Actionable Intelligence: Corporate ‘Citizens’ Vs. ‘Expendables’ — American ‘Spirit’ Reduced To ‘Grumbling Ghost’ Re-Defined As ‘Weböned’


Protests Continue, Walker Unmoved — Feb 20, 2011 — “I respectfully disagree – and for the same reasons I feel the Koch PAC should cease to exist. Why? Because public service unions exist to help people – not help strangers help themselves to taxpayer money – as you and folks much like you seem to imply.
Koch? Their only function seems to be twofold: subvert the political process in order to pave the way for corporate dominance in every aspect of people’s lives. So far – the government can only function as long as we have the best indicator of accountability under public control – let’s call them ‘elections’.
Corporate control (ultimate price of the bribe/subsidy?) means we survive or fail at the whim of fat-cats and shareholders. Let’s call this largely as-yet-unseen phase ‘weböned’.”

TX Poised To Pass Bill Allowing Guns On Campus — Feb 20, 2011 — “The Wild West days are making a comeback? Cowboy-themed snuff films could become the primary export once you folks get that secession thing going again…!” ***barry444*** ripostes at 18:07: “There were no Wild West days. There were only Wild West movies.”

Protests Continue, Walker Unmoved Feb 21, 2011 — “See – I did not know that. All this time I figured the Russians would have placed that plane in a museum – it seems an ideal symbol to remind them not to fire air traffic controllers…oh, wait – that was Ronnie.
I get those two regimes mixed up – like, all the time.” ***CessnaDriverI72*** responded at 19:54: “Thanks for the heads-up on the Reims F172P — the Mattias Rust plane. I found out that the actual plane was eventually flown back to Germany and sold as a collectors item. A Japanese collector bought it. Glad to know it still exists.”

PP Funding Blocked In House Vote — Feb 21, 2011 — “Do you ever listen to yourself talk? Next time your lips are moving – take a gander – I guarantee it’ll be a HOOT.
“The government…are only interested in helping out their corporate buddies”.
So…the government (Let’s review – the one with accountability/elections) we CAN’T trust – but their corporate buddies will help us out – how do they suddenly become trustworthy?
In many ways – this has become the ultimate straw man argument – “I say this BAD – therefore the only other choice MUST be good”.
Rhetorical garbage from the Right never gets boring.
That Ronald Reagan quote is absolutely priceless – he used it to get elected and few seemed to question the obvious circular logic even today.
He himself never showed any signs of self-consciousness – before or after becoming everybody’s worst nightmare.
As long as a noisy minority masquerading as a silent majority believes it – all is ‘well’.”

Bachmann: Tax Code ‘A Weapon Of Mass Destruction’ Feb 21, 2011 — “Apparently the voters in her district picked her to be a candidate in the first place because she can ‘talk over a crowd’ as well as make herself heard in a roomful of people.”

Wisc. Dem Senators Staying In IL Until Gov. Walker Negotiates — Feb 21, 2011 — “Absolutely true! You finally figured out which Party cares about the future of this country – the Democrats look out for the children by keeping education sustainable with a guaranteed return at every level – the GOTP makes sure those who would be ‘trickled on’ get more *t.u*r.d*s than tarts.
I am truly proud that you’ve made this amazing transformation – from grumbling ghost to a true American spirit!”

Fox Reporter Greeted With ‘Fox Lies’ Chants In Madison — Feb 21, 2011 — “No idea. Doesn’t matter – chances are they won’t be the last, either.
Whistleblowers rarely show up with nothing more than the contents of their heads. Expect actionable intelligence ahead of a public airing.” (Newsfalsh: Bagger Plumbs Depths Of Depravity Unabated) ***intolleft*** spews at 07:23: “In other words…no evidence what so ever. Thanks for stopping by reality.”

Wisc-DemSenators Staying In IL Until Gov. Walker Negotiates — Feb 21, 2011 — “Disingenuous, rhetorical Rightwing nonsense. The unions agreed to everything but the right to bargain collectively.
The Governor REFUSES to bargain in good faith. Since that is a legal term – why should businesses trust this Governor any farther than their ‘pinkertons’ can chuck him?
Oh, yeah. Corporations GOOD superior beings – something to do with the immortality of a ‘supercitizen’.
People – on the other hand – well, they’re just plain EXPENDABLE – and until these lost souls acknowledge they have been remade in the image of the immortal god-like supercitizen – they’re somehow justifiably bön’d.”

Madison Protests Continue, Gov Walker Unmoved — Feb 22, 2011 — “Oh, you poor thing. Did some nasty facts sneak up on you and scare the bejeezus out of your pre-macho self? Compensate much?
Not that I think you hear comments like that – much.”


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