Boehner Explained: ‘Any Goober That Color Is A Rotten Goober. Not That There Was No Other Way To Tell.’


GOP Rep Mike Beard Claims God Provides Unlimited Natural Resources — Feb 17, 2011 — “Nevertheless – if these ‘preacher/pols’ believe themselves to be made in gob’s own image – eternal damnation could be a cool drive with the top down for all we know.”

Wisc Protests: State Police Pursue Dem Lawmakers Boycotting Vote — Feb 17, 2011 — “Explain in detail how they are breaking the law. While you’re at it – explain how much ignorance is required to believe the GOTP cares about ANYBODY making less than a million bucks a week.”

Democrats Turn ‘Where Are The Jobs?’ Chant On Republicans — Feb 17, 2011 — “Any goober that color is a rotten goober. Not that there was no other way to tell.”

Gov’t Shutdown Looms — Boehner Rejects Stopgap — Feb 17, 2011 00 “It really IS all about respect – isn’t it? A case can be made for giving respect to those who respect the facts.
What you’re experiencing is the same exact amount you deserve in direct proportion to the amount you show.
Obviously, therefore – we are in agreement – and I accept your apology.”

Bank Regulator Pushing Industry Over Improper Mortgage Practices — Feb 17, 2011 — “Revisionist. Wordy. Delusional. Yep – you covered everything from ‘A’ to ‘B’.”

Gov Walker, Welcome to the Show — Feb 18, 2011 — “You’ve chosen to engage with someone who claims to be a paragon of All Things Right. This idea might have some traction if he didn’t descend so easily into disparaging people he disagrees with.
Don’t let this stop you from responding in kind – he seems to enjoy pretending to race towards the bottom he calls home.”

Republican Amendment Would Strip Funds For Obama ‘Czars,’ Plus Elizabeth Warren — Feb 18, 2011 — “And as mercenaries they should do as the Foreign Legion did and renounce their citizenship and change their names.
Like Peter did – these ‘Holy Warriors’ should be denied three times before the Koch crows.” ***bayonet division***wickedly riposted at 02:36: “Nothing “holy” about mercenaries.”

Gov Walker, Welcome to the Show — Feb 18, 2011 — “This guy is an amazing piece of work. So amazing in fact — he probably thinks I am paying him a compliment.”

PP Funding Blocked In House Vote — Feb 18, 2011 — “They think it reflects loyalty – polling could affirm that idea – my guess is that a majority of each constituency believes it makes someone else’s Senator or Rep look weak-minded.”

Gov’t Shutdown Looms — Boehner Rejects Stopgap — Feb 18, 2011 — “Every attempt to reverse-engineer the ‘good book’ has clearly been aimed at justifying their aim of reversing any and all ‘liberal’ programs.
This blinkered approach has also reversed all that is ‘good’ about the way government is viewed by many – it has become a ‘thing’ deserving only suspicion and derision rather than a human-inspired benevolent collective.
Their entire approach is totally indistinguishable from actions perpetrated by a force of pure evil – therefore one can only conclude that evil exists – and they have cornered the market.”

House Approves Massive Spending Cuts After ‘All-Nighter’ — Feb 19, 2011 — “The truth seems to cause them great pain – revisionism seems to alleviate that somewhat.
They prefer to cause that pain in others – when THEY are feeling pain – this will help them down the road because it will help stimulate the memory needed to avoid the same action behind that cause.
In other words – it’s good for what ‘Ailes’ them.”

Virginia Thomas Role Of De Facto Tea Party Lobbyist — Feb 19, 2011 — “Hate to sound logical – but she has been a boon to Democratic fundraising since she reared her thugly head in the political arena.
I say keep him at his nasty business and let her run with the same level of ham-handed intimidation tactics for which she has shown she has the aptitude and inclination.” ***Norma Briggs*** responded at 15:54: “Fair point.”

House Approves Massive Spending Cuts After ‘All-Nighter’ — Feb 19, 2011 — “The GOTP have also identified a mandate where few others have spotted anything like that.
Which may not automatically call into question everything else they say – but it’s not the good sign you pretend it is.
How many years were you in charge of the Enron account at Arthur Anderson again?”


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