“You Ladies — Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Heads ‘Bout Nothin’…”


“Huck wants things to change — all the while subscribing to a belief system that resists virtually all corporeal modification.” (This Huckleberry is WAAAY too deep to serve…) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDl3bdE3YQA

(This just in: Santorum promises that “as President, browsers won’t have cookies — only wafers”)  Try the truth on Feb 26, 2012 at 13:25:43 “DON’T give the zealot any ideas! 🙂

Santorum: Separation Of Church And State ‘Makes Me Want To Throw Up’ (After having shown up — Santorum should never leave. Even while kneeling — this man is an incredible waste of mass…)

“So glad we have an unimpeachable source of scripture deployment handy. Just as I’m glad of his explanation pertaining to why he was expelled from college — he was keeping that co-ed out past curfew because he — and only he, Franklin Graham — could serve his lord best by striving ever harder to bolster her otherwise waning faith…”

“When asked about fundraising efforts, a staffer at the NRSC said only that it’s hard to see how the DSCC’s “gender war spin” can be taken seriously when two female GOP Senate candidates, Sarah Steelman in Missouri and Heather Wilson in New Mexico, oppose Obama’s birth control rule.” (In case you missed it — this is the kind of non-answer the GOP uses to augment their widely celebrated non-apologies…)

“Scant Forum represents yet another ‘new paradigm’ in the GOP. Working without a teleprompter was the old, ‘new’ exalted state — but now it’s okay to work without a brain as well. Don’t forget the secret ingredient: IOKIYAR. Mix well — it’ll start out lily-white, but that won’t change even after a good whipping…”

(Not to worry — Newt is more comfortable lunching in garishly lit rib joints…)  nerak kneeling on Feb 19, 2012 at 20:09:34 “most newts live under rocks.”

(How long before Scant Forum [declares all other contenders as godless usurpers and] deploys his “new” campaign weapon?) “During battle, the Philistines kill Eli’s sons and capture the Ark of the Covenant—Israel’s religious altar and symbol of God. Upon learning of the attack and robbery, Eli falls over and dies. The Ark is returned to Israel after it causes its Philistine captors to become terribly diseased. As the nation rejoices, Samuel persuades Israel to set aside its worship of local pagan deities, and God helps Israel thwart Philistine oppression for many years.”

(I especially liked his spin-usage of ‘distort.’ Nobody need do anything but spotlight everything Santorum has been up to; and run it straight up…) ‘Santorum Claims Cutting Welfare Is A Catholic Value’ by Matthew Filipowicz on 10 Jan., 2012 — “On Saturday in New Hampshire, Santorum was asked by a young Catholic, who (full disclosure) happens to be my fiancee, about whether, as a Catholic, he agrees with the Church’s teaching that Government has a large role in providing for the poor.
His answer was frankly a muddled mess about how he was instrumental in cutting welfare and how the poor need to get jobs and, no joke, get married.
According to Santorum, cutting welfare helped the poor. And if you don’t want to be poor, get a job and get married.
I don’t believe that’s in the Bible, but, I could be wrong.
Also, just having a job doesn’t necessarily keep you out of poverty. There are just as many if not more people who are currently under-employed as unemployed in this country.
But, hey, Santorum’s already gone after homosexuals, women, black people, or “blah people” as he likes to call them. Why not the poor, too?” (We’ve been keeping a seat in the pew warm for you — one lump or two?)

“We’re dumb, but we’re not stupid,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told reporters after he voted. “We did not want to repeat the debacle of last December. It’s not that complicated.” (USAGE Although dumb meaning ‘not able to speak’ is the older sense, it has been overwhelmed by the newer sense [meaning ‘stupid’] to such an extent that the use of the first sense is now almost certain to cause offense. Not sure what the long-term GOTP plan for this word is — but the Re-Branding Right seems pretty okay with the “offensive” part of the previous incarnation, I’m guessing they’re aiming their revisionists at some variation of “corrupt.”

‘Michele Bachmann: Welfare Recipients Getting Lap Dances A Bigger Issue Than Unemployment Benefits’ (I’m guessing she and Marcus would have been most upset about the employment opportunities Steele’s RNC money presented, rather than any other “issues” being raised…)

‘Rep. Luis Gutierrez Mocks Newt Gingrich For Speaking ‘For All Catholics’ On Birth Control’ (Not sure — but I’m hoping most won’t view THIS as an acceptable standard) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaPKt3c8S-w


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