 — “’Cracker’? ‘Barrel’? Sorry – I’m on the ‘Left Coast’. Would you be talking about the ‘Battle of the Smooth Bores’?” ***TheRealThunderMonkey*** responds at 01:05: “An overpriced family restaurant popular in the south that prides itself on “home cooking” that is bland.”

Michele Bachmann Claims To Expose Billions In ‘Hidden’ Funding For Health Care Law — Mar 5, 2011 — “Maybe her next plastic surgeon gets picked from the ‘Party Faithful’? Maybe that WAS the problem.
The way she talks? Rumor has it her husband spends a lot of time teaching other folks how to ‘overcome the gay’ – yep, you guessed it – she doesn’t have much else to look forward to – nothing but the myriad empty promises that ‘slap-n-tickle’ Good Ole Boy Politics is prone to.”


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